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"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money

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Speaking of Ebay, everyone will be familiar.I came to United States, also find something on it.However, eBay has now completely into my money-saving and money-making tools.Of course, I am not called "doctor" in selling some cheap buy things to make money.I play on Ebay gift card (gift card), although due to various constraints, money will not be too large, but as far as return on investment, sometimes as high as 20%.Moreover, essentially without going out, have a deal when the click of a mouse, the money will earn.To share with you some on Ebay today to save money and the knowledge to make money.

"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money

0. Update column

  • "2016.3.17": good news!Ebay gift cards now used as part of, and the eBay account bound (formerly PayPal).But eBay removed a 180-day restriction on 5000.Other businesses (target,Newegg) buy gift cards can be used directly, eliminating the need to wait 4 hours to activate.

1. How to save money on eBay?

1.1 Introduction

The advantage of Ebay and Taobao, is multi-faceted, many things can be bought.If you need to shop on eBay, good for you, reading this article, you can use the Ebay gift card and cash back network, saving around 10%.However, eBay's biggest drawback is that most of the sellers are private sellers, therefore quality problem would be difficult to ensure.So, many people are turning to Amazon and some other department store online shop, you can get better service and after-sales guarantees, thereby giving up eBay.

1.2 the gift card on eBay

If you are not shopping at eBay, this article can also teach you how to save money.It is critical that, selling many other merchant gift cards on eBay.So, you are not directly on eBay to buy what you need, but by eBay as a bridge, discounted merchant gift cards to buy you need.Take a simple example: not directly selling on Ebay you need gas, but he sells a lot of fuel cards can be used at the gas stations you need.Below are listed some place where you can save money:

  • Sometimes on Ebay will give these cards additional discount (5–10%),
  • And when purchasing oil card, you can use the discount to get eBay gift card (5%)
  • In eBay and you can return back to get on Internet (3%)
  • Oil card in some gas station count cash, you can get additional discounts (1%)

Count down, you saved by eBay so that when you come on 9%-14%, rather than using those who advocate good cheer can be much better 3%-5% cash back credit card.Selling on eBay not just oil card, including:

  • Supermarket: Target
  • Office: Staples
  • Toy mother: Toy r Us/Baby r Us
  • Department Store: Kohls, JCpenny
  • Electronics: Bestbuy
  • Seller: CVS/Wallgreen
  • Eating restaurants: Subway,Dominos
  • View the eBay Gift kaliebiao: the official website

Moreover, many of these gift cards are cards that have the electronic version, without shipping and same day (within 1 hour) delivery.So, if you need the Internet to buy, why not first look on eBay there sell gift cards you need, and then use this article to save money.

1.3 security issues

Some people will say, if you want to gift cards, why eBay?Not a lot of selling second-hand gift card site?Of course, these second-hand gift card sites are also good, such as Raise also provide some protection for buyers.However, there are several special sellers on eBay who are eBay certified, and itself is selling gift cards.So, naturally, without any second-hand gift cards are cheating and vulnerable to theft problem.Several major vendors are:

Moreover, the after-sales service is good, if the wrong purchasing gift cards, can be addressed through the eBay message, or call directly to their phone.

2. How to save money

Save money on eBay has the following four parts:

  • EBay gift cards at a discount to cover (5%-20%)
  • Buy a discounted merchant gift cards (5%-15%)
  • EBay bucks program (back to 2%-10%)
  • Through the network of cash back shopping at eBay (back to product)

Among them, the top three sellers for other merchant gift cards have no regular discounts, this part is only waiting for an opportunity.Mainly we can control money lies in the other three.Integrated eBay gift cards at a discount, eBay bucks, cash back network, we can reach 8%-32% cash back if hit need merchant gift cards at a discount, we can even get up to 47%off.

2.1 Introduction to Ebay gift card

Ebay gift card gift cards and other businesses, can be used to pay for shopping on eBay.However, is in need of attention, eBay gift card use has the following limitations:

  • Must use Paypal for payment, you can use eBay gift card
  • Using part of the eBay eBay account and gift card binding, shopping next time, lose or unused code can continue to be used, but is no longer available for other PayPal accounts
  • Shopping can only use up to 8 eBay gift card
  • Paypal_digital_gifts electronic eBay gift cards purchased on eBay takes 1 day to activate, and used eBay gift cards without having to wait for other businesses, you can directly use

Although, eBay gift cards have restrictions, but there is one of the biggest benefits: eBay gift cards can pay for all consumption on eBay, including the purchase of other merchant gift card, you can even purchase a new eBay gift card.So, if we can get a big discount for eBay gift card, you can let a large sum of money in the eBay consumer.

