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Tip–Retention credit card Offer

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In the previous article "credit card trick-turning cards", we introduce how to turn card (Product Change) to avoid annual fees, get better service, and multiple copies of the same card.Go card this is precisely the policy Bank in order to retain customers, increase potential earnings.Today, we are also introducing a skill–Retention Offer.You can ask about this offer before you level, maybe a surprise.

Tip--Retention credit card Offer

1. What is a Retention Offer?What is the difference?

Retention offer credit card companies give you a number of preferential policies, to hold you, so that you do not turn off this credit card.Perspective from the credit card company, you keep the card holder can brings him interest, credit card fees, annual fees and other income.For credit card users who can use such incentives to get additional rewards, but can also continue to experience this credit card.

General Promotion Offer banking in order to stimulate the consumption, like all Discover cash back to redouble their activities, Citi sent greengrocer pharmacy consumption 3 times extra points in the month, AMEX Offer money back activities.And Retention only when your level requirements, credit card companies will offer to you, is expressly designed to is to let you keep cardholder spending.

2. What are the Retention Offer?How to take?

General Retention Offer has the following categories:

Retention Offer generally need to call customer service (call customer service telephone line on the back of the card), intended to level, and some reasons stated, and ask if there is no Retention Offer to let you keep this card.Knowledgeable customer service will cause your card records or credit (or transfer to special departments responsible for this), then it will give you some Offer you choose.Got credit cards Chase United Explorer Retention given below Offer concrete examples:

  • Me: Hi, I am the holder of this card has been a year, but now you want to charge an annual fee, I'm considering going off the card (given a level ground, and stated that it is only under consideration and not be sure to turn off, give yourself some leeway)
  • Customer service: this card has a lot of advantages, such as on UA flight free checked baggage, priority boarding, and consumption can have a 2x UA mileage from the UA website (service will typically pull a few advantages of this card)
  • Me: but I think the $95 's annual fee is a bit high, but I found free Citi AA credit card not only can support, and priority boarding, Exchange mileage can also get 10% back.Is there any Offer to let me continue to use this card to be (making a similar card comparison, points out of the Chase no Citi AA UA card and that card, and points out that she took the Offer will continue to credit card holders)
  • Customer service: OK, let me check.Hi, I found a 10K UA mileage Offer is for you, OK?Do you want to receive?(General in your consumer record, then it may be automatically generated several offer)
  • Me: can you help me see, do you have any other offer?(Q)
  • Customer service: or $150 statement of credit for you, so you will save an annual fee.(Customer service will quote all on offer at this time lets you choose)
  • Me: OK, I chose $150 statement credit.(Choose a suitable)
  • Customer service: good, appear before your statement credit in the next Bill, thank you card.Have any other questions?
  • Me: no, thank you (contented hung up)

In General, refers to barrier is necessary because only the customer understand that you really want to level, he can query the system your retention offer.Some customer may try to find are not willing to help you, have been saying that the benefits of this credit card.You can hang up the phone call again, of course, can also transfer the customer service supervisor, direct and high customer service dialogue.

3. The credit card company policy

For Retention policies Offer different different banks, some credit card companies are very generous, casually tossing a pile of offer to you.And some companies you took your breath won't give you, unless it is encountered a particularly good customer service will give you.Of course, even the same card, Retention efforts to Offer each company is different.In General, the annual charge cards easier to Retention Offer, airline or hotel group cards cash back cards are more likely than the average to offer, accumulate points cards cash back cards are more likely than the average to offer.Below, we compare each company's policy:

American Express (flowers, give more)

For Retention on the Offer, AMEX is adhering to spend much more.On top of this card if you spend too little, or very high reward.Like the SPG credit card, some people spent a year 40k on it, you might get 10K the Retention of SPG points Offer.And if you just spent hundreds of, may not like to offer (potential spending power will think you are not high, you Offer return on investment ratio is too low), more times you might want to offer to 1500.For AMEX charge card (Platinum and Premier Gold Rewards) to Offer would be more generous, people often get 10K MR points (the value of $200).

Chase (the card)

Chase Hotel General will get no annual fee cards Offer, or give a certain number of points.Airline cards (such as UA,BA) will get a Statement Credit or certain mileage reward.For the home release of Sapphire (Chase credit card CSP) relatively stingy, it's hard to want to Offer and consume enough plus with a hospitable service, of course, there is still hope.

Citi (generous)

Citi retention is the most generous.First of all, no annual fee credit card such as Citi Thankyou Preferred,Citi Dividend Retention Offer (such as all the 3x extra points, all 5% back now).Air card Citi AA may also have to consume twice the no annual fee + 18 months AA mileage offer.Annual fees for cards such as Premier and Prestige that could be a 5x greengrocer pharmacy consumer offer.In short, if you intend to checkpoint, please call and ask whether you want to offer.

Bank of America,Barclays,Discover

BOA's major airlines may Offer to the no annual fee card, but is not so generous.Barclays have been very stingy, for Arrival and Aviator series now have no annual fee.Discover card no annual fee, and no one will think crossing to offer it.

4. Retention Offer should be?

Although Retention Offer banks a means of retaining barrier to Offer you right.But always give people a feeling of Sapo sell MoE asked Offer, especially if you do not intend to level, or opening a few months, deliberately wanted to wave when the Offer to pull the wool.For this, the way I see it, your own conscience approved it.Everyone has their own way to pull the wool, you are being called to a good Offer, of course, is your freedom.However, I think that the bottom line is this: If you have credit card companies give you the offer, agreed to retain this card, you had better not get the offer and then turn off the card to avoid annual fees.From a long-term perspective, people do more, credit card companies then we tighten the Retention policies, when everyone had failed to Offer.I hope you will call to offer not sparring, to give, not to hung up the phone and call again to see if you have good people.

5. Matters needing attention

  • Working days from Monday to Friday during the day when, at that time may put you through a dedicated customer relationship Office, more likely to be a good Offer
  • After listening to an offer the best to ask other, choose their own
  • If you do not offer it said it had not decided whether or not points, call again in a few days


Tip--Retention credit card Offer
Tip--Retention credit card Offer
Tip--Retention credit card Offer
Tip--Retention credit card Offer

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