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United States fill out checks and use guide

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In the United States, rent, tuition, giving friends pay back the money may be used to check (check).Then check the how to fill out, and how should I use it?Today to talk about the United States check the basics.

United States fill out checks and use guide

1. the United States check profile

In the United States, personal checks are often associated with personal checking account or checking account.You can write a check to anybody giving money, the other side you can cash a check (cash check) as a way to get the money, of course, money is deducted from your checking account.Check a wide range of applications, small supermarket payment deal to buy used cars, you can trade by giving each other a check.

Frequent checks are:

  • Personal Check: account holder write to cash deducted from their accounts when funds
  • Certified Check: Bank writes, deducted from your account when the cash funds
  • Cashier Check: Bank writes, cash deducted from bank accounts when funds

The latter two are generally large amount transactions between individuals, or allow the Bank to prove that you have enough funds in your account.When I was buying a used car, is Bank certified check to the other party.First personal checks is the most common and used, this paper focuses on the use of personal checks and filled out.

2. How to write personal checks

Need to be filled out a personal check for common places is as follows:

United States fill out checks and use guide

  • Date: enter the date you wrote the cheque
  • Other names: If you write personal checks, write each other's names.If you give a unit (such as schools) to write each other's names
  • The amount of (digital): fill the Arabic numerals on the line, such as 100.51
  • The amount to be paid: from the horizontal line written in English at the beginning, format: $1 above some words written in English, then add a horizontal line, continue to write $1 the following parts as a percentage.As 100.51 wrote: One hundred and–51/100.If there is no $1 the following section, lines have been drawn to Dollars
  • Memo: write any arbitrary, is generally written on the cover of reason, to each other or their copies (copies, if any)
  • Signature: sign your name, needs, and this check, as heads of the associated checking account name

Here is a picture of the completed checks

United States fill out checks and use guide

Below do not need to fill in the two sets of figures is your checking account number and routing number

3. How to cash a check

When someone gives you a check after you cash this check as soon as possible, because the cheque has a certain validity.Common check-cashing method is as follows:

  • Deposited into your account: you can go to a bank deposit, Bank ATM deposit, or use the mobile APP photo credited to your bank account
  • Business cash: cash at Walmart you can check directly (requires authentication)

And before the cheques must be the thing to do is check back sign (endorse), and "endorsement".Is in need of attention, preferably in cash when needed only to sign your name.There are three general kinds of signatures:

United States fill out checks and use guide

  • Direct signature: the most common form of signature, you should take before you check or redeem at Walmart, signed his name on the line directly to the
  • Special signature is generally used to transfer to someone else check this check also known as third-party checks.First signed the "Pay to the order of" and the names of the other party, then sign your name.
  • Limiting signatures: sometimes you want deposited cheques mailed to certain institutions, you can write "For deposit only to xxx" and signed his name.In this way, even if the cheque is lost, people who picked up the cheque cannot be fulfilled.

Members can deposit checks using the first signature.If there is a check is mailed to parents or other relatives, and you want to deposit your account, in accordance with the rules of special signature can sign into your account.However, such third-party checks and some credit unions may not accept, because there are likely to be empty promises.

4. How to get a check

In General, after you in some banks to open a checking account, the Bank will take the initiative to send you a limited number of free checking.For example, Disocver and BOA checking account will give some checks.Some banks will not give, Chase checking account, for example, does not.If you do not check or free checking has been used up, you can pay a fee to the appropriate bank, buy some checks.Of course, can also be purchased on-line at GM's cheque book, at the time of purchase and fill in your checking account number and routing number (which will be printed on the check).Online you can also buy your own custom background and color of the checkbook, for example checks.com.

United States fill out checks and use guide

Regardless of which way to get the check, you have to to be confirmed before account number and routing number are correct, avoid cheque.Fill out the check and cashed in all styles are the same.

5. Summary

Despite the electronic settlement and transfer money online (Chase quick pay,PayPal) more and more developed, personal checks are a very important means of transfer payments.Understanding is still necessary.

United States fill out checks and use guide
United States fill out checks and use guide
United States fill out checks and use guide
United States fill out checks and use guide

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