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Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

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Ana in ymlulu offering his conversion experience, I also completed an Exchange field.In General, ANA although the Sino-US exchange of points of view are very affordable, but the whole process is very tricky, especially for stopover ticket, as well as racking their brains to avoid YQ.Of course, after everything was done properly, ANA Mileage ticket exchange is very affordable.
Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

1. travel plans

Date requested

As a result of the home needs to renewal, so it's best to leave a month of time to fully respond to a variety of possible scenarios, but if you stay too long, may give rise to dissatisfaction with the tutor.Arrival tentatively scheduled for a month in the country, the starting time in the wake of the end of May, back in late August.But considering China to return to the friends ' holiday (considered the Dragon Boat Festival holiday) as well as the ease of Exchange mileage, starting tentatively scheduled for the end of May, returning in early July.

Stay requirements

Inspired by the ymlulu change, and began to study the ticket exchange, and eventually decided to use ANA ANA Mileage Exchange mileage, one important reason is that ANA can have a stopover, and an open jaw.So after consultations and LD, such stopover sites were initially selected, can take full advantage of ANA Mileage Stopover a welfare.

  • Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya)
  • Korea (Seoul)
  • Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung)
  • Guam, Saipan
  • Hong Kong

So some stay for ANA Mileage exchange between China and the round-trip, is in line with the rules.ANA exchange rules, please read the OneMoreDay article "2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (1)" "2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)" "2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (3)-will be held on October 15 to adjust the Exchange form"

Checked baggage requirements

Of course, the free checked baggage allowance is the more the better.If the Exchange economy, if you can get two free checked baggage allowance per person, it is naturally a big plus.

International connecting flights, baggage rules, you can refer to such a Cathay Pacific official website description.Simply put, the IATA baggage rules can be divided into two, with United States stirred, no United States stirred.

United States this:

  • Throughout the trip the first flight marketing air Division (simply means that the code appears on your ticket, the flight number in front of the aircraft Division) decide what rules.North American airlines would normally use their own baggage rules that are used on the same route, while the remaining most operations division MSC will be taken (the most important aviation Division) of baggage rules

No United States this:

  • MSC (the most important aviation Division) of baggage rules.

As for the MSC if the definition, please refer to the description of the Cathay Pacific's official website, plain and simple.

Position requirements

Because my point is not very much, ANA and the Exchange use AMEX MR points of the source, and I hope enough for two with Air Canada Aeroplan mileage Exchange United States domestic flights points (why Air Canada?Because Air Canada in United States domestic round-trip convertibility can also have Stopover!See OneMoreDay the article "Introduction to Air Canada Aeroplan mileage (1) – mileage exchange analysis", "Introduction to Air Canada Aeroplan Miles (2) – mileage is obtained, Exchange advantage bunker"), so if tickets to meet demand, economy class return to.

2. preliminary selection

ANA Mileage rules interpretation

Here, OneMoreDay ANA Mileage tickets, write good articles, we can refer to

Here, I want to say is that ANA Asian areas including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines.Both round trip, stay at the above location, as well as Japan, and Korea, Hawaii, Canada, is in line with the rules.

Avoid high fuel

As referred to in articles ymlulu and OneMoreDay, ANA Mileage ticket the most abominable thing about the fuel to avoid YQ, aviation Division and route choice becomes more limited.

First of all, both to and from, ANA Mileage exchange involving aircraft Division there are so few: UA UA, AC jiahang Ana, and OZ, and NH Asiana, Air China CA, long BR, ZH Shenzhen Airlines

There's no fuel is:

  • UA: all flights
  • CA: the only direct flights between China and (including Hawaii), as well as mainland domestic flights
  • AC: all flights
  • ZH: all domestic flights
  • NH: all Japan domestic flights

The remaining fuel, but less fuel routes are as follows:

  • CA: mainland China flights (about $27/people)
  • NH: Japan starting flights in Asia (only $2/people, equal to about no charge)

This surprises me most is the CA in Chinese and Japanese routes, fuel 70+ knives, and OZ + on Japan routes via Seoul 120+ knives in case of fuel.

Here, although Hong Kong CA fuel is relatively small, about 20+ knives, but Hong Kong's airport tax airport also had amounted to nearly $ 30.So if you do not want to stopover in Hong Kong, trying to avoid is the best.

