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Cloud, Flyerbbs.com–a new starting point

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Established a subsidiary Forum blog before, in order to make between bloggers and their readers have a more relaxed Exchange environment, can also allow readers to exchange ideas with each other.Later and Physixfan (a very rod of blog "United States credit card guide" of founder) Exchange zhihou found we are has as of idea, and are wants to can established a like Boarding Area (United States a famous of blog collection) and Flyertalk (United States maximum of fly guest Forum) as of public platform, not only can let the big blog show himself, also can let readers also participation to discussion in the to, eventually can let everyone are can play turned credit card, and mileage points, and Enjoy the pleasures of travel.

So, we are ready to lead the two blogs to build such a platform, hope more bloggers and readers to join the Forum and opinions on flowers.After several days of discussion, we decided to

  • New forum name: cloud
  • Domain name in English: Flyerbbs.com
  • Forum will be ThunderFat (United States credit card guide for authors) and ymlulu (United States credit card 101 author) common maintenance management

Current site was established, each function is not perfect, please bear with me.We will also publish relevant information in the near future, I hope everyone concerned.

Cloud, Flyerbbs.com--a new starting point

To the fellow bloggers:

Recently, we have found many very well written blog and sites all share knowledge related to credit cards, mileage points and travel, in the hope that you, too, can join the public platform, and together we build a Chinese community.You can show up in the Forum, can also promote your blog so that more people know about you.In the Forum,

  • Each blogger will receive special titles
  • May have access to exclusive sections for their
  • Might get a bonus

Specific matters we will launch in the near future, and published in the Forum section, I hope the major bloggers attention.

To the reader:

Or maybe you're just in a hurry pass by, perhaps you've been following for a long time.But we hope you can join us, and share their experiences, so that more people benefit from it.Of course, the Forum is a very good platform for questions, I hope everyone in question can do their homework before, to create a good atmosphere for discussions.Also, if a reader wants to build a blog, I would also like to share some tips for building.We hope that through our joint efforts, establishing both professional and human community.

Cloud, Flyerbbs.com--a new starting point
Cloud, Flyerbbs.com--a new starting point
Cloud, Flyerbbs.com--a new starting point
Cloud, Flyerbbs.com--a new starting point

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