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Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience

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A credit card in addition to the card rewards and the usual benefits provided at the time, in fact, there are some hidden surplus value, Retention Offer is one of a kind.You at checkpoints don't forget to drain the last residual values of capitalism.Today, based on my recent experience to summarize the Retention of skills and experience.

Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience

1. Brief introduction of Retention of credit card Offer

In General, when you want to level, credit card companies in a variety of ways to keep you continue to use this card.The most common way is to give you some credit card additional benefits, which is why we often say that the Retention Offer.Retention Offer there are many types, such as:

  • Give you a lower annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Give you a no annual fee
  • Your Statement Credit as a reward
  • Provide some xxx, xxx points rewards
  • Certain categories of multiple rebates cash back

Each bank for the Retention Offer different for each card is different.And come across bad customer service, they try to find are not willing to give you.However, each bank has a dedicated Department responsible for Customer Retention Offer, they can see the Offer will be much better than ordinary customer service can give.Specific details on the Retention Offer, please look at:

2. I get the Offer

Recently my wife and I had many cards charge annual fees, so called one by one asked some Retention Offer, here's my choice Offer

So many phone calls, can also have some data to analyze for you Retention Offer the experience, several sections will be combined with the following example.

3. Tips: credit cards

Customer service usually does not report any retention offer, and you will be a few words, such as you read the credit card benefits, talk about the new features.If you act very rude and very hungry, hard to Offer direct, may be in a bad mood does not give you the customer service.What I'm suggesting is that, to be reasonable.When I called Citi and Barclays to ask Retention, will AA Card Citi and Barclays Aviator made a comparison.

When I am calling Citi asks AA card retention:

  • Customer service: this card is good, you can enjoy free checked luggage, priority boarding, and recently canceled a foreign currency conversion fee!
  • Me: I know these benefits, I think the level is the main reason I have Barclays Aviator, it's benefits, and this exact same, also have free baggage and priority boarding, foreign currency conversion fee there is!Low annual fee just $89 than this.And he often sends me some spending the bonus offer, can you help me see if there are any similar consumer bonus offer you?
  • Customer service: I understand, I check for you, you

Finally, to offer a no annual fee, which is consumer $95, to $95 last year for free.When I called Barclays asked, it was also mentioned that the advantages of a Citi AA, such as my annual fee was waived this year.Barclays is also not to be outdone, removed my Aviator's annual fee.

This method is also applicable to communication and General customer service, they were after your analysis that you do have a point, will take the initiative to help you refer to the offer or go to the retention Department.

4. Skills II: complain about shortcomings

Sometimes, you intend to level because the card does not meet your expectations, and you certainly don't want to pay an annual fee to continue to hold.So, when I called complained of shortcomings, customer service will understand you and give you offer.Here is what I call AMEX EveryDay Preferred dialogue:

  • Me: so strange, I'm at Wal-Mart, target the consumer how to get 4.5 times the integral?This card is not in the supermarket do you have 3*1.5 return?
  • Customer service: target discount store is not the supermarket, Walmart is not, you go to doesn't seem to be.Say you went to the supermarket to buy something?
  • I was buying food, of course, I often go to two supermarkets to buy food, get 4.5 times double integral so sad
  • Customer service: Sorry, the card is so classified, we have no idea, but look at you on the card for such a long time, I give you a check to compensate you.
  • Me: OK
  • Customer service: I tried next, Membership Rewards of up to 8000 can compensate you, what do you think?

Of course, I certainly would not refuse.This method is suitable for AMEX of this good customer service and permission, General customer service can give you offer does not require a transfer to a special department responsible for retention.

5. Skills: asking more than one

We usually have several a bank credit card, if you want to give each card to a retention, and General customer service every moment, a nonsense.In fact, after the transfer you to the departments responsible for retention, you asked out after the first card is way on the second card is there any similar offer.So, asked more than one card at once saves time, customer service and your familiar will be patient to you refer to the Offer, which is the best.When I recently called, AMEX and Citi is a a to help you check.

  • Customer service: I have to help you enroll this offer, term is …Omitted here hundreds of words …Do you have any problems?
  • Me: thank you very much, my favorite bonus offer.Yes, I have other Citi card, can you help me see if there are any similar offer you?
  • Customer service: of course, the card number you quote me, I look it up for you
  • ……
  • Me: thank you very much, this offer I would like to.You then take a look at the other Citi card
  • Customer service: no problem

So, I call on all the cards I checked again.Of course, some cards offer, some cards do not have, ask is also good.

6. Tip four: a straightforward

The telephone system itself has the option to cancel card, your calls go directly to cancel card, it will automatically be forwarded to relevant departments, no nonsense and General customer service.Recent AMEX call I ask AMEX Platinum and AMEX Premier Gold Rewards offer, when, it says directly in the automated telephone system to cancel the card and automatically transferred to the corresponding customer consulting departments.For the professional sector, nor do I much nonsense:

  • Me: Hi, I'm going to cancel this card, is there any retention offer that I continue to hold this card?
  • Professional service: wait a second, I'll give you.You have the following offer 1,2,3 …
  • Me: well, I would like to offer 1

The entire process in less than five minutes, just got the retention, save time and effort.

But remember, that Citi is not used, since it is possible to automatically transfer cancel your credit cards without artificial support.

7. Tip five: Offer

Sometimes, the customer service will give you more than one retention offer gives you choices, then you'd better choose according to their realities and needs.If you have to complete to get the Offer requirements, must have good incentives as generous as possible.For example, here is what I received when calling Citi credit card AT&T the offer:

  • A: six months of consumption $3000 additional $100 statement credit
  • B: six months of consumption $3000 additional 10K Thankyou Points
  • C: consumer $1000, 5k Thankyou Points
  • D: each time the consumer gets an additional 1 TYP, highest gets 50k

First of all, this card is very common cards, online consumer 3x TYP is the God cards.So, easy $3000 six months of consumption.So if I can complete the requirements of AB, not c.D is just a 1TYP, and I should be consuming less than 50k so much, do not toss.Between a and b, I prefer TYP because points to 1.6 times the value purchased AA ticket or into other air miles tickets, 10K TYP change would be greater than the value of $100.So I chose b.

8. Summary

Retention of credit card offer is our right, mastering these techniques will get you more for less.But it is not recommended to offer bonus level immediately after they receive, this may affect the relationship with the Bank, from the long is not worth it.


Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience
Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience
Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience
Credit card Retention Offer skills and experience

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