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Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights

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Since last year, Alaska Airlines (AS) and Hainan Airlines (HU) as partners begin, each point players are concerned about AS Hainan Airlines flight mileage exchange standards.Today's standard came out, no more to say, look at the pictures:Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights

It can be seen that Exchange one-way business-class flights between China and as long as 50K, AA mileage after the devaluation, which can be considered mainstream Sino-US business one way mileage exchange best buy (UA,AA and DL are 70K one-way, ANA round trip, 95K).But attention to exchange one way will have a $100-$200 HNA YQ, or fuel surcharges.Surprising is that Cathay Pacific flights require telephone exchange and exchange differences Exchange air miles tickets can be completed in AS the official website directly!Link exchange is available here: AS mileage ticket exchange

Hainan Airlines of China and include the following: Beijing-Seattle/Boston/Chicago/San Jose, Changsha-Los Angeles-Shanghai-Boston/Seattle.

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights


Hainan Airlines for four consecutive years among the SKYTRAX star airlines, itself in the domestic air services is one of the best in the Division.HNA benefited from strong coverage in the country, this cooperation also enables AS mileage to Exchange United States mileage ticket to two or three cities in China.HNA Seattle and San Jose destinations is the traditional HUB of Alaska Airlines, so you can seamlessly receive Alaska Airlines domestic flights to many United States two or three cities in the country, which stands for North American students is large Gospel Ah!Hainan Airlines Boeing 787 full lie flat business class (photo: civil aviation resource net):

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights


We reviewed the before the Exchange instance Alaska Airlines mileage (2) – mileage redemption is mentioned in the mileage exchange rules: you can exchange pure air flights can also exchange HNA +AS mix of flights, but not other AS partners of the HNA +AA Exchange or flights.Exchange rules are the biggest attractions, Intercontinental Exchange flight can have a stop!(If you stay and openings are not familiar with, then you can look at this major airline mileage travel and opening policy)

We have said in the previous article on how to take advantages of one way travel free to let students return to add a ticket in Asia.But can take advantage of the only friends of the Pearl River Delta, now can be exchanged after the Hainan Airlines, benefit extends to the cities of the country.First of all, we can look at a simple example:

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights


From Seattle to Beijing by Hainan Airlines A330 lie flat business class accomplishment after a while, and then went to Chengdu, 50K +$184 YQ AS miles, and only Seattle-Beijing business mileage cost is the same, since free for some domestic flights, why not use domestic travel?

If your base is not at home in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and other direct flights to United States cities don't have to worry about, this stays as well as in other cities.For example, XI ' an, this ticket is United States-Sianga sent examples of Xian-China:

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights


Back in the XI ' an accomplishment, and then proceed to go to Shenzhen or Hong Kong.Return or you can use the same method from XI ' an, Shenzhen/Hong Kong to rest would fly back to the United States.Full use of mileage AS travel can make your return journey more interesting.

AS and HNA can mix and match tickets, can also add a stay, do readers see the following tickets where to stay?

Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights

Which free tickets are to other Asian countries, but AS the official website did not find a ticket to other Asian countries, intra Asia examples are limited to Taiwan.It may be the first docking bug that appears, there may be blocks domestic Hainan Airlines mileage ticket to other Asian countries, OneMoreDay will pay attention to this information, continuously updated.

Because Exchange until today, so the tickets are relatively plentiful, found two or three business class transatlantic flights is not difficult.Forecast over time, transatlantic business class mileage tickets will become more and more rare, summer holiday return tickets to Exchange friends it is time to start.

Source of mileage

AS miles had four main sources:

  1. Every year on sale 40% bonus, cheapest is 2 cents each mileage, given the high value of mileage AS the price was acceptable.
  2.  Converting SPG points into AS miles, turning-point ratio is 20K SPG=25K AS mileage, "has expired" AMEX SPG card now has unprecedented card reward 35K SPG points, only needs $3000 can get the card three months.3/30 globe, in other words, today is the last day and missed the next time just do not know when I can have 35K award.Get the card after spending $5000 get 40K SPG points, could be transferred to the 50K AS miles, enough for one-way return ticket.
  3. Marriott gift transfer point, detailed introduction can be read ymlulu Marriott Gift Guide (1) Marriott Gift Guide (2), work package, the fastest way is to rely on credit card rewards and daily consumption.And Marriott points related to credit cards are the following:
  4. BOA Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card: this card best card offer is now 25K +100 knife AS mileage.This article tells how to get the best offer for this card, first AS the official website booking, enter passenger information, before you enter your credit card information in the page to see this offer.Recommends short credit history and low credit score of Shen Lu.

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Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights
Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights
Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights
Alaska air miles (3)-s Hainan Airlines flights

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