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"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom–my trip

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"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom--my tripYou met me at the hot August, Orchid color image makes me crazy.

I follow your footsteps, asking the blessing of the statue of liberty.

Hold your hands and grow old with you, hope we can walk together to the end of the world.

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost 0)
    • Each quarter, come on, eat, Department store Amazon 5X UR rotation points
    • Fastest save UR point is a personal card in card CSP partner
    • No annual fee
  • Short term (cost 0)
    • Card rewards is not very worthy of repeat applications
    • Card 12 months of 0 APR, need cash can be used

I was with this card:

This card is my fourth card, but it is the first card I accumulate points.If you put up your points and cash back equivalent, like the card and Discover IT.But points made this card has been a qualitative leap.

Card description:

1. Application

2. The basic characteristics of

  • Open card reward 15000+2500 UR points
  •  Four-quarter rotation 5X rebate (5UR/$)
    • January-March: supermarket shopping 5x rebates
    • April-June: eating 5X rebates
    • July-September: come on 5X rebates
    • September-December: Amazon, Department stores (Nordstrom,macy's,Sears) 5X rebates
  • Points Exchange
    • Cash: 100UR=$1, equivalent to the usual cost 1%, quarterly incentives cost 5%
    • If you have good friends CSP credit cards can be exchanged for UA miles or hotel points
    • Chase Travel 100UR=$1.25 in paying for airline tickets or hotel
  • No annual fee

3. Highlights

  • Supermarket, shopping, Department stores, come on 5X to save some speed.Save a year could have 30k UR points.
  •  Save UR points
    • 1:1 cash
    • UR point or can be ordered directly in UR travel plane ticket.May 100UR Exchange $1.2 ticket fee.Than direct cash to buy as many ($1000 tickets with a value of $800 points, the equivalent of point values up to 1.2 times)
    • Points conversion: most attractive or through the point of conversion, for airline or hotel points, direct hotel booking, can value UR point is enlarged to 1.6 times.(Here: points system getting started)
  • Cash back network (UR Mall): Chase own rebate network also includes Wal-Mart, merchants such as Sears,Staples,Apple store rebate, is also a good way to quickly save

4. Disadvantages

  • No obvious disadvantages, staff must
  • Need regular attention to 5X and save
  • If you need to translate into miles or hotel points, need to meet a Chase CSP

5. Summary

As the introduction to a points card, Chase Freedom is very appropriate, and no annual fee +5X UR= easily saved.

Application link:

How about Chase Freedom credit card?Good application?Good long-term holding it?What are the characteristics?Card rewards high?Max card reward?Useful?I applied for it?How much credit history?Do you need a SSN?Year fee?At home with you?In Europe, please?Shopping work?What are quarter Awards?

"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom--my trip
"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom--my trip
"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom--my trip
"17.5k open during limited hours card" Chase-Freedom--my trip

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