Primary election results

After a preliminary understanding of the lines as well as rules generally laid down several routes (only says home, return to the USA is CTU-(UA)-SFO-(UA)-OKC)


  • OKC-(UA)-UA's hub-(UA)-NRT/HND-(ANA)-home
  • DFW-(AC)-YYZ/YVR-(AC)-NRT/HND-(ANA)-home

Taiwan travel:

  • OKC-(UA)-SFO-(UA)-TPE-(ANA)-NRT/HND-(ANA)-home

Stay in Seoul:



  • OKC-(UA)-UA's hub-(UA)-HNL-(CA/ANA via NRT)-home
  • DFW-(AC)-YYZ/YVR-(AC)-HNL-(CA/ANA via NRT)-home

Guam travel:

  • OKC-(UA)-UA's hub-(UA)-HNL-(UA)-GUM-(UA via HKG/ANA via NRT)-home
  • DFW-(AC)-YYZ/YVR-(AC)-HNL-(UA)-GUM-(UA via HKG/ANA via NRT)-home


  • Trip to Guam, due to my beauty check has failed, and needs to return home renewed, so unable to turnaround from Tokyo to Guam, Hawaii-Guam flights can only rely on the UA.This class belongs to domestic flights, do not need immigration.
  • Select Air Canada Canada transit visa, please refer to the ymlulu article (after you buy the ticket be sure to do a few things 5.2 "visa").Because of my Canada multiple-entry sign at the time has not expired, so this trip is no problem for me.Hawaii route returned to United States, in accordance with AVR (Automatic Visa Revalidation) rules, there will be no problem.

3. further filter

Preliminary results have been set, but the option is too much, so my pros and cons, LD, and gather other information in greater depth, and killed the following routes:

  • Taiwan travel.Reason: entry permit applications difficult.Although the United States mainland, when applying for a Taiwan entry permit for persons belonging to the third class city, the program is simple.But among the requirements for international students in the United States wrote, "requires a valid F-1 visa", and I have already expired.Field plus the entry permit to Taiwan need to handle, and in the United States, can handle only (New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami), is too far from where I live, the cost is too high.Taiwan trip PASS.
  • Guam and Hawaii.Reason: LD do not want to go to a tropical island, Christmas and new year's day last year when I went to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.Although I am I want to play go to Guam, but also taking into account the need to change many times (Hawaii), a tired, plus I say enough, so Hawaii, Guam/PASS.

Checked baggage and ease of balancing

In the last section of the road primary, joined the Air Canada AC from my nearest waypoint route out of DFW.As to why you want to join this, associated with the checked baggage policy (read the first section of this article "the checked baggage requirements").As the AC line in the United States policy is two pieces of luggage, UA in the United States as a starting point the beauty of line a, and AC and UA option, is to perform their baggage rather than most major airlines Division MSC baggage rules.IATA baggage rules United States exceptions, first flight aviation Division has a luggage policy options.So starting in DFW, the first paragraph is flying AC, the entire US-China trip will be two pieces of luggage.

Although to DFW from me, only about a 3-hour drive, but it is an unavoidable issue.If driving, DFW Airport parking charge is not low.Car rental, off-site transfer are not cheap.By train/Greyhound +Uber, cost is not small, and perhaps one night near DFW.If we let the friend, 3 hour drive did not short, not very good trouble others.And drag a luggage are aimed primarily at more things (of various relatives or personal shopper, you deep experience every time they return), and then taken into account when maybe staying in Tokyo/Seoul, needs to go/take the subway, two pieces of checked baggage more inconvenience, then PASS this option.

No ticket situation

As we all know, airline search engines is generally very mentally handicapped is not smart, no way to search out all possible sectors.At this time, we generally use a query, use "multiple destination" we need votes.Specific reference ymlulu article "Sino-US business mileage ticket practice: All Nippon Airways round-trip".

Here, I also use queries that subparagraph UA+AC, trying to put together a whole route.But sometimes, when we use multiple destination, add up all the segments, and each segment has the ballot, after the final leg is added, will encounter the following problems.

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

Of course, in order to demonstrate the problem, I chose the following segment to ensure the emergence of the problem.

