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Major airline miles stay and open policy

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Stay (Stopover) and opening (Open Jaw) is the mileage tickets in Exchange for two very important concepts.Different airlines to mileage travel rules for opening any different?(If you aren't familiar with these two concepts don't go away, we will in the body are followed by examples to formally introduce them.)Major airline miles stay and open policy

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United Airlines miles (MileagePlus): round trip can have two openings plus a stay, in addition to Hawaii opening in the middle.You can change one way, but not there.Exception: full in Canada + United States native + Alaska (North American) free travel ticket is not in the territory.

United States air miles (Aadvantage) is not there.You can change one way.

Delta Air lines miles (Skymiles) is not there.You can change one way.

Alaska Airlines (Mileage Plan): you can change one way, but for one way travel.Exception: United States tickets can only change AS flights stay in the territory, for AA and Delta flights are not there.In addition, the Asian territory of tickets do not have to stay


Mileage Air Canada (Aeroplan): you can change one way, not there.Travelling is more complex, required the following:

  1. Intercontinental travel (travel between two continents): the official website only a stay or an opening, called Air Canada to two stops or to open a travel mileage.
  2. In the territory of the United States and Canada: you can have an opening or a stay.
  3. The United States and Canada to Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Mexico/Caribbean/Central America:
    • Only Air Canada: you can have two stops or to open a travel.
    • With Star Alliance partners (UA): you can open a stay.
  4. Remaining continents travel (travel within the same continent): can't stay, you can have an opening.


ANA Mileage (ANA Mileage Club): you can't change one way.Round trip travel in two ways:

  1. Zone Based table for mileage votes: round trip can have two openings and a stay in the city.
  2. According to flight distance for global votes in addition to starting point can have 8 stays (up to 3 in Europe and Japan within a maximum of 4).End and beginning must be a country.Opening as a leg.


Cathay Pacific mileage (Asia Miles): there are two Exchange tables:

  1. Taigang Dragon + with a partner or a partner country: you can change one way, one way at a time, and can have two stay with an opening, in addition to a maximum of two transit.Swap with Iberia or air ticket cannot speak, cannot stay in the city.
  2. Mileage Exchange with at least two OneWorld partners: stay apart from the starting point can have 5 plus 2 openings (openings in the middle or at the beginning), and up to two transfer.


Korean air miles (Skypass Miles): in three ways:

  1. S Korea their flights: you can change one way, and one way you can stay.
  2. Exchange the SkyTeam Alliance flights: you can't change one way, round trip can have a stay plus a the end of the opening round trip between the start and end points of a maximum of two transit (including stops).
  3. Other partners in flight: you can't change one way, round trip can have an opening.


Lufthansa miles (Miles and More): changing one way, one way not to stay in the city.A roundtrip, if you cannot stay in the same area.Spanned two stays with two openings, but strict restrictions on travel:

  1. Travel tickets must be called out.
  2. Go and return up to a stay in the city.
  3. Stops may not be in the starting area (such as mileage Los Angeles tickets cannot be stopped by in New York).


Singapore air miles (KrisFlyer Miles): changing one way, and one way is not to stay.Round trip has a free stay and an opening, you can also add $100 Add a stay (to call), the most three more.Restrictions on travel are:

  1. Purely domestic lines should not be staying.
  2. Territory of North America and the Caribbean to enjoy a stay in the pure.
  3. Plain in Europe should not be staying.
  4. To remain in the territory of the country of departure.


What is travel (Stopover) and opening (Open Jaw)?

If you fly from New York to Tokyo in Tokyo to play a week after flying to Beijing, after spending three hours at the Beijing airport to fly to Shanghai in Shanghai one month later to fly back to New York, routes are as follows:

Major airline miles stay and open policy

In this case, is a stay in Tokyo, but Beijing has not.Why?Because the standard travel is between before and after your flight is more than 24 hours, shorter than the 24-hour call transfer (Layover).In this case there is a Layover in Beijing.So you may ask, if I stayed in Beijing for 23 hours also count?Count!This we call long transit (Long Layover), does not take up places to stay in the mileage.

Then a stay how long can I stop it?Theory, how long do you want to stop as long as, but because a plane ticket to fly out in a year, so as a limit is one year.So take advantage of your stay, can we play a real place.

There is a special case, if your ticket is in United States territory, is transit more than 4 hours stay.

The example above is a standard round trip travel with no openings, so in theory can be several miles to swap out any of such a ticket: UA,ANA Air Canada, Asia Miles, Alaska Airlines mileage, Korean milestone, Lufthansa miles and Singapore air miles.(Of course, it is better for Star Alliance mileage)

So what is open?

Is your ride is flying from a to b, but return is flying back from c to a, which is an opening at the end.For example, here is an example (New York, Los Angeles, and then flew back to New York from San Francisco), painted like is a slightly open mouth:

Major airline miles stay and open policy

Two openings then what is it?Is the following:

Major airline miles stay and open policy

In this case, repeat after me: the end of the trip is not the beginning of the return, the return is not going at the end of the beginning.This is at the beginning and end of a mouth.Us default opening an object without special note at the beginning or at the end.

Open and travel can be combined, in 2015 the new ANA Mileage Exchange (1) in this article, I come up to an example:

Major airline miles stay and open policy

Airline alliance in the article introduction to our example three out of the ticket:

Major airline miles stay and open policy

Both tickets, we are in the end made an opening, respectively, in Singapore and Osaka had a residence.These are the standards of a mouth and a stay, we can not only use the ANA mileage out of the ticket, or UA mileage, you can also use Singapore Airlines ' mileage.

Have any readers know, what mileage can also be used on these two tickets out of it?Welcome saying your opinions in the comments.


Major airline miles stay and open policy
Major airline miles stay and open policy
Major airline miles stay and open policy
Major airline miles stay and open policy

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