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For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

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For novice (1): how to choose your first credit cardWhen you get your SSN (Social Security Number), you get a gorgeous card keys to the Kingdom.Compared with Debit cards, credit cards have two advantages: first, the business credit cards to improve your credit rating (what credit is, we're going to say), II, swiping a credit card to get discounts, cash back or a variety of points, these points can bring you a lot of convenience.About the benefits of using credit cards more, ymlulu wrote a very good article-recognizing credit card from scratch.creditcardrunner.wordpress.com

Credit cards get number what can I do with it?The simplest way is to directly cash, so that the most flexible and the most effective.Slightly complex points of is into aviation mileage or hotel points, its power in zhiqian of blog in the we also introduced has iceberg a angle (UA points using 1,ANA points using), also has many many of knowledge waiting for with we to mining, in this aspects has too more can said of, play of good of words not only can for you save a large money, also can greatly improve you of travel quality.Which is the most convenient source of points credit cards, especially their card rewards, often tens of thousands of tens of thousands of you, get a one-way return ticket is not a problem. uscreditcards101.com

However, all popular credit cards (such as the Chase Sapphire, Citi Premier/Prestige,Amex Premier Gold Rewards,Amex SPG, etc) are not suitable as a novice you.Like play blame game, as if a big Boss, is the win will have a big benefit, but in most cases you will be battered into slag.So start small to do on-the-job training, level up can play strong, you have can still slap the mobs you can try to blame, the last step by step way to the Boss. uscreditcards101.com

Credit cards inside the Kingdom, your level is your credit rating, the credit is not only credit, also includes your credit history, payment, all credit card overdrafts, and so on. Credit not only higher Shen "God card" are easy, more of when you apply for a car loan mortgage help you get a very low interest rate.To clarify a misunderstanding here, many people are only concerned about credit, credit is the most critical point.In fact, credit alone is useless, a lot of people have a very high credit score, but not into good loans because of credit history is not long, United States does not believe that the credit rating of the company.Therefore, I recommend that beginners get the SSN to apply for a credit card, so your credit history can start early, to later apply for mortgages and car loans.You know, mortgage rates a 1% gap but thousands of or tens of thousands of dollars.

Then returned to the leveling blame someone on the problem.Credit card how to do level in the Kingdom?As well as other games, from small start up, then the mobs are suitable for beginners to which credit card applications?In detail before the mobs are, we take a look at a credit card suitable for beginners playing conditions are satisfied:

  1. No annual fee: no annual fee means that you will not level because of the annual fee and credit in the calculation of average age of credit accounted for a large proportion (about 20%).Remember, don't turn off your first credit card, as this will lower your average age of credit.
  2. Application: when your credit history is a blank application sent tens of thousands of good card is not realistic, the banks from taking large risks to give you such a good offer, rejected not only affect mood or cause increased Hard Pull your credit report does not look good.So want to put positive attitude, Shen first card's motivation is not to get higher rewards, but to your credit.In this case into is very good results, even when the Credit Limit of the card only hundreds of beginning of your credit history.
  3. Daily consumption of high return: what do students usually consume up to?Eating, shopping, come on, sometimes online shopping.If in these categories have over 1% cash back on, so add up can save a lot of money.

Well, I love introducing people to the following mobs:

(1)Chase Freedom® Card

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

If you have a Chase checking, it is easy to Port Dickson, not doesn't matter (I did not chase checking).Ymlulu has written an excellent article introducing the card, and you can see.Major highlights of the different categories of 5% back a quarter (1500 knives the upper limit), the following is returning this year are:

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

Can be seen in the first quarter (Q1) 5% cash back categories include cinema, Grocery and Starbucks, if you often go to a greengrocer in the quarter to buy enough Gift Card for a year, then you can throughout this year in his home 5%.The same approach can also be used at Starbucks, hotel in Q2, Q3 gasoline stations, and Q4 Amazon, in short, is to eat, come on, buy food, shopping covers the four basic categories are suitable for student party started a credit card.But need a certain amount of credit history, best credit history apply for one year.There is now spending over 500 free card 125 knife (opening of $ 100, plus a second card and 25 knives) offer, you can click on the following link to apply:

Chase Freedom application links

Hidden skills: Freedom of cash back in the form UR point back to you and UR points system points can use our Primer series.If you have high credit to Deuteronomy Chase Sapphire card, so Freedom for your accumulated points can go into UA mileage, how to use UA mileage to read this introduction.

