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2016 new year to do a couple of things

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Unknowingly, 2016.Here, I wish you all a happy new year, new year can not only play with a credit card, credit card to earn points and benefits can also be good, fall to the ground, real brings to their lives and their enjoyment.Of course, playing deal playing cards at the same time, and don't forget your own Bank, well to do this job, one play can be, don't put the cart before the.

New year begins, there are many benefits and can bring a, listed here are some new year can receive welfare for everyone to remind the reference.We also welcome message, add other things that you can do.

2016 new year to do a couple of things

1. Aviation fees reimbursement

Many credit cards offer airline reimbursement of fees, ranging from $100-$250, in General, these caps on reimbursement is calculated on a calendar.So, starting in the new year, nature and a new round of claims, if used properly, this is a great fleece.If you have the credit cards listed below, you can follow the instructions in parentheses gets reimbursed air if you are interested in applying for, directly click on the name to view a card:

Note: a) which only Chase Ritz Carlton Cards are needed to contact customer service after aviation fees in order to obtain reimbursement, other are obtained automatically.Therefore, reimbursement for Chase, irregular channels air gift cards, best to keep a low profile, buying small easier to muddle through.B) Citi Prestige itself will be able to cover flight cost, so if you have travel plans don't have to hurry.C) only claim to especially remember AMEX is the first designation of an airline, don't forget to select companies and, of course, chose this year or last year at last year's elections.New changes once a year opportunity.

In short, the normal means of reimbursement of airline fees, if not yet received reimbursement for some time that you can contact customer service.Unofficially designated channels, such as purchasing an airline gift card, MPX, if haven't received, do not contact customer service, itself is undeserving.May concern some blog Forum latest news, find a way to still will be eligible for reimbursement.

If you are going to turn off the card, may wish to wait until 2016-year claim and then turn off.

2. Activate 5%/5x during the first quarter cash back

New year, quarterly cash back credit card announced a new category.Therefore, before using it, it is best to first activate the first quarter (January-March) 5% or 5x back, then use as well.Meanwhile, can also become familiar with the new category, category through conversion, access to a full range of high cash back.Need to activate quarterly cash back credit cards are:

Among them, need to be aware of are: a) Discover IT and Chase Freedom only the first $1500 to get 5% back every quarter or 5x of the rebates, you can plan, don't use more than.Citi Dividend is the total limit of annual gets back to $300 to count, so if you like cash back in the first quarter, will be able to take full $6000, one gets $300, regardless of other quarters.C) Discover IT,Chase Freedom,Citi Dividend can log on to online banking to activate their respective quarter 5%/5x, if you can't find the button, secure message can be made by phone or online chat/activated.

If the double rebate cash back categories you are not interested, may wish to refer to this article: skill-categories of transformation to obtain additional credit card 5% cash back categories.

3. Many times the annual limit for cash back refreshed

Credit card cash back is measured according to the calendar year limit, so come in the new year, and the consumer gets high $xxx before cash back and rebates.Below are some typical credit card:

Note: a) AMEX Everday and Everyday consumption is normally Preferred supermarket 2x and 3x return only after all more than 20/30 times of the month, to retrieve the 20% and 50% extra points rewards.If you intend to get the first month of the $6000 CAP, make sure your first month's production over 20/30 on the line.This year left the card can drop drawers.

Similarly, if the rebate cash back categories you are not interested in the supermarket, may wish to refer to this article: skill-category conversion credit card used to obtain other categories of high cash back rebates.If you're going to turn over the card, rather than using this method, brush with a one-year award caps, determined to get cash back and rebates before checkpoints.

4. High annual consumer task refreshes

Spending a certain number of credit cards in a calendar year, you can get extra rewards, starting in the new year, when brushed.Here are a few common tasks of annual consumption of credit card:

Need to brush the task can begin.Personally, those expensive Rewards is not very good, in fact, a few more cards to shift spending to card task, gets even more.

5. Mileage return refreshed

Citi and Barclays to launch AA group before Exchange of cards each year can return 10% 100k mileage, so if you have more than one account AA and AA credit card, best guarantees each account Exchange no more than 100k per year.Credit cards are described below:

6. All credit card refreshed referral bonus

Nowadays, many credit cards you can recommend someone else to apply for, to get some cash back and rebate incentives.In General, each referral Rewards credit card limit is $600 within a year.Coming in the new year, these rewards Cap broke.Can recommend the main credit cards are:

Note: a) than AMEX rewards often featured people of credit card applications by incognito mode, or prequalify found higher rewards.If it is a friend to apply for, don't harm others, you can read: how to find the AMEX credit card application links highest reward to get the highest award.B) discover featured applications for linking applications have $50 card rewards, and website applications are not.So if you want to apply for, at this site you can apply for, or to find a friend.C) Chase's recommendation and the official website of the reward is generally the same, therefore, it is recommended at this site you can apply for or find a friend you want to link to the application.

7. Summary

In summary, the new year begins, hope to continue their efforts to find some fun from the credit card.Let you spend more for higher returns at the same time, can also bring you more free tickets for travel and hotels.

2016 new year to do a couple of things
2016 new year to do a couple of things
2016 new year to do a couple of things
2016 new year to do a couple of things

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