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"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free $20+ registration $20

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Topcashback and sent money and Raise gay free activities!Send $20+$20!Today (2.25) closed.

"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

"Update" readers confirm Raise new account $5rewards,$20 has been pending, does not affect the

Has expired, all waiting for your money!

1. Deal profile

New user registered Topcashback, Raise the purchase price of a $20-$40 any merchant gift card, you can get the $20 cash back rewards.Is in need of attention, Raise itself is a gift cards sold at the site, so the buy gift card denominations may be greater than $40, as long as you paid out $20-$40 again on the line.

Explain a few things to note:

  • Must be a new Topcashback registered users can get this Deal
  • Purchase gift card after 21 days, $20 appears in the form of cash back in Topcashback account
  • This form must include only purchased a gift card, the amount you pay in $20-$40
  • Raise the old users can also participate, but if you buy a total amount of more than $1000 in the Raise, then you need to by TCB after purchase, take the initiative to contact TCB in contact us customer service to obtain the $20.
  • Deadline: 11:59pm PT on Thursday, February 25, 2016
  • Explanation did not Raise this form can use Promo Code, recommends buying direct, don't use any promo code on the Raise, including $5 of new users off.

2. Concrete steps

First recommended to register a Raise and Topcashback two Web sites, extra rewards through our referral link to register:

  • Topcashback registration link
  • Raise the registration link (refer links with our registration, send $5 rewards)
    • Use promo code:RAISE75AF can get $5 off (buying $75 available)
    • You can register to buy a gift card for yourself $5 rewards and promo code to spend, so as not to influence rewards cash back event of the TCB.(I think the rewards should not affect, however, had better be careful, some readers confirm $5rewards,$20 is already pending)
    • Gift card sale network Raise introduction

After registering, you can begin to make Deal

"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

  • Click the Get Cashback Now into Raise.com is first registered, select Buy Gift card

"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

  • Select a narrow price range to $25-$50 (or direct the buyer to a merchant, your filter price)

"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

  • Select the gift card you want to buy businesses, remember, be sure to choose between $20-$40 a gift card!If you have $5 rewards, the best choice for $25-$40 gift card.

"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

  • Complete the purchase on the line
  • After 21 days, $20 will appear in your cashback Topcashback account

3. cost calculation

If you have just purchased my Staples gift card

  • Cost $28
  • Get: $30 (gift card) +$20 (TCB and Raise Deal) +$10 (TCB new user Award) +$10 (Raise new user Award)

Of course, the signup bonus and Raise the Deal combined with a certain degree of risk, not the pursuit of maximizing or separate insurance.

4. Matters needing attention

  • Topcashback opens up too many accounts of one person could be, might as well make no exaggeration, you really want to make recommendations for IP
  • New user signup bonus Topcashback $10 I haven't tested, according to the users is from a referral link to register additional benefits, but I did not see a clear say in recommended links new user gets additional $10.However, new users and Raise the White $20 is a must-have.
  • The event credible?TCB and Raise are also good company, the last time TCB GYFT Deal and everyone should get cash back (see here is out of date)


"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration
"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration
"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration
"Expired" Raise+Topcashback= send free + registration

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