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United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)–how do I use the card

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In the previous two articles "summary risk behaviour" and "minefield of banks", we explained in detail which acts likely to increase your risk in the Bank, and also lists some of the known mined areas for each bank.How can we use credit cards in order to reap the greatest benefits at the same time, also was targeted by banks or are kept black list?This article is probably about how do I use a credit card.

United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)--how do I use the card

1. The need for careful

In fact, for most credit card users, and avoiding "summary risk behaviour" and "banks of mined areas" referred to in a few high risk behaviors, do not do anything.However, if you are a credit card enthusiasts like me, some of the following symptoms:

  • Shen multiple cards of the year, took the opening reward is ready to level
  • Visa Gift Card to recharge the prepaid card
  • Brush over each quarterly incentives Cap
  • Like drilling loophole

Then, still have to be careful.After all, if I was crossing, confiscated all the cash back and points, down the black House, is not worth it.

In fact, the Bank's risk control is like a black box, you never see what the algorithm is running, can only rely on the experiences of others and their own experiences to constrain their behavior.Sometimes, as a completely different behavior may result.It can be said that play spell card is the character, starved timid, die bold.The playing cards to play to what extent, it depends on how much risk you can afford, willing to take the risk.In this article, I can only give you some of my experience and for me to make my mind some credit card use.I will be divided into the following three aspects:

  • Credit card application
  • The use of credit cards
  • My bottom line

2. Credit card application

Each application for a credit card has its own rhythm, I have listed below a few typical wait for reviews.

  • Fanatic: see record applications, regardless of points need not, do not hit the south wall (rejection), never to return.
  • Plan to apply for: is basically a three-month round of one-time apply for several credit card
  • Wait for: only good offer+ the rigid requirements to apply for
  • Free: remember to use the application

I was in between the opportunity to wait and plan to apply for, there are planning applications are cost-effective.Reasons are the following:

  • Open card is usually a three-month time limit
  • Round card applications can be combined with HP (commonly known as AOR)
  • When each round of applications, Bank and see you in the past three months to open a new account, you will feel your aggressive
  • Many cards can repeat application after Shen useful cards over, it's time to duplicate applications

If your travel plans, and credit history is long, consider a three-month wave, a DT 3-4 cards, Shen off good cards on the market.Of course, if you don't want to play so far, can be an opportunity waiting, they really do give you the opening of rewards with your application.

3. the use of credit cards

3.1 open card

Because normally credit card consumer is given a period of three months, so if I'm not in a hurry to open card rewards tend to open cards are scattered in three months.Sometimes need to buy a VISA Gift Card to complete the open cards when time is no more than 2.In this three-month period, I not only buy a gift card, will intentionally small consumption, such as buying drinks, parking and the like.Also, I'll be after the first consumer, using checking account bill pay feature, to payment by credit card or check fill in the account number in the credit card payments directly from your account.

3.2 using

Generally finish after opening the card, if the card is not what, I generally do not have.Of course, for some quarter of 5% or 5x cash back credit card, if they lower limit for cash back, I won't bother to use their 1% category.High ceiling for some cash back credit cards, such as AMEX Old Blue Cash, I will brush some consumption on top of the other.But for some it takes a year to spend high amounts to get the card rewards credit cards such as Chase BA, I will leave some small consumption above him.

3.3 level

First of all, no annual fee, but does not affect other credit card application credit card, I'm not crossing.Annual fee for some credit cards, if their annual fee can be offset the benefits of, I will not take the initiative level, such as CHASE IHG a year get one night free hotel, is much higher than the value $49 annual fees.Bring AMEX or AMEX credit card Offer is much larger than the annual fee.I think not worth the long term annual fee cards, I will first of all consider whether "go cards" and turn them into normal use the card, or card annual fee.

4. My bottom line

Each playing card bottom line is different, I think, and bug played I can accept, but I am not going to do it.Everyone has a steelyard, should do the shots in full in heart (of course within the framework of the law).Here are some behavior I will not do:

  • To the retention, after completion of the task is crossing
  • After the task is completed open card, immediately crossing back annual fees
  • Give avatars a secondary card
  • Obtaining credit card company's insurance
  • For credit card companies to report bug

5. Summary

Feeling this one is mixed, mainly some of my playing card ideas.Just hope that we are playing cards at the same time, don't lose yourself, see what loopholes you want to drill, raising a stink about something YMMV and customer service.After all, playing cards can be said to be an edge, unless you are making a living, or still do not put too many experiences.A good deal was not finished, may wish to use playing cards to get points and walk around and look at the colorful world.


United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)--how do I use the card
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)--how do I use the card
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)--how do I use the card
United States levels and risk control of credit card companies (3)--how do I use the card

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