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Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

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In the United States AA mileage there is plenty of friends, AA website but search Southeast Asian routes can only be found in AA AA official website home, if we want to Exchange my AA miles for other airline tickets, only packed a message for AA customer service ticket.How to find mileage ticket before calling?Today OneMoreDay OneWorld tickets a very effective weapon: Japan Airlines official website.Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

Introduce Japan Airlines (Japan Airlines): JAL is an important member of OneWorld, services to 229 destinations in the world.JAL routes have in greater China: Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei, Kaohsiung.

1. Why use airline tickets?

We all know AA miles for business class between the US and China (55,000 miles one way) and first class (67,500 miles one way) quite cost-effective.AA OneWorld is responsible for Southeast Asian routes where there are two other five-star air Division: Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways.If you want to use both AA mileage mileage tickets, you have to check tickets and then call the AA customer service ticket.Most common way is to go to United Kingdom aviation (BA) website to find mileage.But BA tickets website also has its own shortage of place:

  1. BA can only look to their own flight ticket dates in a month, and eggs, because AA-for-tickets cannot pass between China and Europe.Wants to check Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific, tickets can only be day by day.
  2. You can only check the mileage, if you want to look up to North America Tokyo routes routes to check mileage tickets can only be one.
  3. BA's website the date format and the United States are not the same, in search for dates when modifying the search results will always be wrong.
  4. BA to check inaccurate Cathay Pacific business and first class, sometimes shows more miles than they really.

These shortcomings of BA tickets can be partly solved by airline tickets.Now let me introduce the airline for the ticket process.

2. How to register a member of JAL,

JAL's United States website, this site is against humanity, Home Member log in the upper right corner of the place, but there are no options for registered members!First point in the yellow box in the following figure, "JAL Mileage Bank" to see the registration link:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
Goes in right after the page, click on the yellow box inside the "Enrollment" can be registered:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
Rest is simple, fill in the profile, set the PIN, you can get a membership number.

3. How to search for a JAL flight mileage

Back to Home after login to your account, you will receive the following options, look for JAL international the words of their little yellow boxes in the section:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

Then pick out pages based on area, departure city, accommodation.For example, I'd like to see in Tokyo in July to North America first class, selected "Japan" and "Tokyo", "First", click in the bar of the month "July", and then down in the calendar below and has since seen "North America", click on:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

Blue circles in the figure shows that it has enough votes.For example, we can see the Tokyo to Los Angeles July 17 first class tickets, we went to the BA website to check and found it also can be found at:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
In General, if BA and JAL can be found, then you can use AA, because of all the oneworld alliance (Alliance can see this article are not good).

JAL check their votes compared with BA, has the following advantages:

  1. Calendar, day tickets day tickets at a glance, BA tickets can only look up tickets for a specific day.
  2. Can see what Tokyo have throughout North America.Tickets I haven't seen other tools have this feature.This is my favorite airline.Why?Imagine wants to, you was wants to with AA mileage experience about JAL of first class class, but you live in New York, JAL fly New York of first class class has been are no votes, you see has about found to Chicago has votes, so you on can with 67,500 AA mileage out a Zhang JAL to Chicago of first class tickets, again received a Chicago to New York of AA/US tickets, as long as in Chicago turn time not over 24 hours on not need more pay mileage.And can be played in Chicago for a few days, with 4,500 Avios for flight from Chicago to New York.
  3. One point back, you can modify the query conditions, BA Guan dot back often make mistakes.

Airline tickets also have disadvantages: not in real time, the above calendar is updated only once a day, see flying above 7.15 and 7.18 votes in first class in Chicago, but not available in BA, are likely to be when the last update was made, or it may be put to the Member of JAL, OneMoreDay tend to the former possibility.So after JAL official online ticket, be sure to go BA official website to Double Check it.

III. How to search for a Cathay Pacific mileage

If you want to find OneWorld partners, in the members section of the page, click on the yellow box in the following figure:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

On the page that appears, say I want to find July 13 miles in first class Cathay Pacific HKG-LAX, select in the menu of the aviation Division Cathay Pacific (CX, AA,BA, Qantas, Air France's options), go pick on July 13, HKG-LAX, return LAX-HKG feel free to fill in a date, and then you will find, on July 13, HKG-LAX has a first class ticket:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

BA also found the ticket, this time you can go to AA, also will be able to see and this ticket:

Japan air miles (1)-world check toolBut BA looking at Cathay Pacific tickets have a disadvantage, for example, there may be too many miles, for example, I checked July 15 Chicago fly tickets in Hong Kong, the number of visitors I have filled in 5, does have a business class tickets:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

Nikko check, showing the correct business class mileage votes, is 4:

Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

So how much is too much?According to fly on the tea Gods said, if more than 4 business class ticket on the same flight or first class tickets more than 2 are not accurate.So if you encounter this situation can find the correct quantities to JAL's official website.In short, if you want to use AA miles for Cathay Pacific flights, remember tickets on BA and JAL "double insurance", so AA customer service can look up to see your mileage.


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Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
Japan air miles (1)-world check tool
Japan air miles (1)-world check tool

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