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God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

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Today we are running karts.Initially noticed him, because every time he posts on the Forum, say drink did not hold back, a border one another, and each application will be.For credit cards, you only have yourself, will have most of the experience.So, although his post is written in flowing water, seemingly rambling, savor, can find a real feeling in the gag.

About go kart

I coordinate NYC, engaged in the food service industry.Last 1.5 years has held a total of 30 new cards.However, recent consolidation credit card slots, based on the principle of reduced total CL, drawers and safe cards but are not cut, thin is expected to retain around 20 (secondary card is not included).

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

1. When did you start playing cards?First what is the reason you play the card?

In fact, I have over 7 years of SSN, but initially paid no attention to the credit card you can finance this, so the information has been lagging.Have been thinking about buying a car to 11 years, before accumulation of credit history on tour, first because they do not understand English, and nobody taught, so not into cards, Citi eventually pay a deposit of 500, took a deposit card, really started to have a formal credit history, numbers are less than four years.Effect is still good, buy a car get zero-interest rates.

Of course, the deposit card is the first to be cut.Now is the first card in the hands of Citi diamond preferred.. … Limit of 5% will give me 500 times each quarter, is still very pleasant.

2. Which one is your favorite credit card?Why?

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

Favorite is, of course, the Ritz-Carlton (Chase Ritz-Carlton)

The reason is simple: 1 and best of 2 rail card design and perfect welfare system

But I am not leaving it, I assure you it is only temporary, until the opportunity I will reapply it.
Because now if you have two cards of welfare and RC overlap, the pros and cons, I decided to turn off the RC, I will have the opportunity to reapply it, and long-term retention.

In addition to this, I think Chase Hyatt is also good, welfare, fees are also relatively close to the people.

3. After you experience so many cards, now the United States has to say about the credit card system?

United States is a country without a monopoly, so there is always competition.Since there is no monopoly, there is no card is perfect and cannot be replaced.Card or focus on an experience, excellent benefits, and cannot use it, are waste; it is a good system, meet with an ignorance of the CSR, only added sorrow.So it feels good, really good.I'm a typical chase of powder, and the Amex black, how good I do not feel that Amex customer service, because every time I feel reasonable requirements, they can't meet, so for the Amex, I roll out holding the attitude in the play.

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

4. Do you think credit card brings you the most special experience is what?

This is unafraid of people joke.I'm not some Gao Fushuai, I certainly will not pay for sitting in business class, buy a lounge pass, wouldn't spend money on hotel rooms, Executive floor, without breakfast, go out to eat barley.Before playing cards, and I are all Motel 6 or Super 8, the airport was buying a cup of Starbucks sits on a stool watching planes take off and land.

Now, of course, is not the same as before, will find the hotel chain going out, after all, have a frequent flyer programme, together with senior members, the actual cost will not be higher than that of the motel before.

Aviation because I often in NYC and DC forth, drive or take the bus in the past really feel very tired.Now BA Exchange, 4500 relax, lounge to go to the airport early to rest, eat, by bus and by plane experience was different.Here, praise the Amex's lounge, which is the only place that makes me feel satisfied Amex.This replaced the previous, was unthinkable, it's a little luxury.

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

5. If time can go back, how do you arrange your play card strategy?

Shen card strategy is, I think I'm good, maybe hit the good, coupled with his years of credit records of precipitation.The first wave of a three-month, Shen about 15 copies of the card, is to want the cards to get their hands on at the beginning, mostly hotels Chase card, holding Shen dispensable attitudes after several aviation card, save mileage, always useful to later times.

Playing card policies vary.

For example, I usually prefer driving around, it just needs to be greater than air miles of the hotel.Usual consumption mainly UR, ink cash, freedom and UR Mall support, save is quite fast and plans necessary to the Hyatt, where no Hyatt, IHG.
To save some of the other systems I don't save, after all, to the only bad.

6. do you think United States Hotels system and anything at home?How to choose hotels and the corresponding credit card?

