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SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

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Although Starpoints is a Starwood Hotels (Starwood) under a points system, but all the points system (UR,MR,TYP) he is the most valuable one.Its originality lies in the Exchange hotel is very economical, especially with cash+points option.Convert miles at the same time, independent flair, and turning point turning point partners not only provide additional incentives.It also makes earn Starpoints in Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) in card games.The road Knight are eagerly looking forward to the annual 30k open during limited hours card rewards scrambled card rewards worth at least $700 in the Pocket.Usually brushing some award categories (non-category bonus) when consumption is also preferred SPG credit card.

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

1. Basics

Starwood hotels and resorts (Starwood) including the four points by Sheraton (fourpoints), and Le Xuan (aloft), Westin (Westin), Sheraton (Sheraton), Raj (ST Regis) and other hotels.Starpoints are Starwood hotels and resorts introduced points system.Points through hotel, Hotel art consumption activities, joint credit card rewards, credit card, such as access, points can be exchanged for free accommodation, converting air miles and pay the tickets directly.If used well, each 10K can use the $240+ value.

Point source

All the following 1x says every $ 1 for 1 Starpoints.Separate digital units are the Starpoints.

  • Starwood Hotels consumers: Platinum and gold membership access to 3x, other 2x
  • Starwood Hotels campaign:
    • Do not have accommodation on a regular basis with additional incentives, such as paying for a night has 1500 discount, generally by email or website registration
    • Premium members can choose to get rooms at the welcome ceremony of points (500)
    • Stay to participate in Green Choice gets some points every day (250-500)
    • Small activities such as sweepstakes, install the APP, subscription mail may send a point score
    • Direct purchase of SPG points, 500 points to $17.5 (get details) several times a year discounts
  • Joint credit card: Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) credit card (card sent 25k-30k, 2x Hotel consumption, other consumer 1x)
  • Other joint activities:
    • By Uber can get 1x, accommodation gets ride of the day 2-4x points (details)
    • By Delta Airlines can get 1x (details)
    • By Emirate airline can get points (details)

Points used:

  • Starwood Hotels:
    • Points can directly exchange hotel, the required points level with the hotel, Cat1-cat7 need to 3k,7k,10K,12-16k,20-25k,30-35k, respectively.Cat3 or exchanged for four nights in a row, the last night free.Conversion weekends can be a little number of concessions, cash+points to Exchange accommodation option is more cost-effective
    • Exchange rose room, breakfast
  • Go air miles (20K points per turn, automatically giving 5k the appropriate mileage)
  • Can be transferred to others: need another person exactly the same SPG account address and fill out, multiple risks
  • Can directly pay the ticket (and UR, MR, TYP direct exchange tickets are similar to fixed points value)
    • Exchange cheating, there is generally no change

Points property

  • Account features: points are present in your SPG member account (not credit card)
  • Expires in: account access, exchange points within 12 months, without accommodation (little number to air miles so feel free to go to prevent expired, SPG credit card just spending a fortune, of course, there will be points recorded to extend the expiration time)
  • Make some features:
    • Accommodation gets points generally check out the day after the shows, other activities Gets the point time
    • Joint credit card rewards in the 1-2 days of consumption reaches into a SPG account, usually 1-2 days after the spending bill into a SPG account
  • Turning point properties
    • Turning point needs to fill out your airline frequent flyer number, you generally need to exactly the same names and addresses
    • Go most of the air miles are not the rates into account, time in the 3-14 days
    • Turning point is not reversible, general membership of 2500 to Gold member since 2000, Platinum 1500
    • Each into 20K air miles, automatic 5k miles, regular aviation users turn to Zhang when you are finished you will see the total number of 25k.

