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"Register to send $5 Amazon" cash back network TopCashBack (TCB) user guide

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On the market now has more than 10 cash back network, using the methods and principles of making money are very similar, there is interested can look at "cash back network is how to make money".To stand out among so many Web sites, you must lose to others in various ways, and to highlight their strengths.Today, we would like to introduce a network–TopCashback I often use cash ba

"Register to send

1. registration and signup bonus

Register the cash back network is usually no reward, whether it is from someone else's recommended links directly on the website or link to register.If you support our blog, welcome to use our referral link to register:

"5/28 update" through the referral link above to register now and send $5 Amazon gift card.Through this network gets over $10 cash back after returning, you can extract the $5.After registration you can see $5 is pending.

"Register to send


2. Basic functions

Cash back network

Topcashback is, of course, the most basic function of a cash back network, every time you shop from topcashback search businesses to want to go, then click on the merchant Web site to complete the purchase within topcashback, you can get cash back.If you don't know the process, can refer to "cash back rebate network getting started" step of eBates, of course you want to get into topcashback login search going after business, rather than Ebates.

Track time and get the bonus time

In General, the track is very fast, after delivery, topcashback side there are pending.Of course, mainly depends on the business.

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If you see a pending, it means your shopping has been traced in the TCB system.Businesses confirm that you purchased (depending on the speed merchant processing cash back, in 3 weeks-2 months), your cash back will change from pending to confirmed.Not long after, becomes payable, you can get the money.

Topcashback does not like Ebates is a quarter made money, but as long as your return becomes payable, you can take the money.Some websites faster (such as eBay) a month can change from pending to payable, and the beauty shop is slow and usually takes about 2 months.

Take money

TCB currently there are three ways to take money

"Register to send

If you have a checking account using ACH most convenient, fill out after checking number and routing number, money can be transferred directly to your bank account.Of course, you don't want to provide bank details with PayPal money, and then to transfer money from PayPal to the Bank or directly in PayPal is also possible.If Amazon can have 2.5% bonus reward, if you use Amazon gift card or direct exchange.

3. Features

TCB is a website I use, there are a few reasons:

  • High return ratio
  • Business coverage
  • Higest Cashback Guarantee
  • Online submission of missing Cashback

Cash back and businesses covered

Basically, you want to get the site can be found on the TCB cash back, particularly girls usually buy bags, beauty products have a high percentage of cash back.Also, sometimes they also offers a super cashback, cash back 20% like this Rebecca Minkoff, equivalent to 80 percent directly!

"Register to send

Higest Cashback Guarantee

There is so much cash back network, each returning cash back network offers the same merchants that now tend to be different, wouldn't it be a headache?Can't always choose the highest cash back with cash back network, when enough money extracted from the minimum pay for sick everywhere.To this end, TCB provides one of the Higest Cashback Guarantee features.Simply put, if other cash back network in the business to provide more cash back, after you submit the application, TCB provides you with the same percentage of cash back.

"Register to send

Account–Customer care, we can find the Higest Cashback Guarantee of features, click on the Claim, we can begin.

"Register to send

Is in need of attention, TCB provides matching only following several relatively large proportion of cash back with cash back network"Register to send

Matches back to basic process is as follows:

  • By TCB to buy something
  • TCB tracked to your shop (appears in the pending)
  • Found in other cash back network than TCB provides you more cash back (copy the interface corresponding to the cash back network business)
  • Fill out the above form, select business and the corresponding time, select require matching cash back network, fill in the URL above to copy links
  • Fill in and submit completed, generally within a few days you will see success

Below is my by TCB in eBay Shop $500, TCB provides only the 1% cash back.And I find shopathome, 2% back, so applications had been submitted, TCB was soon appended to this part of the cash back to me.

"Register to send

If you want to use features of this match, paying particular attention to:

  • Must be traced in order to submit an application, but tracked to within 7 days after submission of application
  • Must be your day of shopping, cash back network provides a higher percentage of cash back
  • Additional considerations, please see the official explanation: the official links

Missing Cashback

For shopping are not traced, TCB also provides an online submission feature.Shopping within 7 days if you are not being tracked, you can use this function, step by step, submit an application.Also, you can find this feature in Account–Customer Care.

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To be honest, I almost useless to this feature, because large Cashback tracking very well.However, who have complained that the process is slow, static for a few months.

4. Matters needing attention

  • Sensitive to the TCB for use promo code, if you use the promo code provided by the TCB is not shopping at businesses, may not receive the cash back.
  • If you return to $600 has now more than a year, possible TCB will send you forms for your tax.So, using several different cash back network as much as possible, to avoid tax.

5. Summary

Higest Cashback Guarantee functionality so I don't have to think about when shopping, went straight to the cash back network, see more directly on the line.This function is particularly suitable for lazy people like me, a cash back network get all cash back.

Returning network series

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