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Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points

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Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points Novice school:

Points system getting started

Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points

Points system getting started (3): United States three big credit card point system

OneDayMore is now a fan of mileage points, in fact just to United States when our cash is King, like cash back credit cards, cash back every time I see 1%,2% is sometimes 5% feel excited.However, with the improvement of knowledge, find points credit cards have a higher value.If you use points can use the much better returns than cash back, you travel even more convenient.But a lot of people don't know how to begin to enter the number of the door, thinking very unreal points and miles, rather than returning to direct.OneMoreDay in the United States in recent years from the online learning and practice, there are many points of knowledge, to share with many users.Today, I also write about points system started, so we hope to have a clearer understanding of the points system.

1. A simple point system

Mileage points are not complicated, is printed in its own nature game currency.For chestnut, Starbucks also has its own loyalty program, the corresponding game is the star, and each transaction will be able to get a little star, set with 12 small stars can change any a cup of Starbucks coffee.Note the little stars can only be used at Starbucks, 12 small stars can be exchanged for a 5 knife Cup of coffee, but not to the 5-tool of other store Gift Card.Therefore, this program is a way to retain customers, each transaction has, after all, a star, don't have to get rid of these stars do not waste it, but it will replace these stars will be set with 12, one will not work, so that you continue to consumer desire.

Starbucks's star system is a simple loyalty program.Hotels and airlines have the loyalty program, but you are not stars but points and mileage.On loyalty program is also a part, is the elite system, such as how many times, for example when spending rose gold.This is another topic, we have an opportunity to talk about this topic later.

2. What is the air miles and hotel points

In fact, airline and hotel group's points system is a system is slightly more complicated than the stars game.When you are after the airline and hotel consumption, they in order to retain you as a customer will give you some benefits, these benefits are miles and hotel points.The mileage points and what you can do with it?And the star system, can only be used on the airlines and hotels, not cash or Gift Card.Therefore, if you are not staying in a hotel that doesn't fly, then these points and mileage can be said to be worthless (of course you can sell in the secondary market, but I do not recommend it).

Of course, people who play point mileage, hope is able to change it for yourself or your family to a wonderful journey, and give yourself an opportunity to broaden.When you travel with airfare and hotel points are resolved, you can use the money saved to seek more food and fun, this is the point enhance the quality of tourism.

3. How much mileage points for air tickets?

This depends on each company has its own rules of the game.Air miles, 35,000 UA mileage to change to a one-way return ticket and 60,000 ANA Mileage for round-trip tickets to return home.We'll talk about conversion of BA and AA, Division for each sector and the Exchange is worth to write a blog to detail.

Hotel is much simpler (Hotel Group, after all, just a few), to recommend a good website here: www.awardmapper.com.You just have to enter where you want to go in the right corner, press enter will appear in the place of all hotel chains and how to Exchange, quite convenient.For example, I want to go to Miami, enter the Miami choice "Miami, FL, United States" after all of the hotel's location is displayed and the group, as shown in the figure:

Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points

Column on the right shows the category of hotel and exchange the required score.You can also the small box in the upper-left corner, select their favorite hotels and resorts, it is quite easy to use.

4. Why can't I change a wanted flights

Many students who have accumulated a lot of airline miles, but complain about change not the tickets they want.If students want to use UA mileage for New York straight ticket back to Shanghai in June, only to find no 35,000 one-way direct flight, can be seen in the following figure, found either in Europe turn the corner or turn two or three times in order to return home, is very frustrating.This is the big city to big cities, from the United States to two or three cities in the country are in rural areas miles could not be found.

Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points

Why?This involves the airline mileage rules.Airlines have the right to decide not to put each flight mileage, how much mileage, when miles.If a good flight tickets, the airline certainly hope that all the tickets were sold out and not be replaced, such profits is greatest.Therefore in this case the airline won't release milestone.June is the peak season for China-us routes, mileage cannot be found normal.And yet another is a person who returned in June, many of the students make good use of mileage for early tickets, many monks and little meat, if you start now, you can focus on next year's mileage.

In that case, why did the airline mileage ticket?In addition to being a promotional selling points outside didn't care if there was a reason to waste empty seats.From the airlines ' point of view, full flights and flights of several seats less differences in operating costs are negligible, because the cost of fuel and service costs are the same, but if the ticket out of these seats when the mileage, can digest at very low cost to the consumer era.Therefore, mileage means airlines feeling sold well for this flight.

It is summer vacation is not for change mileage ticket?Not necessarily, if you are flexible and can still, fewer people to return in July, when there is plenty of mileage.Or until June set two week within starting of business class tickets, because this when although economic class sold have good but hotel are most are holiday has, so business and first class sold have does not good, and service more good of company more like in last moments hard released business of mileage votes, like is full-time empty, Lufthansa, long wing, country Thai and so on are like so do, so patience of until June again for maybe will has surprise Oh!

5. Devaluation of the points and what do you mean?

The increase in money supply will lead to currency devaluation, miles and hotel points is also the same reason when sent out more mileage, or promotions have been enough consumer, they change the Exchange standard, that is exchanged for the same flights or hotel rooms, the miles or points you need more.Like previous 12 stars were able to get a cup of coffee, maybe after 15 stars to Exchange.

For example Club Carlson recently canceled a joint credit card holders for one get one free discount, last March UA modify exchange standard, and so on.Point value is trend against devaluation is not the best way, valuable point is useful only when you save enough points, Carpe diem is the basics of play points.

Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points
Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points
Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points
Points system getting started (2): what is the air miles and hotel points

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