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2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide

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In the United States a few years, people are always going to want to invite my family over United States play.When they handle F1 Visa trouble, but trusts to handle down.So these problems can't throw parents go through.Some people will choose to get visas for travel agencies or specialized agencies, and this money was of course not necessarily these things on their own DIY, both mind and save money.Now United States B1/B2 signed a ten-year validity, is relatively easy.Today, just to share my travel visa for parents to handle B1/B2 processes and considerations.

2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide

1. B1/B2 introduction to tourist visa

B-2 visa applicants to the Leisure/Entertainment in the United States, including travel and tourism, visiting friends and relatives, medical and other activities of a recreational, social, or service nature.B-1 and B-2 are often combined, as a type of visa: B-1/B-2.So, basically we have to apply for my family is B1/B2 visa.Now, if signed, will directly issue visas valid for ten years, so it's very cool, unlike our previous students visas each year to renew will have to bear the risk of check.

Specific B1/B2 Visa processes and materials online very detailed and clearly written, it is recommended that you read more than the Minister introduction to network, prepare materials:

Here I do not each form how to fill out, I mainly introduce processes and some considerations.Three main parts:

  • Material preparation
  • Interview day
  • After the interview

If you just came to United States tour (not relatives), visa process materials are exactly the same, just less relative identity, you need to make some travel plans.

2. Material preparation

This time, basic material and forms I all ready, the parents have to do is prepare some material that I can't get.Finally, they print out all material, know about it.I followed what I prepare the material written in the order, you can also refer to prepare.

2.1 filling out DS160+ confirmation letter (one copy)

Most do not want to start, first fill out parents DS160.Direct access to:

Is in need of attention, need to be selected to attend the interview at the outset of the Embassy or Consulate to fill out the DS160.Before you fill out, advice to parents asking for the following information:

  • Date of birth, identity card, passport, Grandpa and Grandma/Grandpa and Grandma's name, date of birth
  • Parent education: from primary schools to the highest degree, professional, attending graduation time
  • Working conditions, there is no experience abroad, Visa photo (my own, and then upload the local processing)
  • Round-trip time (estimated)

Best practice when filling it in one step, confirmed with my parents while I study completed is the safest.And parents explain what information are filled as much as possible, so that by the time the interview when asked the inconsistency is bad.Is in need of attention, when all items are completed, I'll ask you this form I or someone else fill in the, I have to fill out your own fill in, sign some way, or to explain.

When all items are completed, there will be a confirmation page to print.We just need to print PDF to parents, so they print on the line.Don't forget a person a DS160, everyone has their own confirmation.DS160 confirmation numbers that begin with AA on, then make an appointment when you want to use.

2.2 the interview time + payment

DS160, then you can start to make an appointment time.Most parents have not registered account CGI, we have to help them register:

After logging in, select the visa interview appointment on the line.If the parents go to the interview, you can only register one account, another person has to fill in the peer.When booking use the DS160 AA numbers that begin with before, don't fill in the wrong.Select the visa type, and along the way to the end, until the payment place.Note there will be a fee of CGI number to you, print the payment form directly, it has to allow parents to a nearby bank payment (payment network doesn't work, don't toss).Delivery fee, before you can proceed to the next step to select interviews, everyone can choose according to their situations like the time.If you want the day, according to the time of arrival and return the best selected, probably interview 1-2 hours (including queues).

After you select the time, there will be an interview confirmation letter, saved as a PDF, allow parents to print out a copy on the line.

2.3 other material preparation

Most important materials is certainly above the DS160 confirmation letter and interview confirmation letter, interview of the day is to bring all the time.Other materials can be prepared as follows:

  • I20 (students), or other proof of your legal status in the US material (like H1B, essential)
  • Invitation (Graduate School of formal, non-ISS to find your own templates to write a graduate)
  • Our own report card, bank statement, certificate, copy of passport, resume
  • Round United States tickets, United States Hotels order.

Applying for a visa and prove himself in the United States illegal material must be prepared, signed will see.Invitation letter is added, can try to write one, then through customs may have used.Deposit, if you pay the travel expenses of parents must be ready, parents pay for use.Other material feel free, I feel ready to prepare some.Finally itinerary if not organized enough, without preparation, and the visa officer has to say.We all understand.

Of course, in addition to material we have prepared their own parents need to prepare for other materials are as follows:

  • Passport, ID, property, work certificates, household registration, ownership and family

2.4 Summary

Material is basically DS160 fill in the content and the best parents, say it again, and other materials on our own and parents over, then could not be found.Identification materials that must be seen, parents should know.

3. The interview day

To interview the same day, the parents took all the material ready to correspond to the United States Embassy or Consulate to sign on the line.It is best to arrive, collar number and line up early and end early.Pay attention to these two points:

  • Material: DS160 + interview confirmation letter of confirmation + Passport + ID + property.Other materials can bring you.
  • Looking for a package of local, save off everything except the above materials.Money no problem around.

3.1 the interview process

Interview mainly in the following items, order Embassy Consulate may be different:

  • In selected interviews in consulates, line up at the gate of the Embassy
  • Fingerprinting, queue to submit materials
  • See the visa officer to answer questions

3.2 interview frequently asked questions

I just listed a few of the most common questions here, depending on each different please prepare on their own:

  • Why the United States?And how long?What are?Who is paying for this trip?
  • Family is what?Family of schools, specialized?
  • Ever been abroad before?

Answer questions in Chinese can be, unless the parents of English is very good.Inaudible to the visa officer has to repeat.In General, Visa good both parents to sign, if you go alone to check might be suspected of being prone to emigrate (especially if you here if you have a green card or citizenship).Of course, if the parents are in the country, fixed work, and fixed assets, no special concerns.

Results 3.3 interviews

No problem, the visa officer would have to tell you that you passed.Guangzhou Consulate will send a small yellow notes, Consulate in Shanghai is going.

4. After the interview

Interview by this time United States B1/B2 visa application trip draws to a close.Of course, passport and United States visas to get their hands on the mind.

Visa status can be queries in the following link:

Visa status is the General order: Case Create->Administer processing->issued

Passport status can be linked below query, ordinary passports becomes "at any time" before you can go to selected CITIC (select mail waiting on the line)

General order passport status is: not-> you-> 's passport is still in the Embassy had left the Embassy your Passport-> Passport at any time

5. Summary

Relative to F1 visa B1/B2 visa is very easy (water), basically if you are ready for your own family visit travel type identification is generally not a big problem.Of course, the best ready a full range of materials to the family, including:

  • Visa forms and materials needed
  • To the embassies and consulates of the course
  • Interview frequently asked questions

I get all the ingredients list, the road map, check frequently asked questions and answers (very detailed version, all four pages), specially prepared a PDF to print them out, basically was a sure-fire winner.If you are interested in to get my PDF, Subscribe to this site below and share this article, leave a message, I will send it to you.Is to give loyal readers a small benefit.

2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide



2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide
2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide
2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide
2016 the latest United States B1/B2 travel visa application guide

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