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Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

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As more and more credit cards in your hand (thanks to major credit card Forum blog in English as well as the road of Amway), the credit card is a big problem.Again using the original tools (landing each bank account number) to track every consumer has become less realistic.Today, chanye come give you a good tool to manage account-Mint.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

What is 1.Mint

Personal finance site Mint was founded in 2006, bought by Intuit in 2009 and the development so far.Intuit releases Quicken and TurboTax business.

2. why should I use Mint

The reason is simple, number when your account reaches a certain level, monitoring every move so many accounts is a very difficult thing.Mint will manage these accounts provides a convenient and efficient way.

With Mint, you can:

  • Monitor each account for each overhead of
  • Monitoring the balance of each account and arrears
  • Monitoring of each credit card account billing amounts and payment dates
  • Automatic/Manual collation for each cost, convenient record/manage your spending
  • Custom time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) the expenditure/revenue analysis, manage their own finances.

2.1.Mint security

This is something a lot of people will ask questions.I personally think that Mint is safe in General, of course, does not rule out the possibility of information disclosure.In the United States, banks security (anti-fraud) also has done a very good job, so it need not worry too much about account theft problem.But who can guarantee 100%?But in the United States, losses due to theft, is borne by the Bank (zero liability), for personal, just add a bit of trouble.At this point, chanye feel, with a little bit of risk and trouble in Exchange for greater convenience, it was worth it, and monitor their accounts, also helps to detect accounts being stolen.

3. how to use Mint

Mint is very straightforward and simple, hands-on is very easy, here I'll simply talk about how to use Mint, the rest is left to ourselves to explore

3.1. adding account

After you signed up for Mint, you'll enter the main interface, the first step was adding a bank account/credit card, and we simply click on the red box as shown in figure (two)

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

Then a pop-up dialog box, click on the "+ADD ACCOUNT"

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

The following screen will appear after, if your account is shown in the icon, simply click, if not, enter a name at the top, search.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

Then enter your online banking account and password just fine, some banks may also need to enter this information (such as message authentication codes, or authentication issues, etc).

Note, some of the Bank's credit card and checking accounts are two different institutions, need to be added separately (such as discover).

Add finished, in the column to the right of the interface, you can see their card's current balance situation, as shown below.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

3.2. monitoring each spending/income

As the Mint's most important functions, but also my most commonly used and most dependent feature (after all, when nearly 30 active credit card case, keep track of one apparently does not reality), to enter the interface, just on the main screen click on "TRANSACTION"

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

After entering the transaction interface, still pending transaction will be gray italics have post will be black Roman.As shown in the following figure

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

To note here, Mint for each transaction will be given an automatic classification (category), the classifications are reliable most of the time, but when there are wide of the mark, this time you will need to manually change.In addition, the accuracy of the classification for the next speak of expenditure/revenue analysis is very helpful.

3.3. the Customize time expenditure/revenue analysis

Mint this is what I used, as no account used, but want to make oneself within a certain period of time in that category clearly how much money is spent on consumption (like shopping much this month), which is a nice feature.

Figure, click on the "TRENDS" to enter this interface

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

Next are there such a pie chart (if on the left drop down menu to select the "By Category"), Visual lists each category of spending in the proportion of their total consumption.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

Of course, click on the different parts of the pie chart, will move on to the next order of classifications (such as under the FOOD&DINING, grocery,fast food,restaurant, and so on).

Of course, on the left side select "Over Time", but also can watch each day costs."During", you can select the time period (this month, last month, this year, last year, custom, etc).

To note here, this pie chart categories, classified according to the classification referred to in the previous section is set.

3.4 viewing time of repayment and payments

After the credit card number, remember to payment per card, is a very difficult thing.Upcoming Bills reminder of the Mint at this time was a big help.

This feature after log into Mint, on the Overview tab, you will see.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

As you can see, for each card of the final repayment date, and the amount can be clearly displayed.Then we can log in to the corresponding bank account, prior to the payment date to pay off well, avoid the late fee penalty situations.

3.5 set monthly budget

This function I used so much, while also setting, but often not a pipe.Of course, for people who want to strictly control the budget every month, this is also useful.Click on the "BUDGETS" to go to

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

In this, you can set each month in the classification of a set of overhead, as well as looking over the expenditures in this category much.Need not be detailed here, we try to understand.

3.6 setting financial goals

As its name suggests, this feature is to help you to set financial goals, for self-monitoring.Setting is very intuitive, click on "GOALS" to go to settings

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

As you can see, target is still a lot that can be selected, such as buying a car, buying a House, retirement, etc.I did not use such a feature, because I did not agree with some demands.There is such a target's friends, might as well set a, often completed, can also make your own healthy financial management, rational consumption.

4. In conclusion

To sum up, Mint is a very useful financial/account management tools, flexible application can save a lot of headaches, especially for the readers of this blog, with many credit card should not be a minority.At this time, the Mint to manage these accounts, it is necessary.

Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide
Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide
Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide
Accounts a good helper-Mint user guide

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