Turning point:

  • First, you need to an airline or hotel frequent flyer accounts, not to go to the official website to register a.
  • Enter the official Web page login find your SPG account transfer mile to airline.Or click here to select the turning-point, login
  • Select the airline you are transferring, enter transfer amount
  • Don't forget to go after the query corresponding to your airline or hotel frequent guest accounts, see if scores into account

2. Exchange Hotel

SPG points for hotels, hotel rating (Cat) to determine the points needed, here is the Cat contains hotels (click on automatically after the jump, please point your browser's stop button before the jump x) is in brackets need to score every night:

Demand for hotels you are different, it is difficult to find a suitable for all methods of Exchange.Some Cat-2-3 ($100-$200) has been very satisfied, and some people like luxury hotels.Meanwhile, point values vary.Some people like to say that I spent 3k, against $150 worth of room equivalent of $0.05 the value of each point spent, so my SPG credit card the equivalent of a 5% cash back credit card.Some people say that, in fact, this $150 water is big, if you use Priceline Bid, only $80 can get the same type of room.Anyway, here are two examples to look at, a high-end hotel, a civilian hotel.Specific points predetermined methods, please see: Disney SPG hotels

Example 1: New York Aloft,non-smoking:King Bed, 285 sq ft/26 m ², 42-inch flat-screen LCD TV, Oversized shower.Cash+points is better than direct points Exchange.Equivalent of 6000 paid 110 for points, much better than the official website-buy directly.

  • Direct exchange of points value for $269/12K=$0.022/Starpoints
  • Exchange value for cash+points option ($265-$110)/6k=$0.025

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide


Example 2: Disney hotel cat2 civilians on the edge, eventually change Starpoints for each $0.05 specific analysis, please see the article: Disney hotels

3. Some turning point partners characteristics and examples

This section only describes some entry-level convertible, if you want to swap out a magic line see Introduction to this major milestone.Instance some mileage tickets on its website queries, the corresponding fare in Google flights query.

American Airline(AA)

Features: turning point at 1:1, go a week or so to account 20K 5k mileage can be sent at a time.Sometimes AA points special events 20K Starpoints per turn, you can get 25k AA mileage, AA then 5k miles, equivalent to 20K Starpoints=30k AA mileage (for details).AA s business class special buys, just 55K to exchange one way between China and business, one-way economy class you will need to 35k Exchange.

British Airways (BA)

Features: turning point at 1:1, go 7-14 to account, 20K 5k mileage can be sent at a time.Particularly suitable for the United States territory of short-range, United States Canada short course, Japan Airlines, Japan domestic flights, flights between the two line for a specified city and note whether there is a higher fuel surcharge.Query select check the mileage on the BA website, more detailed introduction see: BA Miles are introduced


Examples: New York-Hong Kong (JFK-HKG) one way, lowest price $666, with flight prices $788

  • Exchange value (35k starpoints=35K avios=$788), each point is equivalent to SPG for the $0.02
  • Taking into account 20K 5k bonus, scaled, exchange value for each point $0.025

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Characteristics: 1:1, go 1-2 to the account, a 20K 5k mileage can be sent.For a round-trip ticket between China and (60k).Note that ANA points expire after two years, and will not be postponed because of the points, so there is a need to go.Details please see: ANA Mileage 1,ANA Mileage introduced introduction 2.

Example 1: New York-Beijing (JFK-BEIJING), and with the plane $1211

  • Exchange value (60k Starpoints=60k ANA=$1211), each Canadian SPG $0.02 (taking into account the turning-point reward, worth $0.024)

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

Canada Aviation (AC)

Feature: go 1:1 points, about a week into account, 20K 5k mileage can be sent at a time, Air Canada sometimes there are special events, turning-point Air Canada 50k on top of 10K.Therefore, 40k Starpoints = 50k AC mile = 60k AC mile, is also very good (see details).Air Canada can change Sino-US economy class one-way 37.5k business 75k, Southeast Asia, China, or Japan economy round trip 20K business to and from 30k, very suitable for home tours in Southeast Asia.

Example 1: Shanghai to Singapore (PVG-SIN), business class, flight prices $3200, exchange value (30k Starpoints=30k Mile=$3200), each point SPG Exchange $0.1 value (consider SPG points rewarded for $0.12, consider Air Canada bonus, for $0.15)

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

Other air miles advantage (by OneMoreDay)

Better to include the following:

