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Introduction to airline alliances

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Points system Primer series, we describe what a milestone but there appeared "Star Alliance" "OneWorld" "SkyTeam" and other terms, these so-called Alliance in the end is what?Friends also said airline mileage XX to XX in aviation, then what is it?Today, OneMoreDay to tell simple stories.Introduction to airline alliances

Airline alliance is the product of big hugs.World's first aviation Alliance was established in 1997, Star Alliance (Star Alliance), 1999 OneWorld Alliance (Oneworld) was founded in 2000 and appeared the SkyTeam Alliance (SkyTeam).These alliances can be set up to allow major airlines to share resources, code-sharing to expand business and so on.

Alliance for our mileage players what good is it?In the early times of each airline frequent flyer mileage programs are independent, for example your United Airlines (UA) flight mileage amounted to UA home only, you get only senior members of the UA, UA UA mileage can only Exchange flights home.The emergence of airline alliances to activate various mileage plans, linked to the mileage.We belong to the Star Alliance with UA and Air China (CA), for example, tell us about what these links reflected in:

1. Mileage can be cumulative with each other.You can have today Air China flight UA MileagePlus miles, UA flights allows for the accumulation of Air China PhoenixMiles of Phoenix.

2. Mileage can exchange with each other.You can change with the UA mileage award ticket on Air China, Air China mileage can also be used to change the UA's award ticket.

3. Premium members can recognize each other.If you are a Gold member of the UA, Air China flight baggage can check a piece of luggage, also available in business class Checkin counter, you can go to Air China lounge, there are eligible for priority boarding, checked luggage will get priority, if you accumulate are UA mileage.And vice versa.

4. Checked baggage can be linked directly to the finish line.What is this mean?For example, I booked flights from New York to Frankfurt by UA, same day turn Air China to Beijing, as shown in the following figure:

Introduction to airline alliances

This Division of two flights from various airlines to fly, due to UA and belong to the Star Alliance air, you do not need to take luggage out of Frankfurt to check, you can Checkin of New York asked for checked luggage to be taken out again in Beijing.PS: there are exceptions, into the United States or China first had to re-open the baggage check, both before and after flights is not a Union.

I don't think the first two points in the above four points are the most basic and most important, because it makes our mileage accumulation and Exchange has a lot of freedom.Here we give you three examples:

Example one

If you bought a $ 800 UA return tickets, routes are EWR-SFO-PVG, so if you plot to UA's own words, how many UA mileage do you get?Today due to the accumulation of UA standard is based on the fare, if you are not the elite members of the UA, you can only get 800*5=4000miles UA mileage.However, if you choose to belong to the Star Alliance mileage Singapore Airlines (SQ), due to mileage SQ is based on flight distance, while all UA paid tickets accumulated SQ is 100%, so you can get up to when I was a trip to and from 17432miles SQ miles!

SQ miles of what use is it?Belong to the Star Alliance as SQ and UA, you can exchange UA flight SQ miles.For chestnut, if you'd like to Exchange United States UA roundtrip domestic tickets, for example, to redeem round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to Boston, then you only need 25000miles SQ miles to Exchange, meaning that if you sit a half round trip you can build up a United States domestic round-trip ticket!!If you select the accumulate UA, you come back 6 times only the cumulative 24000miles, even a trip to United States domestic round trips are not.So you can see results from different mileage plan is very different.


Second example

I bought a Los Angeles AA ticket to Hong Kong, via Dallas, I can select accumulated AA mileage, you can also choose to belong to the OneWorld's Cathay Pacific mileage accumulation (Asia Miles) and cumulative number of mileage is the same, it is 18716miles.So which one should I choose then?If you wants to took mileage to Exchange Home tickets words, such as you wants to exchange country Thai of Los Angeles Hong Kong direct of roundtrip economic class, so you need 70,000 AA mileage or is 60,000 of country Thai mileage, not consider fuel additional fee words select Asia Miles compared province mileage, after all you by needed of mileage compared less, and Asia Miles of turned points partners compared more, MR and TYP are can turned.

But if you want to change the same airline Cathay Pacific business class, you need to Cathay Pacific mileage of 110,000 or 120,000 AA mileage, if you need 135,000 is first class AA mileage, but Cathay Pacific mileage as high as 180,000!So you want to comfortably enjoy the Cathay Pacific business class, AA mileage accumulation is a wise choice.


Example three

UA I hand over 60,000 miles (credit card opening accumulation of cards and the usual consumption), my parents wanted to go to Japan travel, but from the Mainland to Japan and no UA flights, UA mileage can I give parents another ticket?Answer is Yes, you can change are all Nippon Airways and Air China flights of Star Alliance, for example, you can change the following flights:

Introduction to airline alliances

Just 60,000 UA mileage and $ 78, you can buy two tickets for direct flights from Hangzhou to Tokyo, and then flew to Osaka from Hokkaido Sapporo, directly in Osaka three days later went back to Hangzhou air tickets exchange of detailed tutorials here, route is shown in the following figure:

Introduction to airline alliances

Tokyo to Sapporo transportation how to solve it?Of course you can take the new route all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, or you can still use miles for tickets:

Option one: still use the UA mileage, UA mileage of 10,000 can change two Zhang Yutian-Sapporo flights:

Introduction to airline alliances

Scenario two: Tokyo to Sapporo can also try Japan Airlines (Japan Airlines) and JAL belong to the OneWorld, you can belong to the OneWorld United Kingdom air miles (Avios) to Exchange (United Kingdom air miles in Exchange we will tell in detail in a future article), just two tickets 9000Avios+$4 and time:

Introduction to airline alliances


When we consider the mileage accumulation and exchange of "Union", specifically in the above four points the first two points: Union Member, mileage can be cumulative with each other, have to be exchanged.Aware of these two points will be able to take full advantage of the alliances give us convenience.


Key members of the Star Alliance: United Airlines (UA), Air China (CA), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Asiana Airlines (OZ), all Nippon Airways (ANA), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Canada Aviation (AC), Eva air (BR), Lufthansa (LH), Thailand air (TG), Turkey Airlines (TK) and so on.

OneWorld members: United States airlines (AA), US Airways (US), United Kingdom Airlines (BA), Cathay Pacific (CX), Japan Airlines (JL), Malaysia Airlines (MH), Qantas (QF), Qatar Airlines (QR).

Key members of the SkyTeam Alliance: Delta Air lines (DL), France Aviation (AF), China Eastern Airlines (MU), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Xiamen Airlines (MF), China Airlines (CI), Korean Air (KE), Russia Airlines (SU).

Introduction to airline alliances
Introduction to airline alliances
Introduction to airline alliances
Introduction to airline alliances

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