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"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died

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Today is Manufactured spending (MS) community's darkest day, various major forums are basically slumped, Serve a large number of people, Bluebird has received an email from is limited.Unable to continue using the vgc,online load continue to add money.Look this is a MS product death (and AMAZON PAYMENT, White Vanilla), is such a big influence because MS methods such as these are the easiest to master, minimal risk, it uses the largest number of people.In any case, this restriction is also the end of an era.

"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died

0. Situation update (updated 2016.4.12)

Facts updated:

  • "2016.4.12" my Jack Bauer serve survived the three-wave levels, have also received an email today.Not aware of any living bird?AMEX level surges are increasingly
  • "2016.3.29" has received death messages

"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died

  • "2016.3.28", and a new wave of serve were level, this is no email alerts.Online you can go to Walmart or load testing load check (Blogger, LD's serve is 3.28 was limited, this card is 3.4 were resumed immediately after the close).And the point is, this has not reopened.Appears to be complete and serve the birds say goodbye ~R.I.P
  • "2016.3.4" recharge serve,Bluebird a small number of people remaining on Friday, is also limited.There are few survivors
  • In February, no one has been closed
  • "2016.1.8" prepaid is a large group of serve,Bluebird on Friday was limited.Points cannot be opened after the new card

I guess updates:

  • Now jailed, would restrict SSN, you cannot open a new card
  • Only effective card time verify that the crossing is only serve/Bluebird
  • Maintaining daily balance, no online load, online-only load, normal consumption cannot be ensured without barriers
  • It is recommended that you fully charge as soon as possible, and do not need to pay attention to anything, to the checkpoint time then we can shut
  • Barriers may be the first Friday of each month, so try to at the beginning of each month to get

Welcome message about his experience, preferably in the following format:

  • Is locked
  • Open serve/Bluebird
  • Monthly load not shut and Bill pay transactions

1. All kinds of birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) and Manufactured spending (MS)

From the earliest BuleBird to eventual One VIP serve, for MS role are mainly the same.Basically the following loop:

  • Credit card purchases can recharge Bird Bird Food (vgc, White Vanilla) to meet the opening card or get a wide high rebate cash back
  • Bird food using various channels to feed the birds
  • Using birds to pay your credit card cannot be used to pay bills (such as credit card bills)

Denomination because birds are generally large ($200-$500), so open cards are very easy to meet.And the cost of buying bird seed (vgc activate fee) is low, generally around 1%-3%, so used to brush a category 4.5x or 5% of the cash back is made of.Also, very important is that these birds are from AMEX, relatively high degree of tolerance, water 5k a month no one has locked.Therefore, all raise the birds.

2. Bird life

Throughout the history of these birds, probably can be divided into the following stages:

  • White Vanilla era of Bluebird
  • Serve credit cards no fees CVS Load times
  • Soft serve online credit card load times
  • Red bird card fee-free target load times
  • Red bird, serve, and the Blue Jays three times
  • Red bird dies, serve, the Blue Jays half times

Earliest times White Vanilla, we can in pharmacies (CVS) buy White Vanilla with very low fees, directly into the Blue Bird on the Web, and then use BillPay credit card.White Vanilla has been added with cash only, limit, this road would be difficult to go through.Later, serve turned out, the first time in CVS is no fees can load, we have jumped into the serve.Of course, the road broke after a few months.Zhihou, AMEX and new tricks, soft serve, can be directly online with a credit card load, load 1500 a month, which in turn greatly reduces the cost, even without going out of the door, just complete the card at home consumption.Of course, the outcome is the same, soft serve has gradually been abandoned by time, cannot continue to apply to.

Prior to this, all the birds and Wal-Mart, are available at Wal-Mart VGC to load.Despite changing times, some people watch their favorite birds.Until one day, the AMEX related to the launch of a target red card.This card is not only in the target 5% off, but can use credit cards no fees target load per day plus $2500!Comparing Wal-Mart and target environment, a lot of people are in transition, to the red bird.Also, because you can directly load credit card without VGC this step, many novices have flooded in.A few months later, sticky, target credit cards are no longer allowed direct load, but VGC can.So, you come to serve, Blue Bird, red bird, three times.

Recently, target, and Amex, and debit load was cut off this road.Red bird died.Today, Amex, GF messages and limits a lot of Blue Bird and serve extra functions, survivors whose did not receive mail gingerly, don't know when it's their turn.

3. Bird of death and survivors

In the "credit card risk management" in the article, the reason why we introduced the credit card points.While the bird's death is also similar, it boils down to one word:

  • In accordance with the Bank's idea to use this product

Of course, this is the most General of an inductive, AMEX is definitely a method to control whether to limit who places no restrictions on who.Online discussion of this matter very much, be limited must be a host of reasons, such as:

  • Vgc load close to or over a month 5k
  • Online load close to or over a month 1k
  • For all the money bill pay, no normal consumption
  • Money bill pay immediately after filling out
  • Has been going on for months or even years or above

I guess the limit must be at least one of the above article.Analysis of the bird's death, because there are a number of survivors, what features do they have?Here, I can only see some examples to analyze the characteristics of survivors:

  • Just got the card, not how
  • Some normal consumption
  • Not bill pay immediately after filling, keeping the average daily balance
  •  Some of the subaccount, and normal consumption

Comprehensive and limited characteristics of survivors, I think AMEX algorithm may include three key elements:

  • average daily balance
  • Proportion of normal consumption and Bill Pay
  • Bill Pay and the total load

So, if you were still a survivor, if possible, try to keep the first two.As for the last one, I think if you want to open an account, you should sooner or later would have got.

4. How to deal with

And birds now have three categories of people: has been restricted, the survivors, like a bird's.

4.1 has been restricted

First of all, AMEX said in the letter, you need to use the balance in the account, close the account.Here are a few points which I think need attention

  • If you have money in your account, often with Amex offer you money, then keeping the money was good.Last wool
  • If you have money in your account, and you don't want to play, ready to bill pay off.It's best to wait for the Bank Bill pay level, so as to avoid accidents
  • If you have no money in your account, and you don't want to make money through other channels, and AMEX offer.Then points.If you are interested in, you can immediately open an account again, according to the characteristics of the survivors.I have seen in various forums at once turned off, but can not open the examples, re-opened but there are success stories.So you want to play, you might as well take a gamble.

4.2 was not limited by the survivors and people who want to open

According to three of the points I mentioned above, if you still want to continue with this account, you can pay attention to the following:

  • Recent little load, especially Bill pay, to avoid lying low
  • After each load, leave money for some time, don't immediately Bill pay
  • Use AMEX Offer and small normal consumption
  • In order to avoid the total bill pay and increased load, you can select several months after the initiative to close the account, then open a new

5. Summary

Just like MS fathers credit card unlimited buying coins, all good things end.Don't worry, life will continue ~


"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died
"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died
"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died
"4.12 updates another level" birds (serve,Bluebird,REDcard) died

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