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Interview with God (3)–Eric: high flying bird

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Sometimes we struggle to save play cards, pull those points back, forgetting that true happiness lies not in how much gets free mileage points, but these things can take you far.I have always believed that flew thousands of miles, over a bumpy road, seen the world about all kinds of people, to your eyes more open, but also allow you to know the real you.Today, we are please to be Eric, he is my flight and travel experience one of the most abundant.

About Eric

I original base in Beijing, now base in Colorado, first from Asia of cheap aviation play up, basic put Southeast Asia play has, zhihou because work travel of reasons Europe route more has up, gradually understand has aviation Union and mileage Exchange, has has to had more than 30 multiple national, is some experience, and real of big God than also is Pediatrics, average annual fly 200,000 km around, for States visa situation compared understand, while on States main airlines of international route also has basic of understand.

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

This is part of my flight

1. When did you start flying career?Then what about flying?

Real began contact fly tourist Yu tourism of needs, probably is 2009 before and after, because base in Beijing, annual of leave not more, wants to to near a points of national, then compared popular of also is poor tour network, began browse and collection information, and first times contact to has cheap Aviation of concept, Asia Airlines opened has Tianjin to Kuala Lumpur of route, and because financial crisis, fuel fee rarely, follow Asia Airlines "unique" of big promoting, buy has once 600 Yuan of Tianjin Kuala Lumpur roundtrip, at think incredible, Tourism back zhihou found this not places talk about, and began concern cheap Aviation (because at traditional Aviation of international route is your of mess), base in Beijing of benefits is cheap aviation gradually are to has, including bed and breakfasts fog aviation, Czech star Aviation (later passenger insufficient canceled has) and so on, so buy to has 400 Yuan Yuan Beijing roundtrip Manila, 600 Yuan Yuan Beijing roundtrip new added put, 700 Yuan Beijing roundtrip Viet Nam, 900 Yuan Yuan Beijing roundtrip Phuket, 1000 Yuan from Beijing to Bali cheap tickets and so on, so long weekend just ahead of plan.Purpose and the idea is to travel and the toss.

2. what was your most memorable flight?Can you talk about it in detail?

Most memorable (most toss) of flight is 2011 years once to United States of travel, then check has is long of time, tickets are is your of mess, most cheap of roundtrip seems is more than 7,000 more Yuan, normally said OK, on wants to with how buy to most deal of, so wide net, later found Hong Kong to LAX of air roundtrip as long as more than 4,700 more Yuan, and Beijing transit, mean is back of when can Beijing Xia aircraft, gave up last a, luck good of, last a also can rebate.

On how toss to Hong Kong, I with has 15000 air mileage for has Beijing to Shenzhen of tickets (because to Hong Kong need 28000 mileage, at no so more), to Shenzhen has is at 2 o'clock in the morning, Hong Kong took off of aircraft is morning 8 points, so has 6 hours from Shenzhen Airport toss to Hong Kong Airport, because is morning, all bus are has stopped shipped, at Lo Wu port also shut has, only go 24 hours clearance of Emperor gang port, So at himself arrangements of trip is such of: Shenzhen Airport sat bus to distance Emperor gang port recently of site, taxi to Emperor gang port, sat a small commuter car through Emperor gang port (city + Hong Kong two a border distance is 2-3 km around, really was egg pain), then from Emperor gang port Hong Kong side sat bus to Hong Kong downtown, again sat airport bus to Hong Kong Airport, full toss has 4 hours, 6 points to has Hong Kong Airport, however unfortunately, air aircraft canceled has……

Because we know that Cathay Pacific and Air China are partners, Air China aircraft for Cathay Pacific, tossing an hour out, arrived in Beijing for only 1 hour flight Beijing to LAX, because an international relay, does not need to turn off and toss the luggage, this is the only necessary conditions to ensure that you catch the plane, the last witness caught the plane.Sigh on the plane to save money is not easy … … Young can be so frustrating, not estimated how old.

3. flight you feel now what does it mean for you?

Flight for I first of when of is to horizons, fly with fly with into has more than airlines of gold members zhihou, (actually I has been main fly stars Union, other airlines of gold most is through match of means fly out of), on think flight is pieces somewhat "with I loaded forced with I fly of bright", because himself also has PP card and Dragon card (domestic credit card of welfare), and friends family with travel of when can with many people into VIP, somewhat can't help of small achievements sense.

Later, for a job, after frequently travel around the world, and one way more than 24 hours (including transfer time) often, and sometimes takes 8-9 hours of transit, although they often feel very tired, but when I haven't been to the new place feels full of expectation and longing, also continues to like flying.

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

Part of my senior aviation membership

4. do you think Asian airlines and aviation in Europe and what's the difference?

Asia of traditional Aviation General, to than Europe of good many, outstanding of aviation industry accounted for, more, including Singapore aviation, country Thai aviation, full-time empty, big Han and so on are worth recommended, service good (country Thai of a problem is, has part CC looked down on city people, this is bad, will said Guangdong words of may feel good is), must big most Asia Aviation of VIP room are has hot food, and type rich, than Europe, especially United States of airlines high out hundreds of article Changan Street…Because United States airline meals were horrible death, as well as the United States does not in any way the worst practices of food for domestic flights, really a big gap.

Europe aviation in can number obtained of also are is base European of Turkey and SAS, United States of basic are poor (here just refers to service and meal food), soil airlines really of is good, service and meal food are basic let people satisfaction, 24 hours within turn of free urban tour or free urban hotel seems to is global only copies, because European really of is small, more than cheap aviation fill has European internal flight of part vacancies, cheap of price also completely let people can not consider traditional aviation, like Easy Jet, Ryan and so on.

