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Murder caused by a credit card

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An article on "impact of new credit cards on credit history and credit score", it is through composition of credit scores to analyze the impact of a new card.Actually, the new cards have implications for our lives.When we complete the new card card, get the rewards, when using their credit cards, multiple award categories, often unwittingly falls into the trap of banks.Seems our credit cards to save money, yet secretly stealing money from a penny in our pockets!Today to talk about the side effects of a new credit card.

Murder caused by a credit card

1. Open card consumption = consumption + headache?

As we all know, General credit card rewards are not free you usually requires three months spending a certain number, you can get your card rewards.In General, the more card rewards credit card requires opening more consumption.For example,

I believe that through daily consumption way to meet people, get a new card, it signifies the beginning of a war.Always want to spend so much money in three months.Therefore, God does not go unnoticed, some optional stuff was put on the agenda.Anyway, sooner or later, some things to buy, now bought to satisfy open card now!You can count the opening task even if you only do those who consume, consumption of exactly what you need, and what is "consumed".

Not only that, the three-month consumer tasks have been circling in my head.Some people pinch pennies, but tend to forget that the annual fee within the General is not in the cards.Some people procrastinate attack until the last few days, to ask all those consumer post right away, is within the open card.Open the card, the more, the more equal distribution of consumption, not a loss.In short, is vexing!

2. Card rewards = flashy or extravagant?

I believe that we are the major blogs, forums after the brainwashing, gets the points and mileage credit card with a new understanding.

Overnight, people scrambled to chase the mileage points card, pledge card rewards credit cards less than $500 are not worth mentioning.White 50k mileage, value above $800, and business class USD/CHF 5C!

You know, Shen take away rewards card is not a difficult thing, but if you so much mileage, would you use it?If in the end, Membership Rewards worth $800 in your hands only for the $500 of McDonald's.Or accumulate mileage when the Rapture, when you really want to change, and burn, full posting XX mileage?XX miles how do not check?How hard to save up so many miles, and don't even have a direct?But let them know the mileage points properties before starting scheme for which credit card?The Minister qie can't do it!See a good offer on the blood-brain!History of tall and offer not to be missed!

There is another type of credit card, known as the opening free nights-free room.We have list of those ridiculously expensive hotels, watching these two play-free room can change the value of the $1000 and happy than the sky.But those plans off the match tends to eat up the money in your wallet.You really need to spend two nights in a luxury hotel? may require, may not need, but not for luxury hotels, how can maximize the value of open card rewards!

3. Multiple reward spending categories/AMEX Offer= changing consumption habits?

We know that some credit cards offer many times the supermarket 6% or 4.5x incentives, but these supermarkets tend to have do not include Wal-Mart, target,Costco.So, did you unknowingly will not go to those big box stores, and in order to obtain credit card reward into local supermarkets?Have you noticed, as a pack of meat, even local supermarkets after 5% or 10%off, the price is more expensive than Wal-Mart?It does not matter, we are your scores to brush up!Watching multiple incentives fun.

Festival coming, and Amex offer have sprung up, emerging businesses such as Jet.com come into sight.Neiman Marcus 250-50, just things to buy!Wallets-June while crying, but this thing is through AMEX offer 80 percent buy, cheap does not account for how them?

4. Summary

A credit card may be a new Kettle,

Maybe a lot of seed bury itself in our hearts.

Murder caused by a credit card
Murder caused by a credit card
Murder caused by a credit card
Murder caused by a credit card

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