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Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)

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Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)

1. The article site

1.1 new articles

  • Sorry, due this week, no new articles made by the time ~
  • On the original site moved to a new VPS, then should not have problems often hang off the server

1.2 updating articles

  • "Jump jump" Chase Freedom Unlimited has opened applications: updated this new card applications and access.Now at your local Chase Bank or call 800-679-5510 to apply for, already available through secure message transfer other chase their cards to the card.In addition, the paper analyzes whether or not to apply for this card.
  • "Activate" quarter 5x cash back credit card summary: updated Chase Freedom,Discover IT,Citi Dividend three card 5x cash back the registration link in the second quarter.Updated the Chase Freedom supermarket 5x contains the type of supermarket.
  • "Hot?" point mileage turning point award summary: updated hotel points to transfer Canada limited-time bonus of air miles, and the rewards and you want to go or not to go, a detailed analysis
  • "Good news," Introduction to Amazon shopping to save money: update third-party gift cards can be used on the Amazon gift cards from the account balance/gift card.New student account throw $5
  • "The good news" Ebay money making money Guide: Ebay gift cards now used as part of, and the eBay account bound (formerly PayPal).But eBay removed a 180-day restriction on 5000.Other businesses (target,Newegg) buy gift cards can be used directly, eliminating the need to wait 4 hours to activate.

2. Recommended articles

3. Limited-a good deal

3.1 credit card

3.2 other

3.3 all deal summary

Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)
Well reviewed and recommended a week (2016.3.14-2016.3.20)

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