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Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

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Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

Mileage Delta (Skymiles), known as the "ghost money in the air," or "Skypeso", refers to its mileage is not worth much, mileage required to Exchange many domestic flights can also be swapped out hundreds of thousands of miles of "super price".However, as Wu SkyTeam (about airline alliances can see my book Introduction to airline alliances) bosses, Delta miles or can change a lot of flights, many can be exchanged over the Internet.And Delta mileage Exchange official website is simple to use, can be used as SkyTeam ticket inspector tool.And SkyTeam Alliance known as the China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen airlines, China Airlines and Korean Air,

Member of Delta Air lines registered address: https://www.Delta.com/profile/enrolllanding.action

Point source

  • Flight cumulative: every time I see the cumulative table of SkyTeam partners feel the "black Alliance" deeply hostile.Founding fellow SkyTeam Member Korean Air flights accumulated a large DL is 0%, where the southern downs.Most iron in greater China partner China Eastern Airlines (MU) is good, China Eastern Airlines, you may try the accumulated Delta (update: but to find their own accommodation and go to wheretocredit.com to check the cumulative proportion to shop around).Delta accumulate their own miles and fares and Member levels linked:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlightsIf you are a Delta flight in economy class return, does not recommend the accumulated delta mileage, better mileage accumulated was accumulated to Alaska.

Basic rules

Delta mileage conversion can be one way, but not there.

Sino-American line

DL mileage exchange line between China and can only be described as quite satisfactory, Delta mileage and no open exchange table, but basically one-way saver tickets in economy class between China and 35K, business-class 70K (after October 1 for a one-way business class up to 80K).There is lot of Eastern, and China Southern and Korean have Blackout dates (we will drop below).

Highlights: us-Australia line

One way business in North America to Australia as long as 80K (after October 1 for a one-way business class up to 95K), and you can change to a nice Virgin Australia business class (though he's basically last minute).

Point two: China domestic routes

Short one-way economy class 6K/business 7K5 within the city, such as Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou-this is a short-distance routes such as:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

Here are some trick, these short-distance tickets is starting a and end point b is only a short distance, where to turn for a to b is the price, so no one stops you at a distance c airport and, of course, no one is stopping you c airport when "don't know how to go the airport's flight" …But the trick is not to abuse as well.

Highlight three: limit Exchange benefits

Delta mileage Exchange in general United States domestic one-way economy class 12.5K, but Delta every now and then some of United States domestic promotion, for example, now has one official link here.The following are some of the Exchange:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

You can see some of the flights to and from rival BA Exchange before the devaluation, from Los Angeles to Seattle's 11K round trip is worthwhile, from Los Angeles to Miami one way 10K is also great.Specific time, which is as follows:

  • The night Exchange date: June 7.
  • Time: August 23 to November 16.
  • Cannot be exchanged for time: September 1-September 8.Certain special line have any Blackout Dates.
  • At least 21 days in advance exchange.

Of course, as the Ukrainian Union boss, terms are just bluffing, that departure time would be nice, not too serious, or not you see the departure date, in early August can be:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

Tank: Web site cannot combine flights (Married Segments)

If search simple point-to-point trip line.But to squeeze mileage fare like the OneMoreDay website value is how people might only suffice for my search results.But up beauty of system is not like has creative of people, like UA of system and AA of system has a advantages, is sometimes you directly found A-C of tickets didn't appeared in b to turn of option, but if you separate found A-B and B-C of mileage votes are can found to words, as long as A-B-C of joint drive votes meet UA or AA of mileage votes rules, on can with multiple destination or call customer service out votes.But Delta section of the site system does not allow searches to spell out a one-way ticket (this is commonly known as the Married Segments), call customer service, depends on the level of customer service, meet a willing to help you find the hospitality suit tickets get married out.To cite an example, JFK-TPE China Airlines direct flight and TPE-PVG China Airlines direct flights can be found on the same day, but search JFK-PVG can't find a China Airlines flight.

Groove II: some partner airlines ' mileage of the Division for Blackout Date

Refers to the Exchange DL mileage southern and Korean Air have a date cannot be exchanged.In China and the date 2016 convertible on the line include:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

And each flight only to DL a Korean business mileage and two economic mileage tickets, so we wanted to get Korean flight, you may try the Korean miles to Exchange detail can read my book Korean Air mileage (1) – Hawaiian artifacts, Trina top best Exchange.

Groove III: fuel tax (YQ/YR)

SkyTeam mileage YQ fuel duty is the biggest problem of the aviation Division, Delta mileage in it is more honest, the following flights have not received YQ:

  • DL and Alaska Airlines North America flights;
  • China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Airlines, Xiamen airlines and China domestic ticket;
  • Mexico airline flights, Korean Air flights to Virgin Australia (Virgin Austrilia) flights, China Airlines (China Airlines) flight (China Airlines, many other blogs are written with YQ, but measured does not accept OneMoreDay YQ);
  • DL and its partners in the US and Europe flights (but DL and partners in Europe and America will accept YQ).

Exchange of China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines both tickets are expensive YQ, however us-HKG law can be used to reduce the YQ, as shown in the following example, Shanghai, New York nonstop YQ is required $200+:

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

If the end point is set in Hong Kong, in Shanghai under the machine, then the YQ less than $120 (10+-hour stay is a good reason to take luggage out):

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights
Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights
Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights
Introduction to Delta miles (1)-mileage Exchange highlights

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