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"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!

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Recently hot of credit card one of is AMEX of SPG credit card, because now of open card Offer is history highest of 30K SPG points, first years from years fee, this limited Offer today (September 14) as, if you is and OneMoreDay as of heavy degrees delay syndrome patients (when I Shen SPG is drag to last), now will see himself needed not need this Zhang card has, if think need words, today will start slightly, Or according to the AMEX's urine until the year after the big Offer appears."Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!

"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!

SPG points can do?For hotel can go miles for tickets.Ymlulu wrote a good SPG points (Starpoints) usage guidelines covering access to SPG points and major uses.Today OneMoreDay to add some detail.



SPG points for Sheraton hotels, according to hotel rating (Cat) to determine the points needed, here is the Cat contains hotels (click on automatically after the jump, please point your browser's stop button before the jump x) is in brackets need to score every night:

Cat 3 or more redeem four nights in a row, the last night free.


Mileage Exchange

20K SPG points could be exchanged for various aviation 25K the point, better to include the following:

  • United States air miles (AA): Sino-American airline Cathay Pacific, JAL's business class, first class price/performance King.
    Exchange can see chanye AA mileage Exchange introduced the primary article and Pro/Engineer CAD 1.
  • Canada air miles (AC): redeem us and European airlines Star Alliance business class domestic ticket to South-East Asia and the most cost-effective.
    Exchange can watch AC introduced mileage (1) mileage and AC (2).
  • Japan air miles (JL): Exchange United States territory on a short jump tour minimum only 10K miles (SPG credit card reward-for-three!)。
    Exchange can see JL introduced mileage (2).
  • Alaska Airlines mileage (AS): Cathay Pacific business class first class bargain, stay one way too generous to also enjoy the U.A.E. air A380 first class.
    Mileage can be introduced AS mileage (1) mileage and AS (2).
  • ANA Mileage (ANA): Sino-American Airlines Star Alliance business class guests.
    Exchange you can see ANA Mileage (1) and the ANA Mileage (2).
  • United Kingdom air miles (BA): King of the world short, irreplaceable.
    Introduce Exchange BA miles (1).
  • Virgin air miles (VS): All Nippon Airways round-trip first class between China and the best Exchange, Sino-British air first class price/performance and explosive form.
    S you can see VS mileage (1).
  • Singapore air miles (SQ): to be continued.
  • Korean air miles (KE): to be continued.
  • Delta Air lines miles (DL): to be continued.


If you want to apply for credit cards AMEX SPG, and finding content on this site is helpful to you, then welcome to the recommended links on this site, thank you for your United States credit cards 101 support:

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"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!
"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!
"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!
"Deal Gone" SPG credit card limit 30K Offer due today!

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