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"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use

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Previous articles, mainly about Marriott package use, conversion tables, how to select the mileage exchange partners and hotel and Marriott points accumulated through credit card.In this article, I'll give you an in-depth analysis of how to save the package needed a lot of points and some clever use of package.

"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use

0. Update column

1. Source Marriott points

Marriott points from the following sources:

1.1 package basis

You or a family member gets points for Marriott, Marriott credit card rewards can be called the gift Foundation.For the people who don't live Marriott Hotel, when there is no Chase Ritz-Carlton 140k card rewards, a large number of points Chase Marriott Premier card rewards can only rely on their families to get together.If you don't even have a basis points, then there is no need to consider gift packages.

Here I am very basic points is because the package 7 nights Cat1-5 in need of points is fixed, if you have 7 consecutive nights around the House needs, you use the gift exchange and used Marriott points directly using the point is the same.Meanwhile, Marriott points do not go directly through the package compared to other points are lost.So, instead of directly exchange hotel, rather than these points as a basis for gift packages.With these basic points, the rest you can package all the Marriott points convertible into high-value air miles.

1.2 package bonus

Assuming you already have a base of 150k Marriott points, can be left 120K sources from UA and UR points.Maybe you will find high-value UA or UR (1.6cents/point) to a low value of Marriott points (0.7cents/points) is not a good deal.But if you look a little further, and these points together with the package ultimately will become air miles, s UA have an extra 10% rewards, is not equivalent to UA mileage does UR 1:1.1 go?Not only that, but you also to AA,AC points.From another perspective, the spree that will turn your 1:1 to its UR turn to mainstream European and American partners.This I will be introduced in the following sections.Therefore, I personally think that, if you want to change package, choose the right air miles partner, preferably through UR or UA point most forcibly round up mileage that a document exchange, spree bonus to play the highest value.

If you don't have a base 150k Marriott points, so if you want to use a high value of UR and UA point forcibly made up gift bag?This benevolent.If you have UR points a lot, and wanted to turn non-UR partner miles, then to other air miles through the package is good.

1.3 Summary

In addition to credit card and transfer points can get a lot of points outside the Marriott, Marriott's shopping network can also provide a certain amount of points.However, the rebate percentage is lower in this website, or choose UR Mall to obtain a rebate online.Buy to supplement the package works only for people who are high demand for air miles, especially Canadian business people in first class.

In summary, the work package are:

  • Credit card, mergers and share as a supplement, other ways to get, go to fill

2. Clever use of package

So much analysis on the spree, here are a few examples package application.Of course, if you already have a spree of basis points.

2.1 application 1: high conversion

  • Convert UA mileage: we know that between accounts UA, UA mileage cannot be converted, not to mention the mileage to UA AA mileage, AS good mileage, ANA Mileage (AA,AS,ANA Sino-US business-class ticket than the UA deal).And if you have a UA silver member, mileage to UA Marriott points, then package into AA mileage, of miles AS mileage or anything you need.Of course, you can also go to your own Marriott account, Marriott points are then transferred to the person who can raise package, and then again through the package to his UA mileage.Your mileage to UA to him.
  • Convert UR points: UR point is generally transferred to the UA mileage use, and with spree, UR points can go 1:1 go AA, AC, AS, ANA and other various mileage.It's bad for those who think UA mileage, business-first class doesn't pay people a chance to use UR points.So, gift packages, UR point is the highest flexibility of a floating-point number.

2.2 application 2: appreciation of the points

  • Appreciation of UA mileage: we know that package in the selected UA when miles 10% of bonuses.So if you have a UA mileage, Marriott points to first, then through the package back to the UA mileage.These value-added 10% UA mileage is not in vain!
  • Appreciate UR point: If you want to turn UR point UA mileage, so why not put UR points into Marriott points, and then through the package to UA mileage and increased 10% reward it ~
  • Appreciation of Marriott points: can use the package to low value of Marriott points into air miles for other high-value, good!

2.3 application 3: overlay bonus appreciation and then to appreciate:

UA, and AA, AC all had their mileage bonus hotel points to, in between 20%-25%.Generally scheduled every year a couple of times, while rewarding time equivalent to rise to rise.

"2016.3.16" transfer hotel points now UA 25% UA can get extra mileage, spree is also able to trigger this 25% award!If you now change your package, you can enjoy the 1:1 turn its Marriott Rewards mileage +10%UA mileage +25%UA mileage award.Is it refreshing and makes the

Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use

"2016.3.16" now transfer hotel points Canada Aviation (AC) can get some 25% AC mileage, spree is also able to trigger this 25% award!If you now change your package, you can enjoy the Marriott points 1:1 mileage +25%AC mileage awards.Is good

"2016.3 update Air Canada mileage bonus" turning point of point and mileage Awards summary

2.3 use 4:Southwest Companion Pass

Southwest Airline package can also exchange points and these points are included in the Companion Pass (CP) requirements.CP, you can take a person's mileage, white free companion ticket, buy one get one free.

"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use

Assuming you have Marriott points 270k, s Cat1-5 +120K SW seven late points, you can immediately get the CP.You know, about Marriott points value inherent in the 0.7cent/point, 270k $1890 probably only value.Converted to SW after obtaining the CP itself CP+120k $3840 the value of the mileage, the CAT 5 hotel is the equivalent of 7 nights free!About CP's profile, you can see:

2.4 application 5: legendary small gift bag

Maybe for 7 consecutive nights make you feel out of reach, but in addition to 7 night package, Marriott has a small package 5 nights.Need less points and air miles in portions of a table and 7 nights are the same.

This 5 night Exchange website is invisible, is only open for Marriott Time Share and Vacation Club members.But it's said that you and the customer service enquiry, customer service will change this little gift package for you.What I'm suggesting is that if you want to change, and may as well play some times try to order more this little package.Because air miles Marriott and total points ratio higher than 7 nights, so appreciate more Marriott points.Of course, another reason is 5 nights for travel use, more practical.

3. Summary

If you have some Marriott points as a basis, Marriott package playability is very strong.Marriott credit card is currently the highest reward, if you have family members with its bid, could make up the basis of 170k Marriott points right now, and right now can be exchanged for a small package had the lowest.

Analysis of use and exchange about the package, please see:

"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use
"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use
"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use
"Go Air Canada bonus" package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages), Raiders (2): Save and use

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