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Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange

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Exchange points for Marriott Marriott hospitality package is to maximize the value of a, the main reason is to less valuable Marriott points through the package 1:1 into more valuable air points.Not only that, the package brings air points or have some kind of reward.Of course, the biggest problem is how to fill required to package a large number of Marriott points.First in this paper we analyze the use and exchange of Marriott gift packages.

Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange

1. Marriott gift (Travel Package) introduction

Simply put, Marriott hospitality package is to use a lot of points to redeem for Marriott 7 nights + a number of air miles for Marriott.For example:

We should consider using Marriott points redemption spree, because Marriott points when the Exchange Hotel in itself, can only change the value of the 0.7cent/point (probably 20K s $140 hotel).When Exchange package, equivalent to some 7 percentage points according to the normal Exchange Exchange nights hotel accommodation, while the other part number 1:1 (or 1:1.1) into air miles.AA mileage value at about 1.6cent/point, if the gift exchange with AA mileage, value from 0.7 to 1.6 points.

Therefore, if you have a part of Marriott points, Exchange Hotel, may wish to consider more Marriott points to pass the package upgrade the point value.If your not a one-time 7-day hotel needs, may wish to use other hotel points using Marriott points saved as a gift package.

2. Marriott gift exchange

2.1 conversion steps

  • Look-up table confirm the Exchange package: package form summary
  • Call: 1-800-321-7396
  • Your Member ID and need to exchange the gift package by Marriott.If your point is not enough, you can specify another person use points
  • After the conversion is done, you will get 7 night room voucher, and air miles will be transferred to aviation in the 4-6 week account
  • Within one year of Exchange, you can call scheduled with 7 night room voucher

2.2 free room voucher

Seven nights of free room voucher in a gift bag to use has the following limitations:

  • 7 nights must be spent in a hotel, unable to separate.
  • Cannot be used if the middle of seven consecutive nights with a few night room voucher, you can use the cash to pay for a few nights, and then later make up make up seven night room voucher (for example 3 days cannot be used, you can exchange a total of 10 days, 3 days paid in cash)
  • Room voucher expires after one year, you can call customer service to talk extension

Of course, if you want to change the level of free room voucher, you can call customer service:

  • Can make up the required number of points, exchange high level room
  • Reducing the level of room and can return to pay points (the lowest down to Cat 5)

If you are unable to use 7 night room voucher, you can call customer service, will give you points in the back part.But is not a recommended practice because returned too few points, enough for one night.Return points and about your gift to Exchange:

  • Mileage up to back in the gift package: Cat. 1-5 : 10K;Cat. 6 : 25K Cat. 7 : 40K
  • Mileage is at least back in the gift package: Cat. 1-5 : 40K;Cat. 6 : 55K Cat. 7 : 75K

2.3 use of air miles

  • Air miles will appear in your 4-6 weeks in specified aviation account
  • Aviation account name must be identical to Marriott account name and your
  • After the Exchange, get air miles cannot be returned
  • Air mileage expiration and corresponds to the airline provisions, does not need and use free room voucher

3. Exchange analysis

3.1 Exchange formula

Before analyzing the gift exchange form, we take a look at the Marriott points directly from the table:

Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange

Due to the exchange of points when booking four to send a discount, we can calculate the required for the direct-booking seven nights of points every cat or tier points multiplied by 6:

  • cat5-cat9:150k,180k,210k,240k,270k
  • tier 3:300k;tier 5:350k

Then, we take a look at the most common gift exchange form: aviation partners, including AA,Delta, Alaska, Southwest

Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange

Compare Marriott the exchange table you want to see, it is easy to calculate conversion formulas

  • Package need a corresponding grade points = 7 night hotel air points at points +

Point to be more specifically is the package is divided into two parts, used convertible seven-night hotel (actually only pay 6 nights, because points have order 4 get 1 free deal), another 1:1 exchanged for air miles.