(2)Discover it® Card:

And Freedom similar to the quarterly are also different types of 5% cash back as a selling point.Ymlulu introduction to this card, we find that this is his first credit card, surely he is also crazy for this card:) cash back categories for this year are as follows:

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

       Cheer Q1, Q2 food, Amazon of Q3, Q4 net purchases (which is not limited to Amazon, all online shopping can be, Oh, it is Black Friday fixture card), we also know how to use the above Freedom.And credit history requirements are not high, get the SSN to apply for is not a problem!Get of returned now except can money zhiwai also can for Gift Card, such as with 20 knife of returned now on can for to 25 knife of Staples Gift Card, or 40 knife returned now can for to 80 knife of Carnival Cruise of Gift Card or car rental Gift Card, if you car rental rent of more or yearning for sat cruise to Caribbean see Island Beach words Discover absolute is you best of select.If you Discover Deal shopping online can earn more cash back, for example, you go to the Apple website you can buy 5%, here are some of my favorite deal:

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

And Discover the Double Cash Promotion for new users, that is, now to apply for this card a year after doubling all cash back!You can read this article for details.

Hidden skills: Discover card at home is China UnionPay channels, that is brush Cup POS machine can brush Discover.You know Visa/Mastercard only certain stores in big cities in the country, where can I use Amex is pitiful.Home Discover one is most convenient.And Discover each month will give you a report on your credit score, so you probably know your credit score.

We want to apply here (opening three months after spending any amount, you can get the $50 cash back ($50 again a year later as a double Award)

(3)Blue Cash Everyday® from American Express:

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

      But this transparent card face value very high.Is not only handsome but also very practical, and above quarterly cash back cards, use the card to buy food but are open all year 3% cash back (before each calendar year is limited to 6000), hanlaobaoshou.Tun greengrocer Gift Card, if you're too lazy, then this card is also a very good choice.Come on 2% of cash back, and there is no upper limit.

Hidden skills: Amex every now and then will to user are some small offer, such as Amazon buy full 25 knife returned 25 knife, Staples buy full 100 knife returned 20 knife, Lowe's buy full 50 knife returned 10 knife, Diesel buy full 150 knife returned 50 knife and so on, at using these offer add up also can for you save many money, on Amex offer of more detailed introduced can see ymlulu wrote of AMEX Offer details.But more importantly Amex service of great reputation, steal what brush is a small case, bought final sale would like to return if the business does not give back can give Amex Oh!

Application link (three months before spending 1000 knives back to 100 knives)

(4)Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card for College Students

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

I see no bright spots, except for eating are returning back to two points per tool.Although the rate of return than other entry-level cards, card rewards poor, but this is the best application for international students card, suitable for starting your credit history.There is a mass of Citi ThankYou Preferred Card ®, opened higher rewards, but the difficulty higher than students, I don't recommend novices up to apply for this one.

Hidden skills: number of returns is Citi's Thankyou Points (TYP), can see our points system is introduced on the TYP Primer series.Combined with Citi's high card can transfer mileage for air tickets, research range trouble, can also directly to 1TYP=1.25/1.33/1.6 cent (the exact value depends on which high cards and the airlines) to buy a plane ticket.Details on TYP will be launched at a later date.

This is the card application link.

Novice to apply for credit cards?Just got my SSN to the application what credit card?No SSN to apply for a credit card?What is the highest credit card cash back?

For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card
For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card
For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card
For novice (1): how to choose your first credit card

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