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Starting from zero understanding credit card

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Starting from zero understanding credit card

This article lists several benefits of credit card

1. Shopping cash back/rebates

Most of the United States credit card credit card cash back feature, received from the Bank while you're shopping a little reward.Don't underestimate this 1%-5% cash back but is also very impressive.Also, brush or domestic debit card card, you lose these rebates.Here are some examples of cash back:

  • Any consumer 1% cash back
  • Supermarket 5% cash back
  • All online 5% cash back
  • Gas station consumer 5% cash back

A month assuming supermarket $500, come on $100, online $200, other consumption of 500 total available


In fact you are just normal consumption, thereby earning $45 dollars via credit card, should we go out for a good meal to celebrate?

Rebates, credit card could send tens of thousands of which point 1W for a United States domestic round-trip ticket, with 3.5W points, for a one-way ticket between China and.You should not accept it?

2. Shopping and payment

For ordinary Americans, the shop first, and then wait to be paid payments are just one of those things.So, when you're strapped, shopping with a credit card, can make the shopping amount off until next month, equal to the Bank to pay you for you to enjoy.Why not?

  • For example you give your country people purchase things, international mailing time often a month or so.Payment with a credit card can be a good opportunity to provide a cushion of funds.Is equal to the Bank you borrowed interest-free money to do business.

3. Credit card protection

Fraudulent protection: maybe you heard, domestic credit card is fraudulent, banks and businesses to try.Customers had to spend a lot of time to communicate, canceled the fraudulent credit card accounts.So far as the more mature North American credit card market, all banks will assume responsibility for all fraudulent.Yes, card holder when you determine this is not my authorized transactions (commonly known as fraudulent), banks will judge the cardholder is not responsible.All subsequent investigation are borne by the Bank.You just took the Bank sends you a new credit card to continue to spend money.

  • Once my credit card was stolen in target painter $900, after phone calls and Bank one, they immediately mailed a new credit card, cancellation of the deal.Don't worry about me

Purchase protection: got introduced does not meet the business online shopping businesses to delay sending out refunds, buy the stuff was stolen within days, what should I do?The answer is that if you use a credit card, all coordinated by the credit card companies and merchants, will give you a satisfactory answer

  • Once in the GroupOn purchase oil card number, merchant is not shipped.And credit card companies to make a phone call, they immediately investigate and later canceled the deal.
  • Students use credit cards to buy phones, stolen in the Mall, reporting documents to the credit card company, credit card company phone expenses refunded.

Sounds weird, but this is the protection offered by credit card companies to give shoppers so that we have more confidence.This will brush their cards, they will be able to make credit card charges.Such a virtuous circle, the interests of consumers are protected.

4. Improve your credit score

Apply for credit cards and payments on time, you can improve your credit score.In the United States under such a system of credit first, will get a lot of benefit and convenience.

  • Higher credit lines, interest rates are low
  • Port Dickson more good cards by rate

Interest rate of the loan 1%, but can save a lot of money, so it is very necessary to apply for a credit card to establish credit as soon as possible

5. -Additional services

Some credit cards will provide unique services to cardholders, for example are as follows

  • Free checked pieces of luggage for domestic flights, priority boarding
  • Free airport VIP lounge
  • Broke free towing service
  • Help hot restaurant
  • Hotel free upgrade suite

Sounds like something only a local can enjoy, you may choose the appropriate credit card, all I had!

Conclusion: see here, you may want to, well, there's a credit card really is a good thing ~

Starting from zero understanding credit card
Starting from zero understanding credit card
Starting from zero understanding credit card
Starting from zero understanding credit card

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