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Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)

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Starting from this Sunday and next Sunday will give you a week of good paper and recommended for those who usually tend to be busy, people who don't have time to focus on each article.Including this site this week for new articles, useful updates, limited-time deal that has not expired.In addition, we will recommend some good articles I see on the network this week.I hope you feel good articles can also leave a message to recommend it.

Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)

1. The article site

1.1 new articles

  • AMEX Starwood Preferred 35k the highest rewards!3.30 the closing: AMEX SPG history 35k offer you should not miss.Because of the SPG was purchased by Marriott, within one year, the card is likely to quit the stage of history.The advantage of this card is 1:1 turn points more air miles, and 20K to 5k of concessions.If you don't have a SSN does not matter, one passed by without SSN application.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited–all the 1.5x:Chase new cards, rumored to be on the 3.13-line, but now looks like the official website is invisible.This card fits that don't want to spend more time on my credit card, and people who want to get some cash back rewards, when combined with a CSP for UA mileage votes is the mileage the easy.
  • Banks Match card rewards summary: card rewards is the question we are most concerned about, and if you applied for a relatively low rewards, some banks will still be good to match you to a higher reward.In this paper, we summarize which of the following banks can match, how to match.Some careful readers can conclude the match to relieve the first year annual fee Chase card approach
  • Transfer points and mileage point award summary: turning point rewards equivalent to exponentially magnified the mileage points value, for people who just want to be better.However, often go after losing the original points of flexibility, or to all weigh.This article give you summarized some of the turning-point bonus, as well as analysis of what's wrong with these points.

1.2 article updates

  • BOA Cash Rewards–321 is really simple: update history of high $200 card rewards application link.This link is BOA and other institutions of the version for Master Card.Enjoy no annual fee cards can try, come on 3%, the supermarket 2%, other 1% 321 is easy to remember
  • Ebay Gift Card Deals summary: update 5x bucks+ oil deal card, duly completed and make 15%, cards open tasks (expired).So, everyone is taking advantage of how times have bucks+ gift cards at a discount when buying a card is best, of course, stock up on some eBay gift cards at a discount you can add province to province.This station every day, have a deal, I will update
  • Amazon savings and shopping guide: updated Amazon member profiles, S&S way to save freight cost.Coupled with the clever payment and cash back network, lets you add in the Amazon province of consumption
  • 2016 5x cash back credit card quarter summary: updated Discover eat 5% returned message can now be registered in the second quarter.Members do have to register to use, discover 5% is measured from the register before starting.

2. Recommended articles

2.1 General articles

2.2 Manufactured Spending related

3. Limited-a good deal

3.1 credit card

3.2 other

3.3 all deal summary

Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.6-2016.3.13)

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