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"Send $100, double cash back" Discover IT–I am the Almighty King

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"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

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The card orientation:

  • Suitable for novice starting cards, no annual fee
  • Online shopping, Department stores, come on
  • Like to brush their cards, China
  • Students with high GPA Awards


Almighty King Description:

1. Application

  • Application link: Discover IT application link: (opening three months after spending any amount, you can get the $50 cash back (under the double cash back event, opened $50 cash back cards also double, might be able to get a $50 after one year)
  • Difficulty of application: this card to apply for threshold is relatively low, for zero credit history students to suit as the first card.
  • Request status: official website application query links
  • Matters needing attention
    • Directly on the official website to apply for this card does not have any open card rewards, use our links to get $50*2
    • Discover the company may require you to submit after you apply for SSN photos and bank statements to verify your identity and address.
    • If you want to meet the conditions of good student award $20, must at the time of application for students identity fill
    • If you are applying for a second, be sure to read this article: second Discover card

2. The basic characteristics of

  • No annual fee
  • Open card reward $50 ($50 after a year)
  • General consumer 1% cash back (first year General 2% cash back)
  • 5% cash back four quarter rotation: contains household items, eat, come on, all the shopping, Department stores, and so on (first year 10% cash back)

3. Highlights

  • Double cash back: return to activity can now be registered twice, all the cash back will be doubled.Equivalent to the usual 2%, quarterly 10%,discover double cash back deal.Is AMAZON and department stores in the third quarter, so these two categories by swiping a credit card can receive cash back 10%.For more details please click here
  • Quarter 5x cash back: this card every quarter in the 5% cash back for the different categories, including household items, eat, go, all online shopping, Department stores, AMAZON, and so on, is a good shopping purchase card.Specific information, please see the "credit card 5x cash back sum up"
  • Good student award: Discover recently launched a student award, and if you are a United States students, each school year GPA>3.0 can get $20 bonuses for 5 years
    • Only the new account can access (effective from now on), users do not enjoy
    • When their identity must be filled for the College student (for other benefits and your credit card will not be affected)
    • Good students can take up to five years, or get your graduation
    • If combined with the recent application can get double cash back, the good student award this year also doubled to $40
    • Specific official explanation and procedure, please see: official links and gets rewarded step
  • Flexible cash back: not only can transfer cash directly into banks, also can be purchased at a discounted price to shell, Staples, Starbucks, store gift cards, card also supports the electronic gift card, or when you need to use immediately with a discover account number to get cash back Exchange, electronic gift card will be sent directly to your mailbox.See "Guide to Discover Cashback"

"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

  • Price: purchase price over time, may require the credit card companies return to this part of the post.
  • No overseas credit card fees: all non-card swipe fees outside, discover China UnionPay channel, so returning the most convenient, many places don't accept the VISA and Master card.
  • Extended warranty: for items purchased with credit cards, automatically extend the manufacturer's warranty period of one year.
  • Cash back network (discover deal): discover your own cash back network, including Wal-Mart, Sears,Staples,Apple store at least 5% of businesses such as cash back, this section can and cash back credit card itself perfect overlay.Discover buy cash back deal meet the Discover Network in the fourth quarter, coupled with the recent double cash back, in some shops can do cash back 30%.See "guidelines for using Discover Deals"

"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

  • Free credit: discover your monthly TransUnion credit score (FICO), so you can keep track of changes in your credit score.This is the best credit score provided by several banks, detailed comparison see "free credit a strong"

"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

4. Disadvantages

  • Lower lines: zero credit for students who are likely to $500 lines.But the basic consumption is no problem.


My reviews:

This is my first credit card, he accompanied me through the United States in the first half.Shopping, eating, shopping, now I can still recite the card number.The overall feeling is, as the first credit card, very appropriate.This card no credit history students with school work (TA,RA) is easy to apply, but this card's benefits and cost-performance ratio is the highest of all the no annual fee credit card.

He provides credit scores can let novices always know their own credit score, quarter 5% cash back is also very much in line with people's spending habits, access to the cash back you can also purchase gift cards at a discount, more discover this cash back deal boosters provided in various businesses can be stacked high and credit card cash back, because China UnionPay channels, home credit card is very convenient.Double cash back reward is the inverse of the recent days receipt of cash back, including discover deal, card reward good students, credit card 5%,1% reward will be doubled.New good student award is to encourage everyone don't forget to study.All in all, this card for students, the God card is very comprehensive.

Application link

"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

Discover how is it credit card?Good application?Good long-term holding it?What are the characteristics?Card rewards high?Max card reward?Useful?I applied for it?How much credit history?Do you need a SSN?Year fee?How do I use Cashback?Quarterly rewards are there?At home with you?In Europe, please?

"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King
"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King
"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King
"Send 0, double cash back" Discover IT--I am the Almighty King

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