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Regular credit card application

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See the benefits of credit cards some of the Basic, perhaps you are thinking of applying for a card.Simply introduce the application process

Regular credit card application

1. Get ready

For the average credit card, you will need the following materials

  • SSN: commonly known as the United States social security number (social security number), for the average student, working through school or TA,RA access to social security numbers.
  • Income: no ability to pay, the Bank will lend you money?But revenue may refer to wages, for living expenses or home.
  • Credit history: this seems to be a chicken-and-egg story, but always start easy approval cards, step by step accumulated credits.Into credit card is getting better and better.
  • Home address: most banks do not accept rent mail (such as UPS public mail) as the recipient address, so just fill in your own place, dormitory, apartment with no problem.

2. Fill in the

Prepare material, you can fill out the application information on the Bank's Web site, or directly apply for a credit card in the bank branches.Complete with the following caveats:

  • Income limits: already working or in accordance with the amount on the W2 in TA,RA to fill out, if students can follow the standard tuition + living (note that is not filled, the more the better, fill in the future you find you cheating is very troublesome).
  • Population (resident): some banks have this option, fill in Chinese (if you are a F1)

3. Awaiting moderation

Completed is submitted, the Bank will conduct audits of your application, you can also

  • Audit of telephone calls into reading
  • Faster manual review

4. Approved by

Congratulations, banking through your application, send out cards in 2-3 days, 2-10 working days you will receive a credit card.

Conclusion: the application for the card is a simple process, as required, fill out the information and submit it.

Regular credit card application
Regular credit card application
Regular credit card application
Regular credit card application

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