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

For this journey, measurement, call the customer service is no solution, ANA some restrictions inside the system.

Of course, to solve this problem is relatively easy.A simple way is to reduce the turnaround (or change transfer locations such as NRT-PEK-CTU to NRT-KIX-CTU), such as process into the following itinerary, you can.

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

Here, in my own estimate, ANA within the system sets the limit of MPM, and number of flight segments, but I'm not sure.Because I'm playing, just try to the following tickets and was told not.Said he would ask the leadership and customer service, give me an answer later.A moment later, received a call from a customer service, the answer is still no, and customer service and customer service leaders did not know the reason, because this trip seems to be perfectly reasonable compliance.When I tried out the votes are as follows:

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

My solution is based on the date of the last day and forward, so that the first paragraph is changed from OKC-DEN-SFO-HND to OKC-DEN-NRT, and the whole range is directly.

Encounters the ghost tickets

Paragraph NRT/HND-CTU of the whole trip, when Secretary for several airlines and routes to choose from:

  • ANA flights
  • Hana OZ, via Seoul ICN
  • Direct flights Air China CA
  • Air China Air China CA + Japan CA/zh ZH domestic
  • ANA Japan CA/zh ZH + Air China domestic
  • ANA CA full + Air China Hong Kong and the Mainland

Over here,

  • Hana OZ due to high fuel costs, the first to be ruled out (Japan Airlines nearly $120/YQ).
  • ANA flight as ANA does not put the ticket or tickets swapped out, so excluded.
  • Air China-China line as YQ mentioned problems, therefore also excluded.

Left only ANA Japan Air + CA/zh ZH domestic air China and ANA full + CA options for Hong Kong and the Mainland.Of course, the former is ideal because it completely avoids the YQ appears as well as the HKG Airport charges of cheating.

But, here, I met the infamous spectre Air China CA tickets.What is a ghost?Simply stated when it's checked, show tickets, but when it comes to tickets, but no way out.ANA ticket process, will be confirmed after the flight information, error, unable to enter the next step seat selection page (due to the ANA in seat selection when, in fact, tend to lock this ticket, so if not a ticket, was not elected seats.P.S. If this is not done, then the location on the itinerary were locked for an hour or so).

Solution is using Air Canada AC query segments, of course, it is not clear whether AC can look up Air China CA non-phantom tickets, to be tested.But UA and ANA will see the specter of CA tickets.

Here, zh ZH is also member of the Star Alliance, SA, and ZH is actually a subsidiary of CA.In accordance with reason, ZH and CA are complicit.But in fact not the case.In this process, found ZH tickets is not a ghost, and availability is very good.But when you find at ZH tickets, can't use UA engines, because they do not know the reason, UA see ZH tickets.However, AC and ANA can be seen, so using AC to check.

For me this day and, ultimately, out of HND-(ANA)-CAN-(ZH)-CTU route.Perfect solved the problem of YQ, and ghost.

4. travel to determine

After tough votes above, in the end, my schedule is determined as follows:

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

Where OKC-DEN-NRT,CTU-SFO-OKC is the UA flight, HND-CAN for ANA flights, flights CAN-CTU ZH.And stay five nights in Tokyo, Haneda HND time also shortened to the airport on the day of departure, Narita NRT, after all, not a little bit far from downtown Tokyo.

Final mileage costs and taxes are as follows:

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

5. Summary

As the article says at the beginning, ANA ticket, although the mileage cost is minimal, and mileage sources is relatively wide, but the whole issue is a tricky process.No exaggeration to say, such a ticket for this article, I tried two days in front of the computer, it took about 10 hours.Of course, as we can see, last trip and spent, is the best of all mileage options.And LD for the whole trip is also very satisfying.

When I was writing this article I, OneMoreDay provides a way to reduce fuel ANA Mileage, details, please read the "2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (4) – have to say YQ, meaning y skills."Of skills involved in this is not no secret, is called a 3x fuel dump.Normally this technique is used in buying tickets, tickets for mileage on the Exchange can be, is nothing but a waste of a Stopover/Openjaw, which each weighed the pros and cons.

Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage
Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage
Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage
Also talk about my return ticket exchange in the summer: ANA Mileage

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