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Philosophy of playing cards

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Peach Blossom Temple in the taohuawu, peach peach blossom in the temple.Philosophy of playing cards

Peach Blossom fairy peach blossom, peach picking-for drinks.

Wine in front of the flowers, drunk to spend the next night.

Half awake, half drunk, day after day, the flowers bloom year after year.

Hope died of old wine, not the original bow before the horses.

If the rich than the poor, flat on the day.

Others laugh at me was the madness, I laugh others can not see through.

Wu Ling tomb of Heroes gone, picks, no flowers, no wine.

If playing with credit cards as a hobby, then playing dota with boys, girls love makeup (handbags), difficult for outsiders to understand the fun and inside play from afar.Girls could never understand why a game would make a killing boys in a game of hemorrhagic, out of brotherhood, GANK d TP up warm, how can outsiders know.Guys don't understand how a girl at home hoarding so many large and small jars, write forever grass, and makeup for an unavoidable problem, my pretty?

If playing with credit cards as an attitude towards life, then skittered adventurer and the status quo of the Conservatives, the former had been walking on a path to change the future, which minimizes the risk in Exchange for a simple and quiet life.Everyone has the right to choose their own life, but adventurers get rid of storm, return to a peaceful life.While conservatives may lifetime we could not move out, was secretly laughing at the adventurers make life so complicated.Some things have only picked up are eligible to say down.

In my eyes, play card is a skill.

We sacrifice our time and effort brings to the family free tickets, free hotel.

We view every consumer, is seen as an investment.Not only to get the best products and services, and get the most return.

Shen Shenshen behind us a summary of previous data, our thoughts, our return on investment, and risk assessment.

We make the rules makers for us, were forced to change their rules, and we complained at the same time, to go to the next treasure worth exploring.

Finally, we can assure you, this grape is sweet, but not everyone has the ability, energy and time to acquire such a sweet fruit.

Playing cards ~ we are on the road

Philosophy of playing cards
Philosophy of playing cards
Philosophy of playing cards
Philosophy of playing cards

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