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2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

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2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)In part exchange, we introduce some basic new ANA Mileage mileage Exchange, such as how to contain openings and round-trip travel.ANA Mileage Exchange Central America round trip is still very good, not only requires less mileage, there are generous two openings and a stay.Today we continue to investigate ANA Mileage Exchange see surprises can bring to us.


Tip 7. ANA get out of tickets online can call out?

Avid reader test site for exchanged tickets are sold out tickets over the phone, including ANA home.ANA Mileage service can see the tickets and ticket UA,AC check out different (mentioned in the article on UA and AC not the mileage is measured cannot be booked, prudence OneMoreDay to a part of the content).

To this, my advice is: first tickets went to ANA's official website, if the ideal mileage tickets out there (this is the most convenient option).If not, with the UA and AC check engine (on the UA ticket inspectors can look at this article), if the two were able to get tickets, notes can be set, call ANA book.On the first date and airport to see what ANA customer service given mileage options, and you find a different things still YMMV, we may be able to surprise:).And customer service about the heart can also relieve the phone ticket fee (online).

Tip 8. ANA Mileage roundtrip mileage within send a ticket?

Because of the generous ANA travel policy, and therefore can be Free as UA mileage Oneway, which sent a return air ticket plus a one-way ticket:
2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

Above example is Chicago to Shanghai and back add a one-way ticket in Chicago to Anchorage to watch the Aurora:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

But as far as here, Mexico may also, but not to Hawaii, for Shanghai to Hawaii round trip mileage required is 55,000, from Shanghai to Chicago round trip mileage is 60,000.ANA provides a turn not to "high position" of the city, Shanghai and Hawaii cannot transfer from Chicago, resulting in high mileage.

What about watching the Aurora returned to Chicago from ANC?Free Oneway can also be placed in the first paragraph, you can pick up and down for a round trip, for example, we can out to the flight:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

So it can be added from the ANC after returning to Chicago for a round trip ticket to Europe next spring (also with an opening at the end).

Two tickets together is more than a return to the round + round + trip to Alaska to Europe, and total of 60,000+55,000=115,000 miles and $150 per cent of tax money.Than people who use Free Oneway saved 30,000 miles.

If you exchange with UA mileage compared to UA flights, UA Free Oneway two tickets, required mileage and handling are:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

Total of about 130,000 UA miles+$150 of the tax money.If you do not use Free Oneway, three separate round-trip booking you need to 70,000+25,000+60,000= 155,000 UA miles+$150! This is another coalition partner mileage tickets more affordable examples.

If you don't want to go to Europe in the spring, Mexico Cancun would be a good choice:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

UA mileage Exchange and readers can compare.

Tip 9. ANA Mileage ticket fuel surcharges?

About fuel costs, measured on Southeast Asian routes Air Canada, Air China, UA had no fuel charge (YQ).So if you want to avoid fuel costs as far as possible selected to fly the three.

Tip 10. ANA changed their flight what are the standards?

Before we say are standards for Star Alliance partners, for ANA their flights, we have another set of standards.OneMoreDay Central America round trip, for example, is divided into l (low), r (Regular), h (High) three criteria.

Beauty day-LRH dates are: day in 2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)the LRH dates are: Sino-America2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)n Exchange to and from dates of LRH standards are:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)Two round trip in Japan there is a stay, if from Japan departure or arrival is not there.Onward or return can have a maximum of two Japan territory of transit.

If you all are in one of the files is to use the file exchange standards.For example if your ticket is as follows:

  1. January 10 PVG-NRT
  2. January 20, NRT-LAX
  3. April 15, LAX-NRT-PVG

These all belong to the l date the date, so the mileage is required 45,000 miles in economy class, business class, 80,000 miles, 165,000 miles in first class.Much than for Star Alliance flights, but not online, be sure to call set.OneMoreDay, economy and business class, this is the way China and the round-trip mileage minimum required!

If you go to the range and return dates are not part of the same document, for example, your ticket is like this:

  1. January 10 PVG-NRT
  2. January 20, NRT-LAX
  3. March 15, LAX-NRT-PVG

Can see the trip belong to the l, but return in r, pure will be 45,000/2+55,000/2 =50,000 miles in economy class, other accommodation, whichever is average.

Tip 11. ANA universal ticket?

If you miss the old Exchange tables you can play multi stays in a ticket journey, ANA also provides another way to Exchange mileage tickets: universal vote.Regarding universal tickets to see the corresponding introduction of ANA's official website.Universal charging method and ANA old table exactly, according to flight distance, and apart from the starting point can have 8 to stay (in Japan up to four stays in the territory, up to three travel within Europe):

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

But if you want to and before 22,000 miles to the total distance less than 4,000 miles of United States domestic short distance jumping tour, you will be disappointed.And the old table is different, use the universal ticket you so global, as has the following limitations:

  1. Either to the East or to the West, cannot turn back.
  2. Have to cross the Atlantic and Pacific.
  3. Must go back to the original state.

(In fact, I'm curious about is, if you want to span two oceans, it also lists the total distance of 0-11,000 miles in Exchange for what?You want to know the latitude of 60 degrees north latitude and length there are 12,500 miles.)

What does this table?First, the Tip of the introduction of the first ANA Mileage convertible 5 we see if tickets are sold on the site, roundtrip cannot pass between China and Europe.If you want to return to the time way to go to Europe or somewhere else where, you can only select Global Exchange.For example, you can fly:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)


Total flight distance is 16937 miles, falls in the range 14,001-18,000, so mileage is 65,000 miles in economy class, business class, 105,000 miles.In other words, you only need to pay 5,000 miles in economy class or business class paid 10,000 miles will be able to stop in several places (in the above example we stayed in Paris, Munich, Vienna, Istanbul and Seoul).

So if you want to play a few more places, over so many documents, which one is the most cost-effective?As we look at business-class exchange trips, fly in economy class, after all, universal is still very tired, if lie flying around can be avoided physical play better.We compare price, more cost-effective approach is to use the miles needed to fly business class/fly a maximum distance (M/D).Here are our results:

11,001 - 14,000
14,001 - 18,000
18,001 - 20,000
20,001 - 22,000
22,001 - 25,000
25,001 - 29,000
29,001 - 34,000
34,001 - 39,000
39,001 - 44,000
44,001 - 50,000

As can be seen, the sweet spot of price falls to 20,001-22,000 and 34,001-39,000 of two regions.For example, we can offer this mini global ticket:

2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)Which Bangalore (BLR) just turn, can stay and play of place including Vancouver, Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok, Maldives, Istanbul, Athens and Warsaw, total distance is 21,583 miles, fell in has 20,001-22,000 this interval, so full business class of words only need ANA Mileage 125,000 miles, across Ocean paragraph I selected has jiahang (not received fuel) and Poland aviation LOT (low fuel), So the total fuel surcharge does not exceed $1,000.Such a universal ticket must call the ANA, websites are not.The total distance is much closer to 22,000 cap, so it is quite a good deal.

We can and Air Canada and Delta mileage mileage comparison, is likewise turning point partners in MR, 125,000 Delta miles and Air Canada mileage is not enough to pay for a round-trip business-class ticket between China and, let alone this mini globe ticket across three continents.

If you want to join the Oceania, Africa and South America to implement real world flight, then you can try the flight distance of 34,001-39,000 miles of route, try, sure you can plan a more exciting travel plans!


If you would like to receive ANA Mileage, because ANA is the turning point of MR or SPG partners, so you can come from these two points into ANA Mileage for air tickets.

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2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)
2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)
2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)
2015 new ANA Mileage Exchange (2)

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