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"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card

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Before talking about the credit card application in a series of articles, I'll give you a credit card application notes and tips.Of course, my credit card and then, on the use of credit cards is also a certain amount of skill.The next series of articles will focus on summarizing some of my credit cards in use skills and experience.First give you popularity a very important skill-transfer credit card card (Product Change).

"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card

1. What is a go card? Why are allowed?

Go card (Product Change) is a hidden service provided by the Bank for credit card users, simply put, tired of you use this card, telephone banking this card into your other cards.Of course, all characteristics of the original card will become characteristic of another card, and the credit card payment history, opening time will be retained.For example, you now have a Citi AAdvantage card, first year annual fee waiver period expires, and you do not want to pay an annual fee, so called Double Cash card into a Citi credit card.Of course, your original credit card offers all the benefits such as priority boarding, free checked baggage, and AA mileage isn't there any more, instead of the Double double the Cash offer cash back.

Why are banks allowed card?Personally think that banks issue credit cards primarily to acquire from customers interest and customer submitted after the merchant credit card merchant fees, go card is equivalent to a change of welfare projects for banks does not care the welfare changes, because each card had its own team, many services a service one is no less affected.If the customer chose the toll, they lost a potential possibility of charging interest and fees.

2. Why you want to go?

For banks, the turn card can retain customers, retain the money may.But for those who play cards, go card is one way to avoid an annual fee, a way to get better service.It is important that: go card does HP, will not add new account.Go card there are several reasons:

2.1 avoid annual fees + reservation records + relationships

There are many credit cards, particularly the airlines signed a card often improve in order to attract customers and hotel name card card incentives and exemptions for the first year's annual fee.Sometimes, when we apply for does not focus on the long term value of this card, but the just rewards.Avoid the annual fee level is the easiest way, but levels you lost this year's credit history, length of the credit short people may have a relatively large impact on credit scores.And reward levels for banks may be left with a bad impression (although not many examples but also seen individual and too cruel persons are held in the dark room).So into a no annual fee card, is a good thing for a long time.Because after the turn card, you will retain all of the records, including payment history, credit history, and so on (for banks, your account number is not the number, but rather a separate number.This has nothing to do with your credit card type, credit card can be seen as a vest, you changed your vest but the content will not be changed).

2.2 access to the new benefits

Give up old new welfare benefits but also a reason to go card, like I had a Citi credit card Dividen, but 5% to me and to no avail.Citi credit card Access More recently hot, 3X online shopping is very attractive, and I'm not interested in Iphone gift card outside (I prefer to apply for a new card to get more mileage points that I need).So, I called my two year history Dividen into ATT Access More credit cards, all the history is automatically transferred to the new tab, and go card is no Hard Pull.I use a drawer card in Exchange for a normal credit card.

2.3 Save points

Another reason to go is to save points, for example, you have a AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP) credit card, but after having used it for a year you think want to pay an annual fee.If you're not accumulating Membership Rewards (MR) credit cards, checkpoints, would make MR expired.But the problem is you do not use these points, do not want to go to the specified mileage loss of flexibility in MR.So, to transfer this credit card AMEX similar products EveryDay Card with no annual fee (ED) credit card, you solved the above problem, the card has no annual fee, or you can continue to save MR points, can continue to be MR points into air miles.(Reasons for the first EDP not the ED Description: links to articles).

2.4 access to a number of similar credit card

Go card also has a special feature, is forced to win two different cards.Typical example is the opening one year later from Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) downgrade credit card to Chase Freedom credit card.Because Chase does not allow you to have the Freedom of cases to apply for a Freedom and switch cards cleverly avoided this by going card, you get two tickets for the Chase Freedom credit card.Someone trying to get two is the Chase Freedom credit card can be specified for each quarter of a wide 5x of rebate, the rebate is capped (former $1500 consumer 5X).So, with two Chase Freedom credit card can $3000 can 5X rebate for each quarter.

