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Cash back network principle and ways to make money

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United States online shopping will use cash back network (Cashback Portal), make myself buy buy buy, while receiving cash back network issued some feedback (rebate).Many people may have doubts, various businesses in the cash back online is not the same as the proportion of cash back, is it?Cash back network is always giving us the money, and how did they make money?Today to talk to you, cash back network is how to make money!

Cash back network principle and ways to make money

1. Cash back network works

In "cash back network profile", we introduced some cash back network, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each cash back network, return to network if you don't know what an article can see that preheating.Introduction before principle, we start to look, and how do we use the cash back network.General use cash back network, goes through the following steps:

  • Enter the cash back network
  • Cash back with mesh business links
  • In an open shop business links
  • Cash back network tracking to your shopping information
  • Cash back network pay you this shopping cash back

These are steps you do and the business and returned to what does the network do?We run at Ebates.com models for analysis, cash back network model is in general the same.

1.1 cash back network portal (business link)

When you enter a cash back network, log on your account when you into their home.Why do you say that, first of all, you can see all of your account information (nonsense … … ), The most important thing is that your page links to all businesses are unique.We take a look at the following examples:

  • Open the Ebates homepage and we can see he offers these businesses returning benefits (cash back)

Cash back network principle and ways to make money

  • Right-gets the Web page address of the vendor, we can see that these addresses are not official website address, but the following:


We can see that one navigation_id, the ID should be your eBates account and, of course, every business English is also included in the connection.These addresses are equivalent to our cash back network is a portal here.We clicked the link, cash back network record our hours into the business.For example, I'm on eBates after clicking a few businesses, eBates is recorded every time I click on:

Cash back network principle and ways to make money

1.2 business portal

Click on the cash back network retailers AMAZON, you will note that appears inside the address bar the address normally and website addresses.For example, I went to Amazon, see link is this:


It is clear that we jump through this link to Amazon, Amazon also "through this link" (cookies) knew we were coming from eBates cash back network.So, the next thing we'll buy something, price is how much money Amazon will be recorded in eBates is a user (me) on his head.

1.3 return to network works

Cash back network known as portal (Portal), there is a grain of truth.Return return to network now links in the network corresponds to the side of the door, after we entered through the long corridor (back to Web servers record information, giving you a unique business address), and lead you to the door of the specified business.Meanwhile, told cash back network business, this person is me, don't go into someone else's head.It can be said that cash back network is a pimp, recommend tourists earn rebates for businesses.

2. Cash back network agreements with businesses

Get cash back network works, we have to analyse our cash back network is how to earn.First of all, our cash back network, enter a business consumer.Businesses naturally want to pay "fees" to cash back network, in General, cash back network from this "fee" to extract part back to the cash back network users.Then, the rest of the money back to network.

2.1 Why is each merchant's return is now different?

Use cash back network knows that, each of the businesses give the cash back is not the same.Such as cash back special magazine subscription, returned products are also a lot of beauty, electronics rebates are less and less cash back such as AMAZON,Ebay.The most direct reason is those businesses back to network recommended passengers "wouldn't" less.

Go one level deep, I think the main reason is that the profits of these businesses are different.For magazine subscriptions, no matter how many subscribers of the magazine, each issue is published, so each one more new subscribers, the magazine cost very little.Therefore, multiple magazine profits are higher.So, the magazine returned to net more money, of course, cash back network can also spend more money to give back to the users as well as your magazine subscription.Similarly, beauty products, too, moisture from the price relatively large, profit margins are relatively higher electronic products.Electronic products refers to the BestBuy electronics store, their profit margins and manufacturers (such as HP,dell) than lower, therefore, General website for Bestbuy to return return now are relatively low, at 5%.See Amazon,eBay electrical contractor.AMAZON in all major cash back network provides several categories of cash back (is actually profitable categories), the remaining were not returned.EBay is generally 1%-2% cash back, but also removed some abuse of categories (such as eBay gift card,coin, etc).Amazon must first ensure the price advantage, so won't have much money left to return to nature network.And eBay are doing only one platform, to close your seller fees, of course, will not have too much money to cash back network.

2.2 why businesses should give cash back network "wouldn't"?

I do not understand why there are so many cash back network, businesses are willing to give wouldn't it?If there is no cash back network, so we are not shopping online, so buy buy buy?

