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Membership Rewards (MR) user guide

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The old saying goes, teach Shen Ka did not teach people to use is a hooligan.Today bloggers you about Membership Rewards (MR) use, this article only lists that will maximize the value of points, some selling at a loss does not introduce more, members can solve their own local needs.Concerns MR points the biggest reason was because MR accumulated points higher than cash back rewards.

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide

1. Basics

Membership Rewards (MR) is a American Express (AMEX) launched the points system.Points through the card rewards, credit card access, points can be exchanged for gift cards, converting air miles and hotel points.If used well, each 10K can use the $200+ value.

Point source

Points used:

  • Go air miles (no bonus units are 1MR and 1Mile)
    • 1:1 convey beauty (Delta), British Airways (BA), all Nippon Airways (ANA), Canada Aviation (AC), France Aviation (AF), Hawaiian Airlines (Hawaiian Airlines), Cathay Pacific (CX)
    • Some soy sauce Airlines (General do not turn)
  • Transfer hotel points (no bonus units are 1MR and 1 Points)
    • Exchange rates are poor, except for emergency use, generally do not turn
  • Can be used for payment AMEX Travel, Exchange gift cards, website shopping, direct payment of bills, pay McDonald's
    • Exchange cheating, there is generally no change

Points property

  • Account features: personal cards (master card) all of MR points exist in an account, you can directly use (under MR account card master card)
  • Expires in: as long as there is a picture of MR card we can accumulate points exist, all MR points do not expire.Throughout the levels, to require air miles before.
  • Make some features:
    • In case you have MR account (that is, already has more than one card), and then open another card, another open card rewards you with opening demand immediately after MR account.If not MR account (first save MR card), points in about 2 months to appear in MR account.
    • Usual consumption of this Bill save points will appear a few days after the next billing date in MR account,
  • Turning point properties
    • Turning point needs to link to your airline or hotel frequent guest and you MR account, usually can use a good link
    • Go United States airlines need to trace fee charged (10K registration $6), go airlines from other countries without cost.
    • Transfer rates to most of the air miles account, go Asia (ANA,CX) may need to be 1-3 days
    • Turning point is not reversible, General 1000 to
    • Turning point corresponds to a regular number of aviation, hotel name and address must be exactly the same and the accounts of MR.If you want to transfer to other people, you need to add each other as a card to save MR Vice President of credit card, can be manipulated.

Turning point:

  • First, you need to an airline or hotel frequent flyer accounts, not to go to the official website to register a.
  • Link to you MR account and need to go to a regular account
    • Login to your AMEX account, in the upper right corner click Membership Rewards page.MR website directly or log in
    • Click on your name, usually in the upper right (you have points shown left), select the points summary
    • At the bottom right of the page select the Link Loyalty Programs–Link additional programs
    • As required to fill in all the content can be
  • Re-login out,login into MR account interface
  • Choose to Travel, and then select the Transfer Points, select the target you need to go
  • Fill in the needed number of turning points, step by step according to the requirements set
  • Don't forget to go after the query corresponding to your airline or hotel frequent guest accounts, see if scores into account

2. Some turning point partners characteristics and examples

This section only describes some entry-level convertible, if you want to swap out a magic line see Introduction to this major milestone.Instance some mileage tickets on its website queries, the corresponding fare in Google flights query.

British Airline (BA)

Features: turning point at 1:1, once there were 1:1.4-bonus (all in rhythm), go immediately to the account.Particularly suitable for the United States territory of short-range, United States Canada short course, Japan Airlines, Japan domestic flights, flights between the two line for a specified city and note whether there is a higher fuel surcharge.Query select check the mileage on the BA website, more detailed introduction see: BA Miles are introduced

Example 1: New York-Toronto (LGA-YYZ) one way, lowest price $150, $298 flight prices, exchange value (4500MR=4500BA=$298), the Canadian equivalent of MR points out the $0.06

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide


Example 2: New York-Hong Kong (JFK-HKG) one way, lowest price $666, $788 flight prices, exchange value (35k MR=35K avios=$788), is out every point MR $0.02

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide


All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Features: 1:1 turning point, turn 1st left into account (called speed).For a round-trip ticket between China and (60k).Note that ANA points expire after two years, and will not be postponed because of the points, so there is a need to go.Details please see: ANA Mileage 1,ANA Mileage introduced introduction 2.

Example 1: New York-Beijing (JFK-BEIJING), and with the plane $1211, exchange value (60k MR=60k ANA=$1211), each point of MR s $0.02.

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide


Canada Aviation (AC)

Feature: go 1:1, go immediately to the account.Air Canada can change Sino-US economy class one-way 37.5k business 75k, Southeast Asia, China, or Japan economy round trip 20K business to and from 30k, very suitable for home tours in Southeast Asia.

Example 1: Shanghai to Singapore (PVG-SIN), business class, flight prices $3200, exchange value (30k MR=30k Mile=$3200), the value of each point MR s $0.1.

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide

3. MR points value

It can be said that MR value is determined by the airline mileage value can go.From the above examples, MR Exchange air miles can exchange the value of each point at least $0.02, equivalent to $1 on my credit card consumption, get 1MR is equivalent to $0.02 (2% return), that is why we believe that brushing to get MR credit cards cash back cards than brush 1% good reason.Of course, considering that MR itself can turn a variety of air miles, and most airline miles can be an instant account, this gives our mileage is a big convenience …You can look it up, sure no problem turning point immediately after booking, in one fell swoop.Therefore, MR points should be slightly higher than the value can go the distance value of all partners.Furthermore, MR partner contains three aviation alliances: Member of the Star Alliance (ANA,AC), SkyTeam (Delta), OneWorld (BA), equivalent to sweep all of three miles, is also a highlight.Thus, we think every value of MR in $0.02 above.

Of course, points and cash values are different, depending on your needs.If you do not demand for tickets, then MR points don't suit you, you have no need to understand MR system.Also, for each ticket needs people, MR points value is different.First of all, it depends on which route you need is, which airline, such as the route New York-Toronto, BA exchange the value of $0.06, other Exchange three times, then MR you value is very high, you choose to apply for credit card or select a brush which cards you should choose MR.Secondly, the value depends on your Exchange skills, how to check, how to find the customer service to book this need to experience and the accumulation of knowledge.

In a Word, the number you want to play, have fun, or cash back for you.


MR points due to transfer it to air miles, use more flexible at the same time, also needs to be a certain amount of skill.If you are familiar, then the value of MR in your hands will be several times higher than those people who do not use a good, also when your card rewards and credit card cash back is someone else several times.Certainly, MR of source compared limited, main from above in the of open card Award and usually of card, if you think you can harness this a flexible of points, can priority select AMEX Everyday Preferred credit card, its saved points integrated capacity is highest of; while, if you can skilled using gift card cover daily consumption (with MPX APP) or aviation and out dinner of consumption than high, using AMEX Premier Gold Rewards credit card to MR accumulated points is also very fast.

Membership Rewards (MR) user guide
Membership Rewards (MR) user guide
Membership Rewards (MR) user guide
Membership Rewards (MR) user guide

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