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"Register to send $5, updates the payout time" Splender cash back network usage guidelines

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Cash back network is now more and more, we may have Visual fatigue.However, one thing is unchanged.Best cash back network or big name companies open or new.General function cash back network focus on big-name companies and no deadbeat.New cash back network tends to have lot of extra promotion, you can make use of.Today, I will introduce you to a big company, and new cash back network–Splender.End of 2015 during the shopping season, I have to get a $130 amount of cash back.

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"2016.1.31" register rewards and shopping are available in time, specific view 2nd and 3rd chapter

1. Splender

Strange as it may return to network all the Splender, but about Cartera Commerce maybe someone will know if shopping mileage to bring Airlines website, I believe we are not strangers.Most airline sites are owned by Cartera Commerce shopping mileage, such as the

  • Return mileage of UA network: https://shopping.mileageplus.com/
  • Return mileage of the AA network: https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/
  • Delta return mileage network: http://www.skymilesshopping.com/

Return of those air miles Web site, in fact, equivalent to be outsourced to Cartera Commerce.This Web site has been running for several years, return to mileage is I really like the use of the Web site.I also saved tens of thousands of miles through them.They have common characteristics:

  • Tracking accuracy is good, mileage post faster (5-7 days)
  • For the use of Promo Code on your site is not very sensitive
  • Customer service more effective
  • Some Web site to purchase a gift card can also get miles
  • Regular activities

New Splender Cartera Commerce is now a son and return to mileage and these sites, this is a pure cash back network.Mention Splender and return mileage relationship site, because their works should be roughly the same.In other words, if you return mileage Web site can get mileage, it will get the cash back in the Splender.Moreover, the advantages mentioned above is also inherited by Splender.For people who like cash back, is to choose the Splender of nature better.

2. Register and signup bonus

Splender official website registration account is not directly reward, if you follow the recommended links below to register, return to network you're using this in any business spending $50 only, you can get $5 reward.

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Once registered, a single consumer with $50, you receive the following message:

  • You are now eligible for a Splender referral bonus

"Register to send

After 45 days, the extra bonus will appear in your cash back history (first just mail $5 does not appear in the record, I have been confirmed by the customer)

"2016.1.31" will appear after 45 days, I was done in November more than more than 20 50+ consumption, January 31 pending refer $5

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3. Payment methods and time

Most of the cash back network is three months receipts, Splender is once a month (over $10), money to directly to PayPal or mail the check to you.I generally prefer to select the mail check, PayPal is so proud, after all, few touch hands.

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"2016.1.31" after cashback traced will be in a pending state, and becomes available after 45 days, when month payout

4. Advantages of Splender

4.1 double cash back event

Mentioned above, a new cash back network will launch a special promotion to attract customer registration.And this promotion may be for us to roll wool.Splender is just come out soon, so promotional activities is much larger than the average cash back network.During the holiday season before, for each merchant's return is generally 1.5 to twice times the cash back network.Now available is a double cash back activities, until January 31.

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After passing through the double cash back, most businesses are higher than the average percentage of cash back cash back network (when the article is posted, it may vary).For example,

  • ebay 1%
  • Sears 6% (website is 5% or less)
  • Neiman Marcus 12% (other top Web site is 8%)
  • Raise 3% (the highest is 2%)

4.2 cash back track and compare

It goes without saying, if you regularly buy are not able to track, it's no use even higher percentage of cash back.Discover Deal is known for tracking issues, click click even after purchase does not see the history, so I now use less.Splender not only record your clicks, merchants, cash back, and also records the browser you are using, such as the following is my click on record:

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4.3 use promo code loose

This you may notice less cash back network will clearly state that can only use promo code available on its Web site, if you are using a non-code on your site, it is possible to return will now be withdrawn.In this connection, Topcashback and Discover Special Deal done, and is often used after the code, even if it gave in to the consumption, will flip back.So, I now use promo code of consumption, would choose to Splender.

4.4 certain Web sites to buy gift cards with cash back

This can be said to be returning to say where the network bug, will purchase a gift card cash back network won't be able to get cash back.This provision is to prevent your double dip (buy a gift card with a cash back, gift cards and cash back).While the actual implementation is another matter.In Cartera's website, in fact, many businesses can double dip, such as Sears, Neiman Marcus (12% 24% is the double cash back!)。Therefore, it is also very important.

5. Splender shortcomings

For more than a month, I have not found any special disadvantages.Most can't keep up with the trend of features is not the Best Rate Guarantee, to match the other the highest cash back cash back network.However, during the double cash back, Splender in itself for most of business cash back at the top or upper average, so I'm not too worried about that.

Returning network series

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