First of all, I think it may be cash back network is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.We know that once you cash back network, you will often get the merchant discount, those businesses twice times cash back promotions.This shows that cash back network is certainly not just a dead website, he also will be based on your data, your preferences, and ordered some certain advertisements to you, you are consuming.For example, I'm Topcashback after buying a bag of cash back network, would often send the cash back network business promotion information to me.Through these cash back network advertising, likely to increase the number of potential customers.For example, I wanted to Nordstrom to buy a beauty product, then see more Sephora cash back, so, in the case of the same price pick Sephora.

Also there's a possibility, I think a good Web site should not be merely to send advertisements to users.Because everyone has their own account in the cash back network, every time we click on the different merchant accounts to buy different things, in fact, return to network these data in hand.These data are generally those businesses are unable to get, after all, they were unable to implant a tracking software in your computer, see you point those pages.Therefore, these data should a user have a certain value.For example, if a user used by Nordstrom to buy a beauty product, and Sephora wants to grab this part of the source, might launch some activities, such as double discounts or cash back.Of course, this point I'm just brain hole open speculation.Perhaps, sold back to network these data directly to some marketing companies to earn "information".

2.3 return to network how to make money?

Anyway, return to network is not going to lose money, we click on the shopping they had brought from the Commission.Our shopping data available to them information about trafficking to earn fees.Also, once you have a lot of cash back network registered user, can do very much.For example, you can make money by advertising can be obtained from the research firm projects, been paid to the user questionnaire, and so on.Further, if you are a start up, through the accumulation of user, can pull more money from the VC, to continue further development.

3. Marketing strategy of Giving Assistant

In fact, suddenly wanted to write the article because this new Giving cash back network Assistant.Just like I was in "Giving Assistant cash back network profile" says, the biggest selling point of this site is first and foremost on the Amazon 5% cash back.

However, many users received a message, the cash back network will be lifted on November 1 the 5% cash back Amazon.My wild guess, Amazon did not give Giving Assistant 5% in the "Commission", the 5% is actually Giving Assistant the best way to attract users.We analyzed why Amazon cash back categories in other cash back online very little.I guess Giving Assistant should only get and cash back network wouldn't, but he wouldn't come back to all users, plus their part of the money, make up a 5%.Is expressly designed to attract cash back network source.Many want to 5% back on Amazon have signed up for this site, although some people will cancel the return 5%Amazon cash back and abandon the existing network, but always a part of inertia, to stay here.

Of course, apart from amazon5%, the network another big buy is returning payments.The earliest version of payment are debit card pay once a day, regardless of the amount.At present, into a debit card payment once a day, and must be more than $5.Moreover, the very strange is that recent debit card payments are delayed, the site said it was resolved.I thought, first paying once a day this was unrealistic.The following reasons:

  • To the user banks will charge a handling fee for cash
  • Merchant will not immediately "Commission" paid cash back network

Bank to the user money is definitely not free, at least a little cost, which must be borne by the cash back network.So, three months or pay a certain amount is returned to net the best way to reduce the cost of this part, so we see most of the cash back network is not the daily play time not scores.In addition, the biggest problem is that businesses cannot always give cash back network to pay for it.After all, businesses cannot settlement Commission with you every day.Also, some things may have returned, so the money business is generally shopping after a period of time, after you determine there is no problem, just to give cash back network.Then send us cash back network.Giving Assistant that day out of money estimated to be using its own reserves, money made by the first user.

Anyway, their aim is to reach the now registered users should be not less, say should be high, when is your next venture.

4. A famous case

In the history of cash back network, there was a famous case, I call the "Nordstrom lie back now."Event is about a pair of brothers found in Nordstrom website to place an order will automatically cancel the order, and their orders every time I come back to the active network also will be calculated according to the order amount to give them cash back.Thus, the empty glove White Wolf behavior as high as possible, they used Fatwallet (a cash back network), from Nordstrom to earn $650,000 cash back.Nordstrom doesn't sell them, of course, cannot make a profit.Finally, therefore, the sticky, caught prosecution sentencing.If you are interested, you can look at the documentation provided by the FBI: case links.

So, cash back network bug and businesses is certainly exists, if you return or get cash back, is no problem.If you use cheat cash back, still have to be careful.

Returning network series

Cash back network principle and ways to make money
Cash back network principle and ways to make money
Cash back network principle and ways to make money
Cash back network principle and ways to make money

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