Hotel is a very strong local flavor business.Foreign companies in China, in fact, is for those who recognize brand of foreigners living, far from defeated in local companies.Choice Hotels in the country, if there is no need or public reimbursement, try not to choose a foreign company, because the price was too low.Of course, if you are in the United States line and a lot of hotel points, is not the same, used to live in the three-star hotel and, occasionally, to a five-star hotel (Zhuang) (BI).

In the United States, the problem solved, the hospitality, making money is a tool, hotels and resorts, a chain tool to make money.Don't think of famous hotels as a luxury, in fact, their nature, as well as barley or around the gas station.Everywhere, not only the hotel doing monopoly business, opposite him, must have another hotel for business, just as McDonald's across from KFC.So, in the face of numerous hotels and resorts you have the initiative, because they rob you.

Each of the hotel group's, there are many brands, was at all levels within the group.In short, your Starwood to be, in fact, Marriott has, may be different or is the cat hotel name is different.Many people are not convinced, but I do admit, does have a corporate culture existed, each with a different emphasis, so you feel there's a difference between.

A lot of people think, go out to play, the hotel is to provide a place to stay, Cat1, cat9 price or redemption of points 5 times times, but got no surprises but X5, so don't select top hotels.Hotel prices and star is determined by two conditions: software and hardware.Software refers to the employee's level, the hardware is the condition of the hotel itself.

Hotel highly qualified staff, you can guess what you want to say before you speak, and give you the feeling of joy, you can in a short period of time to address your requirements, as well as the bartender in the martial arts, gave him a silver ingot, Bai Xiao, he becomes the rivers and lakes.As for the hardware, it would have been very extensive, to the location of the hotel, decoration, small rooms you rolled sheets per square centimeter of knit stitches, toilet paper brand, are real money, goods.
Therefore, we can not accept the hotel's classmates, not the hotel price is too low, but your living has not been able to sleep.It's okay, slowly, you will accept.From frugality to easy, from luxury to thrift difficult Ah!!

Hotel credit card wool, sweater is definitely the most large parts.So, do not cherish the HP, and banks do not mention all of them one is King.After getting the wool, don't hesitate to spend a penny.Score after use do?
Divided into several situations:

  • Points out, the hospitality is a bed or a gun to you, spend money to go to the official website for hotels so expensive, the decisive points, travel well, about this bid bid
  • Living in a circle and found you straighten hair will become a group of stupid powder, then do not take into account, to Bai!Returns are similar, hotel hardware roughly the difference is the hotel's corporate culture, you can be stupid powder, is because you like the culture, which like the feeling of love to cherish!
    If someone like me save UR main, recommend IHG and HYATT,IHG naturally goes without saying, HYATT while annual fees of up to 75, but FN sent a night worth the annual fee.And UR probably transferred by HYATT to eliminate, so leave a Platinum member or not to lose.

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

7. When you play them, and what your life has changed?You play these what family members think?

To be honest, playing cards although there are benefits, but also torture yourself.Every day wake up staring at some big God blog, staring at several forums, dozens of accounts you want to manage.Previously out of convenient, Expedia stop fix.Now go out, a company looking to compare each company's promotional programs, hold the computer counting the rate of return.However, although it was frustrating, but the results were gratifying.Every time I look at my efforts, is also very gratified that, forget the pain.
Family, I'm crashing, anyway, do not understand anything, everything, all I've been busy busy, her clothes started out …

8. do you think rookie playing card needs to pay attention to what issues?

When touching, feeling much better, dazzling, feel each is well hard.
As to which way to go, it's up to you how to position themselves.For example, you want to get points?Cash back?High welfare?And so on and so on … …
After positioning, and then give their coordinates and see for yourself go to the airport which is the hub and see for yourself the hotel group's preferences.
As long as the position well, actually playing the card is very easy.
In view of the intense competition, card rewards and generous.Recommends that the new goal is to have the ability, to Shanghai again, then slowly cut cards.Card rewards are a great windfall.

9. do you have any suggestions for this site?

Keep it up ~ hope to let more people know about credit cards, play cards.

God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love
God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love
God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love
God interview (2)-go kart: seeking truth in wine, card in the exploration of true love

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