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Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

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Southwest (SW) low Southwest Airlines, but developed very rapidly, in the United States more and more extensive coverage, in recent years has also opened Mexico and Caribbean routes.In addition, the United States three big airlines as UA,AA,Delta, SW also has its own Loyalty Program, all class members, the flight can also accumulate mileage.However, most seductive SW is his Companion Pass.After you get, you can feel free to fly only by two people who buy a ticket, than their counterparts in the original US Airways ticket and many restrictions are much more cool.Today to introduce Companion Pass to use and how to quickly get.

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

1. About Southwest Airline Companion Pass

Generally Companion Pass (CP or friends) is that you purchased Southwest (SW) after a ticket, you can specify a line of people and you take off without foreign ticket.Not only that, its unique features are:

  • Whatever you buy with money or a mileage redemption tickets, you can use CP to get another free ticket.

If you usually spend sitting SW flight, with CP is equivalent to a person's money to buy two tickets.It's for a business trip or a meeting of the party party, is a chance to free travel with family.For us not to spend money on a trip, with CP, is equivalent to the value of miles SW of twice.10K SW $160 mileage can exchange tickets equivalent to the conversion of two $160 tickets now!

Of course, CP is not just so attractive.SW has a very high standard and meet that standard will give you CP.However, understanding the rules behind using credit card, transfer points and other methods or quick access to CP.This paper will first introduce the use of CP rules and fast way to get CP.

2. Companion Pass

2.1 Add a Companion

After you get a Companion Pass, first add your Companion, family and friends can be, the airline does not limit.

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

Is in need of attention: after determining the Companion, Companion can only change three times a year members of the need to call SW can be changed.

2.2 purchase their tickets, add Companion

After you add your Companion, if you want to use CP's benefit, first of all, to his first book a ticket.Whatever cash directly, or use miles, is the use of CP.After the finish, you need on your trip (up coming trips) click: Add Companion.Then add your Companion's information.Step by step to complete you can add that person to the success of your trip.

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

After adding, a conformation of the Companion will have its own number

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

2.3 notes

  • If booking people canceled their tickets, Companion tickets will also cancel, cannot fly
  • Despite the free Companion airfare, but a small amount of tax or to pay (around $5), international flights there are 911 tax
  • In this flight tickets when the best guarantee that you will have more than 2 locations, or cannot use CP

3. Companion Pass gets

To get CP is not a simple matter, SW provides a natural years to have 100 one way flight or mileage to earn 110k!100 flight if not specifically by SW on business people, may be difficult to reach (an average of four days to fly).So, most people rely on saved 110k miles a year to achieve.Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

3.1 Southwest mileage accumulation

Special mention here is the Qualifying Points, so all the mileage that can be 110k, and some can't.

Included are:

  • Mileage accumulated by SW plane (a discount ticket 6mile/$, 10mile/$, business-20mile/$)

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

  • Transfer hotel points to Southwest (currently, Hyatt and Marriott points can change)

Not counted are:

  • Chase Ulitimate transfer Rewards points
  • Southwest returned to mileage extra promotion network (such as flower-XX, XX extra)
  • Directly in the Southwest to buy miles

3.2 considerations

  • After the 110k ' once, and by the end of the second year will be CP.So early to complete the requirement is the best, available nearly two years of CP
  • 110k calculation of the mileage you get, you spend is not related to
  • 110k is only used in order to calculate CP, get the CP after these miles or your
  • After the 110k is complete, you'll receive a solid Companion Card, but it is believed that wood and what's the use

4. Meet Companion Pass request

Now is early, if you can quickly meet the Companion Pass 110k, then the rest of the year and next year you can enjoy the benefits of CP!110k you earn miles, can exchange $1760 SW air tickets once you have CP, worth $3520!There are two ways to quickly meet the CP requirements.

4.1 joint credit card rewards

The fastest way is to open two Chase and Southwest of joint credit cards:

The two cards add up to 100k SW range, and meet the needs of total card consumption consumption $4000 three months, that is, you have acquired the 104k SW miles at least.Remaining return to mileage 6k mileage can be obtained by consumption of +SW network.Of course, if you have enough points at the Hyatt and Marriott Hotel, do not fear (not 1:1), turning part of it anyway.

My suggestion is that if you have some credit history, and can finish opening card, the best day Shin down two cards.The following reasons:

  • Chase day apply for two cards will merge Hard Pull, and reduce the impact on your credit score (see AOR analysis)
  • Card rewards get better control of time, if you are the end of the application, just gets 50k+50k+10K is the best at the beginning of next year.Because CP would last up to two years
  • Five principles is likely to Chase two years in April will spread to these two cards, so as soon as possible to apply for
  • These two cards are the highest awards the 50k, usually only 25k

4.2 Marriott Travel Package (package by Marriott)

In addition to credit card 100k, fastest is the Marriott gift bag.Assuming, of course, you have to have enough Marriott points

Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

If you have Marriott points 270k, s Cat1-5 +120K SW seven late points, you can immediately get the CP.You know, about Marriott points value inherent in the 0.7cent/point, 270k $1890 probably only value.Converted to SW after obtaining the CP itself CP+120k $3840 the value of the mileage, the CAT 5 hotel is the equivalent of 7 nights free!

Of course, 270k Marriott points are not so good.By credit card you can get are:

But don't forget, Chase Ultimate Rewards are available through Chase CSP (55K Card awards, recent Supreme) to point to the Marriott.So, if you have a certain number of UR, and may wish to consider applying for a Marriott credit card Chase credit card CSP, turn UR first Marriott (because UR direct SW is not within the CP), and then converted into SW range by way of gift, is UR point another high-value use.


Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines
Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines
Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines
Southwest Airline Companion Pass access and usage guidelines

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