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United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary

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In the United States in the credit card company, there is a very important risk control sectors (Risk Department).The responsibilities of this Department is only one: monitoring the operational risks of the credit card company.The Department does not like dealing with your customer service, for your kind and bullshit you far apart from each other.They will not look for you, even from your open cards to the checkpoint, they will not contact you again.However, once they find you, won't tell you any bullshit, directly obtained from the materials they need, and to help reduce the company's operational risks.Today, we talk about the credit card companies more mysterious Department.

United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary

1. Risk control Department and our relationship

First and foremost, they and our relationship is adversarial relationship!

We as an applicant for a credit card, is actually from the credit card company to borrow and spend, and expired on.For credit card companies, we borrow the maximum risk is does not owe the money.And wind control Department is to minimize bad debt (owed money) the number to maintain the interests of the company.One way to reduce is warning, that is, if we think that we have a greater risk, nip it in the bud right away, thus reducing the potential bad possibilities.Said wing it, for them, every one of us is a potential thief, and they are found in every move we might owe money signs, then you have to make a big stop before you cancel your loan eligibility.

Of course, in addition to reducing bad debts this basic objective, they also pay attention to credit card users have to do something against user Ordinance (term&condition), for example, the most common is the abuse of credit card rewards (rewards system), I would specifically cite examples below.

In dealing with this relationship, the most important thing we have to recognize is that banks have the right to turn off your account.Each bank can be said this is one of the provisions of the King, at the time of application, we were honest agreed.And wind control Department has the right to decide whether to turn off a key sector of your credit card, that is, once they finally decided to level, in fact, it's hard to stand up.General customer service contact your credit card company or even superior customer service, and they will tell you it's risk-control Department makes the decision, they are not allowed to change.Contact the BBB (better Business Bureau) or the small claims court may be able to recover any benefits you.But is likely to return is life-long blacklist (permanent can't apply for the credit card company).

2. What is high risk behavior?

Now that the credit card company's risk control Department so bad, we want to avoid high risk behavior?The question seems easy, but as an outsider, who does not know exactly how their models work.Some people may be and you do the same thing, but he's good, you are crossing.And some people didn't do what looks like a White Lotus, was suddenly hurdle.In fact, I don't have a specific list of high risk behavior, can only give some examples I've seen, summed up a number of so-called high risk behavior.We do not get panic, deal points, switch to other credit card companies go!

First of all, I give a few and bad debts may be relevant, because bad debt risk sectors are most concerned about things

  • Payment is not successful (return payment)
  • Less cash a long time does not make a minimum amount (minimum payment due)
  • Short time many credit card
  • Short-term high consumption, consumption pattern change
  • Inflating revenue, or income and expenditure risked
  • High line/lines and income ratio is too high

Payment is not successful (return payment)

Return payment equivalent to you at the time of payment to Bank a cheque, Bank finally found no money.The possible reasons are the following:

  • Payments you have made a mistake when checking your number and routine number
  • You fill out enough money in the account to pay the amount you need
  • You provide-account does not provide the ability to pull the money (credit card company cannot voluntarily deduct money from your account)
  • You fill in the payment account name not your own

Mistake mistake we can make mistakes, but special attention is: first payment return paymet impact is particularly large.The reason is simple, it was not to establish a good relationship with you, you take the first sum of money, and then open a blank check, cause they can't not receiving their first payments, of course, your risk is big.So, my suggestion is that at the time of the first payment, try to use a bank payment you are most familiar with, while ensuring the money in the account, but before you paid the account of other credit cards are not a problem.Of course, you can also use Bill Pay payments, forcibly launch the money from his bank account, there is no problem.

Long owed money

United States credit cards have two numbers to choose from, one is the minimum payment due, that is, you have to pay this month's number, if you have paid this would generate a huge amount of late fee.There is also a total amount owed last month, if you are not fully repaid, will be charged a certain amount of interest charges.So, if you really are not all of the money, at least once a month the money the former, so that risk is much smaller than the nothing.Of course, if you can pay all the Bills, it is not necessary to the Bank's interests.