  • United States air miles (AA): Sino-American airline Cathay Pacific, JAL's business class, first class price/performance King.
    Exchange can see chanye AA mileage Exchange introduced the primary article and Pro/Engineer CAD 1.
  • Canada air miles (AC): redeem us and European airlines Star Alliance business class and the round-trip air tickets the most cost-effective.
    Exchange can watch AC introduced mileage (1) mileage and AC (2).
  • Japan air miles (JL): Exchange United States territory on a short jump tour minimum only 10K miles (SPG credit card reward-for-three!)。
    Exchange can see JL introduced mileage (2).
  • Alaska Airlines mileage (AS): Cathay Pacific business class first class bargain, stay one way too generous to also enjoy the U.A.E. air A380 first class.
    Mileage can be introduced AS mileage (1) mileage and AS (2).
  • ANA Mileage (ANA): Sino-American Airlines Star Alliance business class guests.
    Exchange you can see ANA Mileage (1) and the ANA Mileage (2).
  • United Kingdom air miles (BA): King of the world short, irreplaceable.
    Introduce Exchange BA miles (1).
  • Virgin air miles (VS): All Nippon Airways round-trip first class between China and the best Exchange, Sino-British air first class price/performance and explosive form.
    S you can see VS mileage (1).
  • Singapore air miles (SQ): to be continued.
  • Korean air miles (KE): Hawaiian artifacts, American and European SkyTeam business round and the first round are value for money.
    Exchange you can see Korean mileage (1).
  • Delta Air lines miles (DL): to be continued.

3. Value of SPG points

The value of SPG points first is the hotel very good, example 2 can be seen from the hotel Exchange, Exchange hotel is the most cost-effective of the cat2.Moreover, only 3,000 points at the weekend, plus the Green choice, premium welcome bonus rebates, back soon.Of course, the higher the luxury of the cat hotel, the point value is not as high.Meanwhile, for Cat3 points over four-one-exchange activities, is also very good for staying in a five-day trip.For Platinum members who you exchange low cat hotels, you can upgrade to a suite, Cat3 points Exchange isn't so bad.In short, hotel low cat reached $0.03 on the Exchange is relatively easy, then squeezed out some water, it will probably be $0.025.

Aviation points on the conversion, is the biggest mishap conversion takes a long time (MR,UR most of the conversion is instantaneous to the account).Predetermined mileage ticket, which brought trouble, season change of time prone points were not transferred, mileage is gone.Therefore, SPG points for the medium and long term future travel plans.Of course, go 20K get 5k reward and then superimposed turning point Partner Award, resulting in a turning-point in 1:1.5, it is also usually brush one reason SPG credit card, since the air brush co-branded cards (such as AA), consumer $1 will get 1 points, and use the SPG credit card maximum can reach 1.5 miles.More important of is, SPG of turned points partners more wide contains has Aviation of three big Union: Star au members (ANA,AC), days collection Union (Delta), world a (AA,BA,JAL), equivalent to sweep has three big Union of all mileage votes, and also contains has Alaska Aviation (AS), recently AS also and domestic Hainan aviation Union, mileage votes also can each other Exchange, for like sat domestic aviation home of people for is a big advantage.Thus, SPG members think that each point is worth more than $0.025.

Of course, points and cash values are different, depending on your needs.If there is no demand for tickets and you and that SPG points is not suitable for you, you also do not need an in-depth understanding of SPG system.Also, for each ticket needs people, value of SPG points is different.First of all, it depends on which route you need is, which airline, such as the route New York-Toronto, BA exchange the value of $0.06, is three times times the other Exchange, the SPG for your value is very high, you choose to apply for credit cards or when choosing a brush which cards should be preferred SPG credit card.Secondly, the value depends on your Exchange skills, how to check, how to find the customer service to book this need to experience and the accumulation of knowledge.

In a Word, the number you want to play, have fun, or cash back for you.


SPG points due to its advantageous exchange hotel, and rewards, air miles, which was pursued.However, the source of SPG is limited, if not usual Starwood points, mainly from opening earlier in awards and the usual credit card, so you will only see the SPG credit card maximum reward 35k (value $750) messaging application.If you brush some reward consumption (no other credit cards high cash back categories such as auto insurance, tuition, Costco,Sams Club), may wish to consider applying for the credit card used to brush these categories, mustering 20K turn an aviation or the usual change of economical hotel is good.Since each brush $1, $0.025 return, the equivalent of a cash back credit card 2.5%.

SPG points (Starpoints) user guide
SPG points (Starpoints) user guide
SPG points (Starpoints) user guide
SPG points (Starpoints) user guide

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