Asia's relatively good airline Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Ana, Korean and so on are in the corner, while somewhat limited, particularly Cathay Pacific needs to go to Hongkong, Singapore needs to slope County Transit, often for a long time, especially for a man who came from the North, feel the opposite of "effect".

China's three major domestic airlines (Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines) than the United States three major airlines (AA,UA,Delta) is one of the disadvantages is: base-rich, transit connecting most of the time the selectivity is not, of course, China's main aircraft concentrated in East China, sparsely populated area is one of the factors in the West.Second disadvantage is: the flexibility of three domestic airlines and the United States compared to the airline, the gap is huge, especially the reward ticket no travel, speak, even many relays are not allowed, let frequent fliers a lot less fun, as well as with the Union exchanged Grandet (let you change the ticket) and street rat, slinky rhythm.

5. do you think is the greatest pleasure playing regulars and mileage plan?What is the most difficult problem?


Find bonus can play a creative ticket, visit more countries and regions.Prior to 2014, for example with 20,000 UA mileage out of China via Korea to Japan and stay in Guam transit trips in Saipan, you can play cool, now after the devaluation, only 30,000, actually pretty good.Only need to open a joint credit card Chase UA mileage is enough.

Following is a flight path, Beijing-Tokyo (opening), (looking for a cheap air series) Sapporo-Guam (travel)-Saipan (relay)-Seoul (relay)-Beijing (relay in Seoul you can choose within a 24-hour flight back to Beijing, you can play day in Seoul, many flights every day)

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

This is the simulation I just searched, and flights above have different (Beijing-Seoul (relay)-Osaka (open), Sapporo-Tokyo-Guam (relay)-Beijing), but they are pretty much the same, so the taxes of us $ 30,000 + 48.2 miles (worth ever!!!!), Prototype, can be processed within 24 hours, call customer service change, maximize the individual travel time (need to check well in advance, flights do have votes)

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

Fun II:

When senior members of the frequent-flier, the occasional upgrades and special treatment (such as luggage, directly, such as VIP) brings surprise and satisfaction.

The most difficult problem

Maximum of difficulties is out has or for has is complex of votes, if midway once due to any reasons, was canceled, was delays, and out votes company and carrier company exists invalid communication of when is very trouble of a thing, this only often read forum, understand fly friends are has appeared of problem and solution of way, gradually cumulative experience, don't panic always has solution of approach.

Lift a I himself of example, has once from Macau starting to Manila, because no print out return tickets, Philippines Aviation of value machine counter just not to, tickets, and I of return votes on in phone in, has show to counter personnel see also is was said NO, asked ground Macau Airport Hou learned that there both no print shop, also no business center, are urgent have like hot pot Shang Ant of when, see opposite Xiamen Aviation of ticket office was, on came said has good, family help print out, because at has to has value machine of time And it was a close call, laments the world's "bad guys" (such as the Philippines, aviation, (in fact, this is the value they provided), but others will help, the key is not to panic.

6. What attracted you to play United States credit card?Side of the card and the card of China what's different?

United States credit card wool rich, is many people kept "Shen Shenshen" of maximum power, compared Yu China domestic of credit card, United States of credit card frequently 50,000, 100,000 mileage/points of open card award, is too attractive, let people completely couldn't help temptation, was UA,AA,ANA,AC,BA and so on of aviation mileage has compared worth, in China domestic these mileage hard saved up, in United States this was not a problem, credit card open card award, credit card MS returns are is let people play of chappy.

China credit card not exists credit scores this a fatal factors, so often can short time within Xia many of card, the home commercial banks credit card of outside activities often endlessly, ABC last year 10% of outside returned now, make line often appeared of outside 10 times times points, that was don't too good, had with ABC 10% returned now feed bird, cool died has:)))), because card Organization related ban open zhihou, UnionPay himself of boss of location may will by is big of challenge, to keep boss of location, A UnionPay Platinum card benefits is dizzying, including June 2 cup-day mega-event every year, usually 1 Yuan, airport transfer hotel two-for-one, and so on are also very attractive.

Compared to domestic United States normal consumption there is a huge gap, opening gifts there is a huge gap, but a domestic card activities can often sweeping the United States God card.

7. do you have any plans for next credit card application?

Next 140K's offer to chase, such as Ritz, the goal is, of course, Marriott's package:))), no other fundamental demand too much, but really envious Chase INK, damn 5 card policy, so I can't get ink for nearly two years.

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

8. do you have any suggestions for frequent flyer programs, mileage Exchange newbie?

Frequent flyer and clothes, just choose your very own.While also don't assessment pie, for novice, a a to, especially credit card points field UR,MR and Thank You three big system, best don't are Shang, focuses on a, another added on can has, mileage Exchange, first need understand the home airlines of exchange table, stay, and opening policy, fuel fee whether levy, award tickets whether sufficient and so on, second has empty of when can more see Forum, see everyone of actual operation.

9. do you have any site suggestions?

Open, insisted, website unique content is attract flow of important content, except insisted, sometimes fusion commercial Shang of content, may will makes website more can lasting, domestic 2010 before and after appeared of e travel and love cheap two a with quality of website, e travel various returned Lee, insurance sold of in full swing, love cheap is has disappeared missing has, sometimes line Xia activities can condensed more popularity.

Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird
Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird
Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird
Interview with God (3)--Eric: high flying bird

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