The above formula, it is easy to calculate for each table (spree tabular summary) hotel points: the proportion of air miles.Summarized as follows:

  • UA 10% rewards Exchange, exchange ratio of 1:1.1
  • North American and European airlines into 1:1 (including AA,Delta,BA,AC,AS,SW)
  • Singapore Airlines in Asia to 1:0.71 (including ANA, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, etc)

3.2 to be exchange of mileage

First of all you would want to change the mileage you get, no more mileage of no use.I do not propose to Exchange airline in Asia, because less cost-effective, high mileage Exchange fuel tax for airlines in Asia, three mostly Asian flights can be exchange of miles through the United States and Europe.Such as Air China and Ana ANA flights through UA mileage Exchange, Japan Airlines JAL and Cathay Pacific flight AA to Exchange, China Southern Airlines flights can be exchanged through the Delta.

The remaining mileage partners were selected according to your own needs, and general rules are as follows:

  • Sino-US economy: equal to UA mileage (10% Exchange offers easy to + turn + taxes + Exchange, see: UA mileage 1,UA mileage 2)
  • Sino-US business class: redeem AA miles (return + less mileage 10% mileage + taxes low, see: AA mileage 1,AA mileage 2)
  • One way stop between China and over: Exchange AS miles (one way you can stop over, see: AS mileage)
  • United States domestic: Southwest (higher value) or BA (short-range concession details: BA miles)

Of course, if you want to change the Covenant (including Ana, Air China, Asiana Airlines) business first, then 1:0.7 can also be considered equal to ANA Mileage.As ANA 95k/180k only needed to exchange a business first class, needs 160k/240k UA mileage definitely is a rip-off!About ANA Mileage, you can see: ANA Mileage 1,ANA Mileage 2.

3.3 Exchange which is the best rating

Similarly, which depends entirely on Exchange:

  • Where do you want to spend seven nights in?
  • Need accommodation in more advanced or more air miles?
  • How many of you have Marriott points?

Your hotel requirements is not high: If you want to go there for CAT5 at the Marriott Hotel, it is recommended that Exchange Cat1-5+ up air miles in a table.Compared to the first, I think aviation points hotels points of much greater water have a much lower value.Because booking a hotel with cash tend to have a lot of promotion, including discounts, to send a certain amount of points, you can accumulate members level net return, you can go back now and so on.Using points hotels rarely can play tricks.Of course, this is why Marriott points valued at 0.7, airline valuations generally reasons for 1.6 per cent.Therefore, I feel that if I were to change, I'll fill up Marriott points, lowest Exchange Hotel, air miles up a document (270k CAT5+132k/120K package = 7 night air miles).So, let me lower value Marriott points to upgrade into higher-value air miles.

Your hotel requirements are high: not recommended Exchange package, with point Riz-Carlton of the hotel directly on the line.Remember best is five nights, lasts for four to send a discount.

If not sure Hotels: If you are not sure where to go to play, to which level of the hotel.I recommend that you set the lowest hotel's most Exchange air miles.If need to upgrade at that time the hotel, can be addressed by way of buying the points they need to upgrade.

People have different needs, arrangements are different, it is difficult to have a the best exchange for all.Although the points value through Exchange air miles is the best way to get up to.But if you do not have air miles, or with bad air miles, the high value in the eyes of others is no good.

4. credit card

To get package, the fastest way is to rely on credit card rewards and daily consumption.And Marriott points related to credit cards are the following:

Current Ritz-Carlton 140k bonus has expired, becoming more difficult to gather together minimum specifications of the package 200k.But when Exchange package, you can merge two people with points of Exchange.So if you and your family at the same time open the card, optical card reward altogether to get 160k*2=320k, s 270k package is more than enough.

5. Summary

This paper mainly introduces usages of the Marriott gift and exchange of analysis, not the best Exchange, only the most suitable for your Exchange.Next, I will introduce the Marriott points accumulation and Marriott several magical package.So stay tuned:

Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange
Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange
Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange
Package by Marriott (Marriott Travel Packages) Raiders (1): analysis of use and Exchange

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