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After you buy the tickets have to do several things

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Ctrip air tickets make it around recently, time to panic, for fear that their buy fake tickets.In the major forums, also often seen someone ask about ticket issues.To summarize for you after you buy your ticket today, and what must be done.

After you buy the tickets have to do several things

1. Ticket a few issues that may arise

Now, most airlines are e-tickets on sale, 24 hours prior to your flight and we can print out tickets on the website, ticket check in at the airport.Or you can go to the airport, with ID card, passport, documents such as tickets are sold at the counter.However, as we often go days or even months in advance will have to buy a ticket.From your online order paid to really fly, so long there could always be some variables.Here are a few ticket frequently asked questions that may arise:

  • Flight information is incorrect
  • Ticket or no ticket purchased (not ticketed)
  • Flight cancellation/change the time (cancellation/schedule change)
  • Overbooking (overbooking)

We explain to you a little bit of each cause of and response methods, divided in the following sections into several specific ticket to talk about some other considerations.

1.1 flight information is incorrect

This must be avoided, because due to a bad flight information often leads to this ticket void or if you want to spend a lot of money to change.So

  • Before booking flights, must check up passengers: name, Passport/ID number, gender, date of birth, nationality

1.2 buying tickets or no tickets:

You paid money online, does not mean that your ticket has been determined (ticketed).In this connection, whether agent (Online Travel Agent) or airline Web sites are likely to occur.Its principle is that you need to buy tickets after, responsible to fly the airline needs a certain time to react.Cash ticket from the airline website, tickets can be done second (ticketed); and if made with mileage purchase mileage tickets, often had to wait several hours or wait until the next business day to complete the ticket.

Agent hands that are most common in China, where did you go in China, ctrip and other agents when tickets, tend to see the wait time.If tickets are sold within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation letter, and you can see your ticket.In General, the ticket number is accurate, but does not rule out some black agent provided false ticket, are still waiting to give you a cheaper ticket, which make the difference.United States agents, Orbitz airline ticket that I use, it basically generates a confirmation number immediately after placing an order, you can query the site.

So whether you are a domestic ticket, United States domestic air tickets and international air tickets:

  • After paying the money must first ensure the votes (ticketed).

1.3 cancellations/changes

Flight cancellations and changes of time, often for two main reasons: weather, airlines changed plans.If there is inclement weather, flights are likely to cancel, this is basically unavoidable.And the 2nd is often due to the airline to reschedule a flight plan may cancel certain frequencies of less, the replacement of the transit stations, adjusted takeoff and landing routes do not conflict.In General, the airline will send an email to inform you in advance.

  • Recommended before departure a month, a week, website queries to confirm three times a day to ensure normal flight time so as not to affect change and original arrangements.

Flight delays are not considered at this point, because this is usually after you arrive at the airport's emergency situations, cannot be predicted in advance.We will analyse in detail in a future article on this condition occurs after the response.

1.4 flight overbooked

Each flight will be able to schedule full, there will always be because travel plans change, cancellation of flights.Therefore, the airline has its own set of prevention methods.Most commonly used in some flight overbooking policy.For example, a plane carrying 100 people, the airline sold 105 tickets because this flight 5 taking into account the average person may refund or change.So airlines can maximize the capacity of each flight.In General, if you catch the overbooking of flight without advance reservation, you may not be able to Board.Of course, in this case, airlines will be compensated, are likely to give you free upgrades (upgrade from economy to business class), or you sign in for the next flight for free and then give you a certain amount of economic compensation.Of course, if you want to avoid this situation, the best way is to:

  • Reservation 24 hours before or after departure, selected flights in advance seating

3. Considerations for domestic flights in China

3.1 ticket test

If you set the domestic flights in China, particularly through a proxy ticket.The first thing to do is to check the authenticity.Agents on domestic before I go buy a few tickets, ticket, when I went to Air China launched the "Xin Tian you" check the authenticity can be described as the official way to query

After you buy the tickets have to do several things

Of course, you can also take your ticket, call the airlines that fly the flight call ticket enquiries on authenticity.If you have a query or ticket number does not exist is not, please contact Deputy immediately and the corresponding airline, to understand the situation.

3.2 reservations

No matter if you buy tickets from the agent or airline website, will probably go through the ticket on the airline's website to book seats, avoiding overbooking happens.But every airline article is different, some airlines only in the 24 hours before departure in order to reserve a seat, or check in at the airport you can get a seat.Therefore, specific information, please call the airline telephone or website enquiries.

4. United States domestic flight notes

Booked tickets in General, after the ticket, you will receive a corresponding airline record locator used in your plane and a choice of seats.Of course, the seats will not necessarily choose, some airlines to select seats in advance of this additional money.However, General 24-36 hours before the departure of airlines can check in and select seats.So, we can put a good time to check in the selected good seats.

5. Considerations for international flights

5.1 international flight test (By OneMoreDay)

Reservation tickets OTA or six alphanumeric aviation Division will give you a confirmation number (PNR for short).This confirmation number and the last name of passengers going to certain sites can access this ticket has been drawn, and if you have a ticket, how much is the ticket number.Common sites include the following, which correspond to a different reservation systems:

Which system depending on your ticket belongs to fly aircraft Division, all three there is always a right for you anyway.

Select if you are flying the OneWorld (Oneworld) flight, then the selected artifact is most convenient Qatar Airlines website and Jordan aviation website, you can use the record locator at the top of any OneWorld partner elected seats.As to the pros and cons of seat can go to SeatGuru.com query above, so you can avoid bad seats be elected.

5.2 visa issues

For international flights, in addition to the points mentioned above, the most important thing is to determine whether transit need a visa.If need a visa, you must check in advance, or stranded there might be repatriated or first flight check in does not let you on board.Moreover, you also need to consider the need for the night.My current experience is:

  • Transit visa/permit on the day: Japan, and Korea, Hong Kong, China, the European Schengen area, jiahang flies in Canada via YVR, YYZ
  • China needs to pass: China Taiwan
  • Night need to check the airport and transit: Japan

These visas were found on the IATA website, this is a query to the address:

  • http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/home.htm

Here refers to the Sino-US routes may encounter problems, welcome to supplement other knowledge.Of course, is the most authoritative view requires connecting the airport and the State regulations for visas.

6. Summary

Integrated knowledge mentioned earlier, after purchasing your tickets, have to do are:

  • Ensuring flight information correctly include (name, date of birth, identity card, sex, nationality)
  • Ensure that this ticket is ticket (receipt of ticket number or record locator)
  • To test the air ticket (xintianyou or official website)
  • If that's all right, immediately or choose a seat 24 hours before departure (official website, or telephone)
  • Ensure that already possesses the needed visas (see the specific airport requirements)
  • Keep an eye on whether there was a flight time changes (messages and queries the official website)


After you buy the tickets have to do several things
After you buy the tickets have to do several things
After you buy the tickets have to do several things
After you buy the tickets have to do several things

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