2.2 How to eBay to buy discounted gift cards

Usually access to eBay gift cards at a discount there are several:

EBay sellers sell on eBay at a discount gift card existing eBay gift card can also be used to pay, this is the roll we call eBay gift cards.Categories conversion is essentially using a supermarket/office supplies, 5% and returned or 5x rebate credit cards to purchase eBay gift card, better if this store have Amex offer, then use a AMEX card payment can also trigger Amex offer, so probably you can get 20%off's eBay gift card.

First two methods either require time to deal or Amex offer to obtain a discount, or other businesses to buy in the supermarket and need to go out and can't get out.But a very important point is that eBay gift card needs at least 2-3 hours to be activated, on eBay this time enough for some special gift card deal to the fire.So, if I do not have eBay gift card, and soon purchased a good deal when, on my first option is to Raise the purchase eBay gift card.

On the Raise, eBay gift card common 2%-5% discount.If you raise the old user, you can also use promo code:raise1 to get extra 1%off.If you raise an account, you can register below and view:

  • Raise the registration link (refer links with our registration, send $5 rewards)
  • Use promo code:RAISE75AF can get $5 off

And if you raise the purchase amount less than $1000, you can also purchase eBay gift card cash back network, when you purchase gift cards at a discount, can also get cash back, if you don't have the following cash back network, consider registering a:

2.3 eBay bucks program

If you have a eBay account, but have not registered he launched eBay bucks, really lost.To register:

To register, but because other than this 2%, eBay is often more important to specific Promotion made by the user, the most common one is 2x-5x eBay bucks rewards.In other words, you're shopping on eBay, during the event, you can get the 4%-10% eBay bucks back.If you would like to receive this promotion, please take account of this point in check (Account Setting-Communication Preference-Promotions and Surveys):

"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money

EBay bucks has the following characteristics:

  • Each quarter Cap $500, 1,4,7,10 month issued earlier this month, needs to be released after one month runs out
  • Gets if the quarter is less than $5, and automatically void and cannot be accumulated to the next quarter
  • Purchase eBay gift cards sold giftcardmall,paypal_digital_gifts cannot get the eBucks (there are other categories including cars, coins etc)
  • Each person can only have one account eBay bucks
  • EBay bucks after release, can only be used in your own eBay cannot be transferred to others
  • Use PayPal-eBay eBay bucks gift card $5000 lines

2.4 with the eBay cash back network

To me, coupled with eBay Topcashback is the best cash back network (TCB), this site offers 1%-1.25% cash back.Very important point is that if other cash back network above his cash back, he can still give you the difference.General eBay shopping in 1-2 days after the order is shipped, you can track.

While TCB pointed out that under the terms of purchase eBay gift cards cannot get cash back, but there are still fish, sometimes luck also can get.

3. How to make money

Says a lot by eBay as a bridge above, ways to save money in other businesses.And some people will ask, if I were in the business and there is no need to do?In fact, the merchant gift card can also be used a gift card Exchange Web site to sell and earn money.The key question is whether you can through the above methods, to buy discounted merchant gift card large enough.If you buy less than the price of selling second-hand gift card price, then make money is properly completed.

Also, buy gift cards on eBay to sell or have the advantage that, three gift cards to sell gift cards, so as long as you do not, then this card is not stolen, sold to others at ease.I don't recommend you buy second-hand gift cards to sell to the other used gift cards to buy Web sites so that a greater risk.

For selling real cards, I tend to go to sell cardpool.Cardpool offers free USPS mail, and many other sites need to pay postage.If you don't have cardpool account, you can register below:

For electronic gift cards, I usually choose saveya.com because his price to the entities, and electronic gift cards are the same.Other gift card Web site often to offer electronic gift card price discount.

4. Specific examples

Here I give a few eBay gift cards save money and lucrative examples, although activities may be out of date, but the basic steps are the same.We can look into the steps, then when a deal can quickly get started.


"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money
"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money
"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money
"Updating eBay gift card rules" Ebay Guide to save money and make money

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