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Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

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Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

In the last article we introduced AS the accumulation of mileage advantage, today we'll talk about AS the mileage advantage of Exchange.Talking before we take a look at the body AS mileage are the kind of sources, in addition to flying cumulative hotel and car rental cumulative build-up of these types of the most common methods, there is also a source of credit card, major credit card, including the following two:

If you need worry AS mileage, in fact, go to the official website-buy Bonus is also a good choice, August 7, go to the official website to buy 40,000 sent to 14,000 AS mileage Bonus, equivalent to 2.19CPM (cent per mile), the ticket is good for Cathay's return home.Buy a link here:



AS Exchange what advantage?


1. Generous travel policy

AS some partner airlines can not only Exchange Division of one-way tickets, and one-way tickets can have a stay (on arrival and open could see the introduction of this article), is one of the most generous in the Division for all major airlines.For example, United States aviation AA AS a partner, AS return flights can be used to change AA mileage, form is as follows:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

One way economy class 35K, business 55K, Prime 67.5K, visible, and AA standard and there is no big difference, but AS allowing one-way travel (United States domestic ticket can only change AS flights stay for AA and Delta flights are not stopped, the Asian State ticket should not be there), what is this mean?To cite an example:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange


Above in this ticket, we are using 35K AS mileage, swap out a flight stopped in Dallas for more than a month, of course, you can choose not to stay in the city.Used to stay on so that we have a higher degree of flexibility.


2. AS Cathay Pacific, the Exchange has a lot of bright

AS miles for Cathay Pacific's form on the part of the Exchange is as follows:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

In the picture, we can see that exchange between China and the one-way economy class as long as 30K, business class as long as 50K, both worth than the AA miles for Cathay Pacific!First class is 70K, and AA mileage requirements.If you are in Guangdong or Hong Kong, a stay after landing in Hong Kong means you, go home and rest for a while, then leave for a tourist destination in Asia, for example, to Tokyo, or a holiday to Bali, and such a one way ticket is 30K done (on an SPG card can).Return to do?Also similar treatment.Following the trip, mileage these days have economy class tickets, is available on 60K AS mileage to get:

  1. 7.28 LAX-HKG from Los Angeles to Hong Kong
  2. 8.14 HKG-NRT rest for a period of time, from Hong Kong to Tokyo
  3. 8.31 ICN-HKG playing all the way from Tokyo to Seoul, and then back to Hong Kong
  4. 9.14 the HKG-LAX rest enough, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles

Now HNA joined, in Beijing, Shanghai students can play this!HNA we play all over Asia!

AS mileage, can also reduce the AA the impacts of the sudden increase in China and a roundtrip mileage required (devaluation of the AA without prior notice of case precedent).

Table also has a Intra-Asia option, one way exchange value of 12.5K/22.5K/27.5K is also very good, but this ticket within the continent, was not there.So where does the Asia include?As far as OneMoreDay know, across East Asia, Southeast Asia, and to the West, is Asia, Sri Lanka, India and Maldives are divided to the Africa/India/Middle East, to Exchange Forms can be seen here in this region.The biggest bright spot is that this part of the table:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

Found bright spots yet?North America to Africa/India/Middle East of Cathay one way in first class is 70K, to Asia and North America are the same, that is to say, if you fly first class, above one way travel gameplay lets you do not need to spend miles will be able to play all the way to Africa!For example, you might like the following illustration so fly, stay in Hong Kong for a period of time after flying to South Africa in Johannesburg, as long as 70K AS the mileage:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

In addition, North America to Australia, New Zealand, Cathay Pacific first class cabin as long as 80K, this price spike UA and AA, Exchange, let alone have the advantages of one way travel.Hainan Airlines come in?Hey, you know.

European business in Hong Kong and from 85K, in the US after miles into AA, this is the best deal in Asia and Europe to and from Exchange.


3. AS mileage for U.A.E. air A380 first class!

If you don't want to waste this life experience most local first class with air shower, AS miles is the best choice.Exchange tables are as follows:

Award Level
Award Level
FirstBetween North America and Europe100,000200,000
FirstBetween North America and India or Middle East90,000180,000
FirstBetween North America and Asia100,000200,000

This, if you want to take the A380 first class to play in Dubai, remember to add a mileage 10000 AS directly on Dubai homes continues to take the A380 first class home:)

"2016.3.31" Alaska Airlines secretly modified the Exchange without warning U.A.E. air tables, China and the first class price 80%!New table as follows:

Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

Unexpected depreciation tables in OneMoreDay seems to be the kind of practices condemned in the wall crack!But AS miles in other areas (including returning change) is very scrupulous, and even more so especially after the open air exchange.

Several notable places:

  1. A ticket exchange, flights can only occur with a partner.In other words, you can redeem Cathay Pacific's Los Angeles-Hong Kong-Shanghai, mixed can redeem Cathay Pacific and Alaska Airlines ticket, but cannot be redeemed for AA and Delta mix or mix of AA and Cathay Pacific tickets (which can use AA mileage to be).
  2. Cathay Pacific flight ticket must call, not online.


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Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange
Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange
Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange
Alaska air miles (2) – mileage Exchange

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