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"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

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Since the AMEX and BOA after the introduction of the offer, Citi is also not to be outdone, launched Citi Smart Savings on this project.So far, though, not all Citi credit cards have this offer, but I believe this year's card should appear inside the additional options to save money.

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

0. Update column

  • "2016.4.15" Starbucks 10% cash back offer, but $3, which is $30 to $3.If Starbucks card through online, combined with recent Microsoft Earn By Miscrosoft project (Starbucks 10% online cash back), equivalent to $30 flowers, $3+$3+ credit card cash back.Many cards have this offer is equivalent to more than 80 percent of Starbucks gift card.

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

1. Introduction to Citi Smart Savings

And AMEX OFFER,BOA DEALS, like CITI Smart Savings and credit cards provide additional benefits.In your account after you add this offer, use corresponds to the Citi credit card, you can activate this offer.Offer provide additional cash back reward of 5%-15%, need is money for nothing, because the offer cash back credit cards itself independent of cash back, and cash back the back of the net.More useful are: Sears 10% back now, Starbucks 20% cash back, cash back Office Max/Depot 10%.

Gain access to Citi Smart Savings Card:

If you have a Citi card, but can't see the Citi Smart Savings in the account, indicating your card are not subject.At present I am only two relatively long history of Citi Cards the Smart Savings.

2. How do I find and add Smart Saving

Don't know why Citi Tibet so deep in this money-saving move, always hard to find.General Smart Savings there are two entry ways.

2.1 account Home Offers

  • Login to your Citi Internet banking accounts Home Hou, dragged to the bottom, to find this view more offers

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

  • In, select the credit card you want to see.Smart Savings now in the testing stages, is not available on each card, so look at each card again to try.

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

  • Points Available inside can see your Smart Savings currently available:

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

  • Click Add Offer, you can use.You can find in the list of added every offer that adds.

2.2 deep mining links

Sometimes Home bewildered no more offer options that make people very mad.At this time, you need to click the Card Benefit, and Offers For You looking for in the quick links on the page (bottom left), or can be found at the following menu at the bottom of the page OFFERS FOR YOU (bottom right)

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

Inside, according to method 2.1 adds a view on the line.

3.Citi characteristics of Smart Savings

We just saw BOA Deals will certainly feel Smart Savings interface familiar, I venture to speculate that the two operations are outsourced to the same company.Therefore, the attribute type is also almost

3.1 types of Smart Savings

Smart Savings there are several types, such as:

  • In the xxx business consumer get the XX% back now, until you reach the $XX (possibly a online,instore difference)
  • In the xxx business consumer get the XX% back now, can only be used once, top gets $XX (online,instore difference is possible)

If the CAP is only limited, more comfortable to use unlimited number of times.The deal can only be used once to be careful, don't brush over and over.Deal wrote online only or in store only, we pay special attention to when in use.Recommended after adding a good offer, look at consumption requirements, limits on cash back, cover businesses, and much more.In General, you will see Savings offer from available immediately after the credit card processing.

3.2 other characteristics of a Smart Savings

  • Every Citi Cards there are Smart Savings, whether or not in the same account
  • Offer to after processing, generally pay out in a month or so, and the billing cycle
  • Get Cashback on directly to your credit card account, as a statement credit
  • If you want to get cashback, simply last checkout using the Citi credit card line
  • Card for different people Offer different and now can't find what
  • Secondary card does not have its own independent Offer

4. How to use Citi Smart Savings

The Smart Savings for the time being there is no particularly exciting offer and can make a lot of money, currently more useful deal I've ever seen is as follows:

  • Starbucks Starbucks 20% cash back, up to $4
  • Hilton Hotels booking 10% cash back up to get $50
  • Auto Zone 5% cash back
  • Sears 10% back up to get $35
  • Office Max/Depot 10% cash back up to get $10

First few for those who demand is still pretty good, after all, 10%/20% the additional return is now separate from the back of the credit card itself is now back and is now the back of the net.Gift Card for skilled people, Sears and Office Max/Depot store sells a large number of third-party gift cards, such as AMAZON, VISA GIFT CARD,Ebay and so on.We in these businesses to buy gift cards, can also activate this Offer, equivalent to 90 percent bought gift cards.You see this amount of cash back, you should know what I bought.

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

Similar methods, please see:

Want to use Citi Smart Savings shopping online by the way, remember not to from the Citi Web site to the merchant, select their favorite cash back shopping network, use the Citi card that corresponds to the check out line.

5. Summary

Citi Smart Saving Hot Deal was the main reason the amount is relatively small, businesses are popular, introduced not long, not all of us have.But grab a few useful business Deals can still play.You may wish to check the accounts what kind of deal, may have just what you need.

"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide
"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide
"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide
"Starbucks 10%" Citi Smart Savings Guide

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