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Talking about the credit card application – card rewards

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Quality evaluation of a credit card can be in two ways, one is the long held value, the second is opening bonus value.So for applicants, application of motivation which come from both.Long-term value depends on your spending habits, preferences for various welfare, in the article "what I apply credit cards?–Hold paper "has been analysed in detail.Today we'll talk about another point of view-card rewards.

Talking about the credit card application – card rewards

1. What is the card rewards

Card rewards are generally banks in order to encourage you to pay using this card, your card over a period of time you consume a certain number, give you extra rewards.For example, opening within three months, the cumulative consumption $1000, giving $150.

2. How to evaluate the card rewards

As we all know, apply for a credit card, you pay the price of HP and a new account (both in the short term will lower your credit score), in Exchange for the credit card give you the card rewards and long-term benefits.Value if it is assumed that the long-term benefits of the same case, the card more valuable rewards, you should choose to open a credit card.Of course, if you can apply for.In General, card rewards evaluated can be divided into the following sections:

  • Card rewards are useful to you

Opening bonus is cash, obviously is, of course, the more the better.But for card reward miles or points, in General, if these points are not within the 1-2, that is do not apply.Miles and points often devaluation, originally Canadian 10,000-a-night hotels may require 20,000 points after two years.

  • Card rewards consumption requirements to meet

Some credit cards will take three months to spend $4000, if you are this far beyond the level of consumption, you can't find low cost way to meet other open card, than choose a low consumption requirements, medium open cards reward credit cards.

  • Real value of card rewards

For cash rewards, and naturally the more the better.For mileage and points to, it is best to estimate the value of good opening point for you, if there is no concept, you can refer to the article "remarks on various points."Don't look at card send 8W 4W points better than the other, is likely to be the former USD/CHF 0.5cent, the latter value 2cent.

For general air miles and hotel points cards, you can use $400 as a watershed.Like the SPG credit card gift 2.5W, valued at $500+, it's worth the application.

  • Currently opening incentives and history rewards comparison

Banks open rewards will be adjusted according to the situation, so before you apply the best and history commonly Max card reward comparison, see the blog post "credit card highest card rewards".Meanwhile, received the letter targeted offer and online prequalified-offers higher than the official, are detailed below.

3. How to search for more card rewards

If you have decided to apply for a credit card, prior to the application, whether the query can be in the following higher opening bonus.

  • Goolge: direct search XX card highest card reward (better search in English) note before applying to see rewards and search results, sometimes may offer has expired.
  • Blog page "top card rewards" (still under construction)
  • The official website of the prequalified-offers pages (find a good offer for you, please use your browser stealth mode)
  • Credit card matching tool
  • Customer service directly to ask for your offer

4. Opening bonus match (match)

Finish after the credit card applications, sometimes it will find a new card rewards, such as card reward higher, less consumer demand, and so on.At this time, please do not wail remorse applications early, contact customer service first see if you can match.If you meet certain conditions, customer service will give you this part less artificial opening bonus.Banks discussed below:

  • Chase

General policy is to match a new offer within three months, you can punch in the back of the phone or send secure message implementation, send message when best to attach a screenshot of the new offer, or links.

  • Citi/Barclays

Can match the new offer (no specific time), you can punch in the back of the phone or send secure message implementation, send message when best to attach a screenshot of the new offer, or links.

  • Amex/Discover

Unable to match the new offer, call soft foam hard grind may get a little bit of compensation.

5. Card rewards several times to get

Some cards card rewards you can get multiple times, so you can use multiple applications on the same card to award several times.But because of policy changes, following only lists some of the banks now

  • Amex:2004 year, one open rewards card could only come once in a lifetime.
  • Chase: get the opening award two years later for the first time, you can get a card reward, needs to be turned off before the card, back card to arrive.
  • Citi: not open or close the card for 18 months, and apply again after the adoption, could take away rewards.
  • Barclays: apply for a take away rewards card can be used multiple times (subject to change)
  • BOA: it can be repeatedly applied for a card out of the card rewards

 6. Matters needing attention

  • Opening needed to reward the consumer generally does not include annual fees, return, refund, interest fees, balance transfer and cash advance
  • After opening the rewards card, please do not level right away, it is possible to open card rewards will be resumed
  • Card rewards if the mileage points, after getting the award will go to the airline or hotel account, points and these points will not expire immediately after (expiration and aviation hotel points expire for 18 months-2 years).
  • Card rewards after the consumption period in accordance with the general approval of start, not active time calculation of credit card
  • High card rewards tend to be limited, so as soon as possible for the best applications

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Talking about the credit card application – card rewards
Talking about the credit card application – card rewards
Talking about the credit card application – card rewards
Talking about the credit card application – card rewards

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