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Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

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Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulationWanted to send one more of several other airlines mileage introduction to introduce today's Alaska Airlines (Alaska Airlines, referred to AS), because Alaska's popularity is not high, too few partners.However, the event happened just yesterday, Alaska Airlines and Hainan Airlines became partners!This also means that the only one of the four major domestic airline by Skytrax Star Airlines flights to United States Airlines mileage to change.Not only that, air Alaska, returning students can accumulate air miles.OneMoreDay to introduce today Alaska Airlines mileage plan.

1. How to register a member of the Alaska Airlines:

To AS accumulated mileage, you must first be a member AS, after entering the AS website, click on lower right corner of the "SIGN IN", and then in the drop-down menu, select "Don't have an account?", fill in the personal data can be registered members.

2. What air can accumulate AS the mileage:

And the United States different from the other three airlines, and Alaska Airlines are not part of any Alliance, but global cooperation and SkyTeam's bosses have.Here is Alaska airline partners:

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulationFrom figure in the can see, and AS has a leg cooperation relationship of not only has world a of AA, British airlines, Chile Aviation (LAN), country taihe o airlines, also has days collection Union of up beauty, Mexico aviation, Air France load airlines and big Han aviation, also has not belongs to any a Union of U.A.E. Aviation (ball airlines), Fiji aviation and recently added came in of Hainan aviation.In other words, if you sit above any of the airlines ' flights have to accumulate Alaska Airlines mileage (cumulative percentage depending on the class), whereas you take the Alaska Airlines flights to accumulate more airline miles.

Partner airlines (which is more than 13) cumulative Alaska Airlines flight mileage standards on this page, you can click on the logo to see all air Division, it is worth noting that Delta Air lines.Accumulated delta AS criteria are as follows:

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

As we all know, Delta Air lines at the beginning of this year adopted a new means of accumulating frequent flier miles, the Delta flight you get mileage and your fare will be linked to.If you choose the cheapest return tickets accumulated AS it would have been more cost-effective.To cite an example, below is a return ticket for Thanksgiving this year:

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

If this ticket to accumulation of beauty, according to Delta's cumulative criteria, if you're not a Delta elite, you will only get a 920*5=4600 Delta miles.But if you choose to accumulate AS much, we can see that the space is v, so the accumulation of mileage is half the distance, that is, 7648miles.From the mileage accumulated AS 66% more than the accumulated delta miles!Mention the mileage value itself AS higher than Delta's.

If you belong to any cheap fly family, OneMoreDay, AS a very suitable for your choice, United States territory of AA and Delta, home of Cathay Pacific, Korean and even air can accumulate mileage AS the ball, so I don't have to worry about mileage too disperse well.

3. Hainan Airlines flights today much AS mileage?

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

HNA has now also put into service very good, certainly more convenient homesick students.HNA accumulated AS of the latest standards are as follows:

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

And Oh, before October 31, HNA AS accumulated mileage can be doubled!This offer in this register, please don't forget:

Earn Double Miles on Hainan Airlines

For example, the following is this ticket:

Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

If you choose to AS accumulated mileage, you can get the 6737+1166*2.5=9652 miles AS mileage.Plus double the reward, you will get the 19304 AS mileage!This like HNA home friends is good news, miles also has a good place.HNA "was rumors" to into world a has is years has, but has been are no what actually of progress, OneMoreDay think, due to and country Thai in Hong Kong has interests conflict, HNA short-term within into world a of possibilities little, AS mileage can as a seat bridge, let you can sat HNA of aircraft, cumulative AS of mileage, last for to country Thai or big Han of flights.

Next article we will speak about AS telling AS the Exchange, AS accumulated already have such advantages, yet still not AS mileage Exchange highlights so much, what have been the highlights of it worthy of our attention?Can refer to:

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Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation
Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation
Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation
Alaska Airlines mileage (1)-mileage accumulation

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