3. Influence of go card credit card application

Turn master cards this technique has a very large effect for applying for a credit card to select.

3.1 just because some of the long-term value of the card look special requests:

Should first apply for one open rewards worth of cards, take card rewards, and then go to the long term high value cards.For example, provided you don't let Citi Double Cash 2% cash back to apply for this card, because the card and any card reward.But the way must be taken to save, to apply for a Citi AAdvantage card (card sent 50k AA mileage) or Citi Premier credit card (card sent 50k ThankYou Points), and then again the next year to Double Cash card, gets no fee cash back benefits and long-term 2%.

3.2 not because some first year annual fee does not apply:

For some cards, although the annual fee for the first year, but the card open card reward higher than the no annual fee version, better benefits.Make up your mind if you do not want to pay an annual fee for a long time, you can apply for annual version, get more card rewards, receive better benefits, and then go to the no annual fee version to continue to hold.A typical example is the AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP) credit card (card sent 15K MR) and Everyday Card (ED) (open card 10K MR), although the first year annual fee $95 EDP, but higher rewards than ED 5k MR (about $100), And you can enjoy shopping in the supermarket 4.5x, go 3x, other 1.5x welfare than ED supermarket 2.4x, other 1.2x too much better.So, you can apply for EDP and demoted.

4. The Bank for card policy

If you want to go card, punch in the back of the phone is the fastest.Can of course through the Online Chat,Secure Message transfer cards.


Can only transfer between similar card card: Blue Cash Preferred (BCP) and Blue Cash Everyday (BCE) between; Premier Rewards Gold (PRG) and Platinum (PLT) between; transfer between Everyday and EveryDay Card Preferred.But recent reports that Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) can transfer to another card, if you are interested go card, you can call try.Note that Charge Card (PRG,PLT) is not with Credit Card (EDP) go between.Because it is the same type of card, turn card cash back and points is retained.

Upgrade Awards sometimes go card no annual fee version when you upgrade to version, there will be upgrade awards.For example, upgrade from credit cards no annual fee Hilton for the annual fee Hilton Surpass credit cards when the account specific links you can get 50k/100k upgrade awards.Degradation is usually no reward.

Transfer fees and no annual fee for the year card: AMEX annual fee is generally a piece of the series, one for no annual fee.The downgrade to a no annual fee card annual fee can be performed at any time, and no annual fee annual fee needed to be upgraded only after one year with no annual fee cards.45 days after the turn card annual fee.


Can transfer between cards of the same type: Arrival and Arrival+ may turn, Aviator series can turn on each other, not cross-type transfer card.

Go card rewards: go card may also be able to get certain rewards, ask for customer service.


Many cards can turn into Better Balance Rewards credit cards before each quarter white $25, this road now appears to have been blocked.But BOA you can issue additional cards for yourself go cards to each other.Co-branded cards can turn into a BOA in a year their card.


Series go card: their four products: Freedom, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Slate,Freedom Unlimited go card.But other aviation groups of cards and co-branded card cannot be transferred from the hotel to the front of the card, can only be transferred to the corresponding version of the no annual fee.

Restrictions: go card requires the original card for less than a year.If you want to go to visa signiture version requires more than original line $5000.


Cards can turn on each other.But card would require card holders for more than a year, and there is no activity in the 0 APR.

5. Go card notes

Go card looks very beautiful, but turned off and need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Opening bonus: go to the new card, equivalent to the old card has changed (the equivalent of closing accounts), which affects the get rewards outside.Requested 24 month card or Citi card points, get to apply for a new card for that card reward, so after you turn cards, old and new card of the 24-month period will be recalculated.Transfer is unable to get a new card card card rewards
  • Go back go card: go cards can go back on, if you want to repent can call within a certain period to change back
  • Rewards Program changes: go Card Rewards Program after following it, so try to spend then
  • Customer service: subject to customer requirements, if not make several phone calls to go and ask


"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card
"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card
"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card
"Turn update card details" credit card use skills-go card

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