Short time many credit card

In this connection, for playing cards are more common.Because credit card companies have made an appointment like that, a lot of the highest card of credit card rewards, people begging for more.Also, some people like many credit card applications (AOR) to save HP (Hard Pull).In fact, these practices will increase the risk control Department of your risk assessment.Just imagine, most people suddenly applying for many credit cards, and for what?Want to get a ticket and run, does not have money?So, you have a plan for your own applications, do not blindly apply or event triggering the risk's bottom line is not worth it.

Short-term big-ticket consumer/consumption pattern change

This, in fact, is not so well defined, since there is always shopping season of the year, everybody is a variation of total consumption.However, higher risk is new short-term big-ticket consumer credit card.Reason is obvious, the Bank needs to spend some time with you to know what you can afford, running slowly.Another point is that the patterns change, you were not in the target consumer, all of a sudden one day began to target a large number of consumer, will also attract the attention of the credit card company.Also, if we buy snacks at CVS to buy water, average consumption is around $30, and that you are in CVS $500+ consumer, is likely to attract the attention of banks.

Inflating revenue, or income and expenditure risked

Some people like to come when you apply for a credit card, fill out the false wage income expectations for a higher credit limit.In General, the Bank will investigate your income, but if you do several things of high risk (for example, more than a few), the Bank will want to look into whether this person is really income is so high, enough to pay all the debts.Once they find out you have no money, there may be hurdles.

High line/lines and income ratio is too high

This is actually somewhat strange, since the approval of the credit card companies give you a certain amount of quota is, of course, believe that you can pay the money.But, I think, for wind control department you in their company's total credit card spending is high, especially if several times higher than income, also belong to the high risk population.

3. What factors cause checkpoints

Mentioned above, risk control departments will care if you abuse their rewards system, because it will cause losses to their company.Here three examples:

AMEX Blue Cash (OBC)

More than half a year ago, AMEX processing a large number of "misuse" AMEX Blue Cash credit card person.Because, when the 5% cash back card and there is no limit, so a lot of people will take advantage of this massive purchase of cash equivalents (VGC) to cash out.Some Americans and even a living, brush your $50k,60k there each month, equivalent to credit card receipts to $2000-$3000 per month.Finally, the AMEX discover merchant fees received from this person below the user to pay the cash back, and when losses reach a certain number, and wind control Department sweeping off the account, forfeiture of cash back.Some people have even been turned off all AMEX credit card, pull the black list, can no longer apply for any AMEX credit cards for a long time.Moreover, the AMEX Blue Cash change user regulations, with only the first $50k to get 5% of cash back.Of course, I personally feel that AMEX is a vulnerability in itself, because they can't tell what is normal shopping or buying a cash equivalent to unrestricted access to the 5% cash back, in that case, can afford to lose, change term beyond reproach, close the account or something very dishonest.

Chase turning point event

Chase Ultimate Rewards the rewards system (UR), you play cards must be familiar.Currently, Chase provided UR number can only go between spouses or cohabiting partner.And some people desperate, UR own points to the other person, even to several different people.Last Chase found and confiscated all the points, turn off all the accounts into the black list.

Discover mysterious barrier events

A while ago, major Chinese forums are people who report themselves to be Discover levels for no reason, given rise to speculation.Among them, have some credit card holders for ten years, pay on time every month, occasionally use Discover quarter 5%.Some people discover deal (discover cash back network) when not using the discover credit card, take the discover cash back.Some people even use for years, were level.It was unwilling, write to call even asked by BBB barrier causes, final results are, and discover companies do not want to serve you.While the foreign Forum is no hurdle from happening, it is a mystery to me until now.

4. Summary

In this article, you can see the credit card company's risk control is very strict and varied, those high risk behavior as we all need to pay attention to, try to avoid.However, is not a violation of the above will happen then?Risk control of banks is not the same?Some what a minefield it?Breach minefields being how to respond?The next article will give you detailed answers.

United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (1) – high risk behavior summary

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