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AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)–you are my only one

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AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)--you are my only one

No SPG's colorful, no PRG local gold, deep blue no CSP,

Small white card but contains a great deal of energy.

To buy food, fuel, no reward consumption ahead, turning point, service, Amex Offer is good at all.

Please ask the God of my low profile cards.

The card orientation:

  • Long term (cost of $95/years)
    • Supermarkets, high fuel consumption
    • Award categories-free consumption and high
    • ANA,BA,AC we want to quickly accumulate points in Exchange for tickets
    • AMEX Offer enthusiasts
  • Short term (cost-$95, about $1000+ return)
    • First year annual fee $95 help
    • 15K card reward (about $300)
    • Brush with the supermarket 6k, make 27k MR (John $540)
    • January 2 to the annual fee the month can also brush with the supermarket 6k, make 27k MR
    • Downgrade to a everday card before the annual fee, no annual fee, MR points
    • AMEX Offer a year (about $150)
    • No reward consumption 1.5X, come on high return 3X

I was with this card:

This card is launched in April 14, we don't know much.Blogger October application to now go out will have a God card.Annual cost AMEX offer can more than offset, double points for saved up value of MR point soaring brush.If I had to choose only one card, this is the one.

First look I use card benefits:

  • Buy $500/month
  • Come on $80/months
  • Other consumer $800/month

A month can get 500*4.5+80*3+800*1.5=3960MR this calculation, is 44280MR a year, plus 15000MR card rewards, enough into ANA points, worth about $1200 us round-trip tickets (if you don't count card rewards, just 15 months of normal consumption, up to 6W).If you want, then read it ~

Low profile God cards Description:

1. application


2. The basic characteristics of

  • Opening bonus:
    • Open card 15K MR (value $300+)
    • Recommendations save more points for Exchange
  • Accumulation of credit card MR points
    • Supermarket 4.5X (credit card more than 30 times, or 3X)
    • Fuel consumption 3X (credit card more than 30 times, or 2X)
    • Other Resort 1.5X (credit card more than 30 times, or 1X)
  • MR points Exchange
    • Can I exchange a number of air miles, hotel points
    • Can be used to pay bills, AMAZON, McDonald's, on its website shop consumption, Exchange gift cards
    • For more details, please see: guidelines for using MR
  • Annual fee is $95 (but for the first year)

3. Highlights

  • Save MR (Membership Rewards)
  • High consumer rebates
    • Brush after 30, this card becomes an extremely horrible card.Have to buy food, come on perennial unchanging high rebate (calculated in accordance with point values 2c, equivalent to supermarket 9%, come on 6% back now).
    • The main consumer of any other 1.5X (equivalent to 3% cash back), get you insurance, tuition, other consumer feedback anytime.
  • AMEX card
    • AMEX offer: what?Amazon return to 20 under 20?Wal-Mart 15-5?75-10 pay the phone bill?Generous Offer AMEX cardholders a bit, was cashed by you at the time of consumption.See AMEX OFFER details.
    • Line height: AMEX customers is very generous, often given much higher limits than other banks.When I apply directly to $10000, I am scared
    • Three times the forehead: AMEX card in the card holder the 61st day after the website enhancing lines by a factor of three times.
    • Free Shoprunner membership can enjoy many online shopping free shipping in two days to, see: website links
    • Extended warranty: using AMEX card to purchase things, manufacturers warranty is automatically extended for one year
    • Free report: some users can query a credit score for free, can receive one free credit report annually

4. Disadvantages

  • Save cash points cannot be 1:1 (who is dumb enough to put high-value cash the points in MR 1:1)
  • AMEX no corresponding cash back network
  • Annual fee is $95 (using Amex Offer, allow the Bank to pay your annual fee)
  • Brush 30 times a month is a little tired (really, but if you don't brush through 0.5-dollar Amazon gift cards solve number problems; in fact, one cup of coffee a day is done)

5. Summary

If you just want to enjoy a year's high return, then, after fees next year, give this card to EveryDay Card with no annual fee, reserved points and turning point.

Application link:

AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP) how about credit cards?Good application?Good long-term holding it?What are the characteristics?Card rewards high?Max card reward?Useful?I applied for it?How much credit history?Do you need a SSN?Year fee?MR points how to use it?At home with you?In Europe, please?How met 30 times?

AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)--you are my only one
AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)--you are my only one
AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)--you are my only one
AMEX Everyday Preferred (EDP)--you are my only one

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