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How to buy IPAD AIR $276 32G

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Before returning, friends and relatives often causes us to give them something back.Apple's product is the first choice for many people, this case study describes how bloggers to buy a cheaper way to buy an IPAD AIR 32G

Goal: buy a IPAD AIR PCs ($449+ tax)

  • Reliable store
  • Get lowest price

How to buy IPAD AIR 6 32G

Basic idea:

  • Find the lowest price
  • Discount gift cards
  • Credit card cash back
  • Shopping cash back
  • Returned merchant's Rewards program

My process:

1. Search slickdeals.NET

  • This is a deal of Americans used the Forum, mainly by the people themselves to find a good deal, and often be surprised to learn that the whole network at that time best price for staples.com, $349+ tax.But you can also overlay its rewards program

2. Search cashbackmonitor.com

This is a good place to compare rebates cash back sites, you can choose according to your needs you need to return to the Internet.After searching, I found the staples.com AA aviation rebate network (https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com/) provides 2mile/$ and $300 and the network provides full shopping, extra 1000mile, so decisive to choose the return network.

3. Buy staples.com discount gift cards

Query I Discover IT accounts found that I have $100 return no Exchange, through DISCOVER Exchange gift cards can enjoy each $25 gift card only need $20 to Exchange, so decisive with $100 Exchange $125 gift card cash back.

4. Choosing the right credit card

Discover IT in the fourth quarter, all the shopping and returned on 5%, so decisive to choose it as a means of payment of the remaining price.

5. Ready to start buying

  • AA rebates network click here to enter staples.com
  • Staples.com search inside iPad open air 32G
  • Add to shopping cart and pay with a gift card you can DISCOVER IT and
  • Get credit card cash back, cash back shopping network, Staples Rewards cash back

Finally, we calculate the total price:

My spending: $100 DISCOVER cash back credit cards +Disover $224 (349-125) =$324

I get: the iPad $445 air 32G+$224*5%+1700AAmile (349*2+1000) +349*2% (Staples Rewards) =IPAD+$20 return +$28 (AAmile, value)

Subtracting the two: I bought an IPAD with a $276 AIR 32G

Reference: introduction to DISCOVER credit card, rebate cash back network profile

How to buy IPAD AIR 6 32G
How to buy IPAD AIR 6 32G
How to buy IPAD AIR 6 32G
How to buy IPAD AIR 6 32G

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