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Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend $225 $3000 tickets

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Today to talk about bloggers last year ticket exchange experience, can be described as a close call, urgent.Can you get a passport?Buying cheap airline tickets?Can get there before the start of school?Answers here are revealed one by one.


  • Blogger returned Visa check, plus the United States visa database paralysis, and finally at 8.14 (China time) that visa has been adopted, needs to wait for Shanghai United States Embassy issuing.
  • Originally reserved 6.10-7.15 us round-trip ticket or two, return unable to fly.
  • To fly from China to United States in August, one-way tickets are $1500+/people
  • Start dates for 8.18 (United States), you must get

Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend 5 00 tickets


  • Get with us check Passport
  • Treatment was scheduled for two return tickets
  • One way China to buy cheap United States flight two
  • Before school starts to

Cost calculation:

Final cost:

  • 20K SPG points (from the AMEX SPG card to be worth $400)
  • 38K AA mileage (from applying for CITI AA credit card to get, worth $608)
  • Telephone booking $75 (two tickets for AA mileage telephone booking fee)
  • $150 closing an additional booking fee (mileage within 24 hours ticket extra charge)


  • Two Shanghai Pudong to blogger city ticket (value $3000+)

Payment amount:

  • 0 (points are derived from credit card reward) +75+150 (booking fee) =$225


Objective 1: to quickly get a United States visa passport (spending: cousin favors)

  • Visa, 14th after the amended the passports to obtain addresses for Shanghai Tai Fu Plaza (originally mailed home), beauty check issued, can the day get
  • 15th cousins in Shanghai to help Thai wealth CITIC for visas, then in the afternoon before the plane to Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Goal 2: two previously scheduled but unable to fly a return ticket (cost: 0)

  • Call Asiana Airlines, time to return during the Christmas season, just as Christmas home return

Objectives 3 and 4: get to school before the school term begins, buy cheap ticket (cost: $225)

  • Preparation (8.13-8.14)
    • 13th, finishing well ahead of all luggage for two people
    • Query 8.13-8.15 of all mileage tickets (including AA,UA mileage votes)
  • Set mileage tickets (described in detail below)

Final journey:

Because everything happened very suddenly, so described in the timeline.

8.13-8.14 (China)

  • Call the United States visa application centre, that visa has passed
  • Immediately modify the Passport receiving address, wait to receive time

8.15 5:30am-6:00am (China time)

  • Receive mail, passports are eligible for
  • And his wife discussed leaving day
  • Shanghai cousin called, could help collect my passport.Send all the required Passport information.

8.15 6:00am-6:15 am (China time)

  • Query to Shanghai to United States mileage tickets
  • Go online at 8:45 under the ticket to Shanghai ($ 400RMB/person)

8.15 6:15am-7:45 am (China time)

  • First section querying the mileage on the BA website, found Shanghai (PVG)-Japan Haneda (HND)-Hawaii (HNL)-Dallas (DFW)-my city (XXX), each have more than 2 miles.
  • Call the AA customer service, booking mileage.Found fancy tickets and customer service to see the difference, eventually set the Shanghai (PVG)-Japan-Nagoya (NGO)-Hawaii (HNL)-Dallas (DFW)-my city (XXX) mileage ticket, departure time is 8.15 5:40pm.Takes AA mileage 70K (returns 10%,7K) and telephone booking fee of 225.
  • Wife and I pick up what was left of the bag

8.15 7:45am-8:25 am (China time)

  • Dad was drag racing-like speed and savvy driving to the airport in our
  • Fast track to obtain boarding passes, security checks, boarding, flying to Shanghai Pudong

8.15 10:45am-5:00pm (China time)

  • Cousin wait to Pudong airport in passport
  • Eat a good lunch, restaurant was good

8.15 5:40pm (China) -8.16 9:00am (United States)

  • Go three times the plane finally arrived in the destination city
  • To cook instant noodles had a good meal

8.16-8.17 (United States)

  • Adjust the day and get ready for class


Special thanks to:

Experience summary:

  • Benefits of AA mileage
    • Mileage one-way use only half the round-trip mileage is one of the benefits, and pay one way price is much higher than the return half.
    • Mileage ticket have tickets, day tickets and three months later the tickets cost the mileage is the same and money booking tickets is generally 1.5 times, usually on the day prices
    • Mileage is not afraid to turn, how many times were the same mileage.This link small cities in China and United States small towns.Cash book tickets between the small city to small city is particularly expensive.
  • AA mileage tips
    • AA website General search all tickets
    • From BA a check and then call to AA, AA mileage better off booking
    • BA tickets may not like customer service, all subject to customer service
  • AA mileage Gets

Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend 5 00 tickets
Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend 5 00 tickets
Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend 5 00 tickets
Ticket exchange of fire – how to spend 5 00 tickets

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