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"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

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Airline reimbursement is AMEX is AMEX Platinum (reimbursement of $200) and Premier Rewards Gold (expense $100) two cards with additional benefits.But for us, if you want long term holders of cards, with a good air expenses equivalent to the annual fee Platinum equivalent down to $250, gold down to $95.If you just intend to short-term holders of cards a year, you can all be obtained from Platinum and gold claims twice, equivalent to open card rewards added $400 and $200!This article will teach you how to get the AMEX airline reimbursements.

"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

1. What is the AMEX airline reimbursement

AMEX airline reimbursement is each year (calendar year) specific AMEX card holder, selected after an airline, aviation-related fees to pay (incident fee), you can get the AMEX offers a certain amount of reimbursement (statement credit).At present, air claims personal AMEX card there are the following two:

2. Steps to get reimbursed

2.1 Select the airlines

Both gold and Platinum, just got my card user preferences to select the airline wants to claim.After you select a good, next year if you want to replace, you no longer have to choose.If you want to replace, and can be changed when January 1, 2.Here are links to selected airlines, click on login you can choose:

  • AMEX Platinum Series selected links: official links
  • AMEX Premier Rewards Gold: official links

You can select airlines has the following:

  • Alaska
  • American
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United

Need to be aware of is that you must first choose an airline, then the corresponding air consumption in order to obtain reimbursement.Generally speaking, if you already got an airline partial reimbursement (less than 200), is not from another airline.But if you choose the wrong airline or not to obtain reimbursement for that year, is you can change company telephone or Online Chat.

2.2 in the above specified air consumption (official version)

Not all air meet claims AMEX official definition of expenses to its consumption in the following categories:

  • Change the ticket fee (Change fees on paid tickets)
  • Selected seats (the Seat assignment fees)
  • Telephone booking fee (Phone reservation fees)
  • Airport lounges-related costs (Airline Lounge day passes and annual memberships)
  • Baggage (Checked baggage fees)
  • Buy food on a plane, movie (in-flight refreshments)

Official definition does not meet the reimbursement of expenditure in the following categories:

  • Air travel (Airline tickets)
  • Mileage fee (Award Ticket Fee)
  • Airline gift cards (Airline Gift Card)
  • Buy miles transfer miles (Mileage points purchases or mileage points transfer fees)
  • Upgrade (Upgrade fee)
  • Inflight duty free shopping (Duty Free Purchase)

2.3 Getting reimbursed

After the corresponding air consumption, consumption amount usually received within 7 working days after the POST claims, claims of Platinum $200 effect as shown in Figure:

"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

If used in more expense categories, and has not received a reimbursement in 2-4 weeks, behind the clock telephone customer service solution.

3. Get reimbursement of skill (unofficial version)

If you really need to be spending so much money in the air, then used official expense categories that are defined above claims to be the most secure.However, if you're not so much demand for reimbursement, what about how to get all the claims?General domestic and foreign users and summarizes some of the unofficial method to obtain reimbursement from AMEX.Of course, flawed mainly because AMEX is the shopping code by air classification to automatically categorize your spending, so you buy something clearly not included in the official list, is also likely to receive reimbursement, which effect is the same for Platinum and gold cards.If you want to take a private method to obtain reimbursement, two things are important to remember:

  • Do not call AMEX to ask related unofficial means is not reimbursed, or when their claims received
  • Private methods may be unstable, could claim continued attention to this article, please update

3.1 use MileagePlus x

In the previous article "detailed MileagePlus x", we introduced the use of this APP.Shopping in this APP also count as reimbursable by AMEX consumer.So, it is very easy for us to achieve the purpose of the reimbursement of air through the APP.Here are the basic steps, and if you don't know this APP, you can see detailed MileagePlus x

  • Choose UA as reimbursement of airline (linked above)
  • Download MileagePlus x phone/Tablet the shopping software
  • Added to the software your AMEX Platinum or gold
  • Use this APP to buy the gift cards you need (Amazon,Staples,Seas,Sephora,Gap)
  • Waits 2-4 week (generally within 1 week will suffice), you will see AMEX reimbursement

AMEX Platinum reimbursement limit is $200, you can buy the gift cards you want, or buy a $200, can obtain reimbursement, gold is the same.Reimbursement after the pictures are as follows

  • "Updated January 2016," Although the MPX, but details write the airline fee, they are able to trigger claims (Platinum)

"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

  • "Updated January 2016" Likewise, card and was reimbursed for

"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

3.2 purchase airline gift card

Airlines, though clear in official list of AMEX gift cards will not be reimbursed, however, since it is a system to automatically identify, if AMEX does not correctly identify that you are buying a gift card or airline fees, then you still can get reimbursed.Now you can purchase a gift card for the reimbursement of airline:

  • UA Gift Gift Registry (official link): equivalent to create a Gift you give yourself, then use white gold/gold filled money.This money can be used to pay the UA website after tickets.GC buy UA may not trigger reimbursement mechanism of attention!
  • AA Gift Card (Flyertalk building)
  • Delta Gift Card (Flyertalk building)

3.3 opening twice within the first anniversary of reimbursement

As the AMEX airline reimbursement is calculated on a calendar year (January-December, that adds a calendar year), will be reimbursed once each year.So, if you are in a year (in March) approved the AMEX Gold/Platinum, you can be reimbursed immediately, access $200/$100.Later, before March 2, you can also claim it again, won the $200/$100, get the air after claims, you can select the level.So, when you open the card rewards, get an additional $400/$200, thought AMEX is so kind yet?

4. Matters needing attention

  • If you use the official reimbursement method is not received within the allotted time, then consult your AMEX customer service, if you are using an unofficial way, please wait, believe his character, is concerned about the major forum blog has the latest news.
  • Choose unofficial ways to get reimbursement, depending on what you have in these places of consumption, if you're always Amazon, Sephora shopping, use the MPX is the most convenient, and purchase gift cards at the same time, but also gets a certain number of UA
  • Unofficial may change at any time, before deciding which way to take concern the article updates or major forum blog

"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills
"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills
"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills
"2016.1 update" AMEX airlines claim profile and skills

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